Heel of Fortune

From The Boston Globe:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is worth between $190 million and $250 million, his campaign said yesterday after filing a personal financial disclosure statement with the Federal Election Commission.

That dollar figure would likely make him the wealthiest candidate in the 2012 White House race, far and away eclipsing President Obama. His only possible GOP rival is former governor Jon Huntsman of Utah, who has yet to release his disclosure form and is among the heirs to the Huntsman Corp. fortune.

richierichmittromneyOriginal comic book cover

The former Massachusetts governor has never released his tax returns, which would offer a fuller picture of his fortune, and has declined requests to do so this year.

Romney, who was criticized earlier this year for telling a group of voters that he was “unemployed,’’ earned nearly $114,000 from being on the board of Marriott International.

In the past year, Romney also received more than $374,000 in fees for nine speeches, including from some financial firms that he has sought to protect from more government regulations. For those speaking engagements, he was paid in a range from $11,475 to speak at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, Calf., to $68,000 to speak at the National Franchisee Association in Las Vegas.

He was also was paid speaking fees by Barclays Bank, GoldenTree Asset Management, HP Healthcare Services, and Quest Educational Foundation. A Get Motivated Seminar, via satellite link in Boston, yielded $29,750.


His wife, Ann Romney, owns horses in California worth between $250,001 and $500,000, according to the forms.


The Romneys also have investments in a wide range of areas, including consumer staples such as electronics and office supplies, large oil companies, and financial, health care, and telecommunications companies. His stock portfolio includes investments in Ford Motor Co., McDonald’s, Microsoft, General Electric, and Exxon Mobil.

His investments are held in a blind trust, which he created when he became governor in January 2003.


The Romneys have more than $1 million invested in Solamere Founders Fund, which is run by one of their sons, Tagg. They also hold between $250,001 and $500,000 in gold metal.

Romney has between $250,001 and $500,000 in Bank of America cash accounts, and he continues to earn millions from a retirement deal with Bain Capital, the venture firm he started in 1984 and left in 1999.


Romney shed some of his investments from corporations that had interests that conflicted with his political views, which caused problems for him four years ago when it was revealed that he was reaping profits from corporations involved with Iran, China, and human embryonic stem cell research. At the time, Romney said he would instruct the trustee of his blind trust to make sure his investments conformed with his political positions.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that while that may be true from Romney’s own investments, a family charity, the Tyler Charitable Trust, continued to buy and sell investments in companies that dealt with Iranian businesses, complied with censorship in China, or aided in stem cell research.


Romney so far has not put any of his own money into his presidential campaign, as he did four years ago. About half of the holdings four years ago belonged to Mitt Romney and theoretically could have been liquidated and used for his campaign. The other half belonged to his wife. The campaign yesterday would not say whether the split continues to be about half-and-half.


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20 responses to “Heel of Fortune

  1. And this is the fellow who said that “Corporations are people, too, my friend.” This is the best example of a gaffe being someone accidentally telling saying what they really believe.

  2. johncerickson

    Well, there is always the recent stock market crash to help whittle ol’ Mittsie’s fortune down. Maybe we need Colbert to do a write-in for Nitt Romey, or something similar. Tou may need to do a poster from the old Edward Woodward TV show – Stephen Colbert as “The Equalizer”! 😀

    • johncerickson

      Make that “You may need”, not “Tou may need”. Still getting used to the new keyboard.

      • forgive me if i don’t feel the least bit sorry for millionaires and billionaires who lost a bit in the market. they’ll get it all back with one bonus at work while the poor slobs will watch their 401Ks disappear.

  3. But what about Newt? He must be up there in the same neighborhood with his 1/2 mil Tiffany’s account.

    Nice touch of reality the dog tied on the outside of the vehicle, here is a link to the 2007 story:


    Sorry as that was, the dog Seamus got his revenge, apparently.

    To atone for his act, Mitt should be made to ride atop his campaign bus.

    • i bet newtie doesn’t have a lot of money. sure, he’s got a helluva lot more than me, but he has to spend a lot to keep callista happy. she likes diamonds and vacations in the greek isles, and those things aren’t cheap (as opposed to the present mrs. blingrich and her spouse).

      thanks for noticing seamus. well, it’s not really seamus, but it is an irish setter like seamus was. anyone who would tie a dog to the roof of a car has a dog just for appearances, not because he has any affection for it. poor seamus. if he had been a corporation, mittsie would have treated him like a king.

      • Correction:

        To atone for his act, Mitt should be made to ride atop his campaign bus at freeway speeds.

        I bet Newt spent pre election time stashing his cash somewhere safe. He was trying to appeal to “everyman”, but then got busted for the Tiffany’s account. His defense was “It’s nobody’s business”.
        Now there is leadership for you!
        Still waiting for the truth to come out about why his staff all quit like he was the plague.
        The official story was they were in disagreement about how much time he should spend in Iowa. Yea right! That’s believable. Not!

        • mittsie should be forced to live without his just for men touch of gray hair dye.

          i think newtie wasn’t paying people, and that’s why they left. all the talking heads try to make it sound like they entrenched in the party philosophy, but i’d bet that most of them are just in it for the money. no money, they walk. simple as that. if newtie had any real money, he wouldn’t be running this farce of a campaign in order to sell his shitty books and movies. he reeks of desperation.

  4. So Willard has a 60 mill twilight zone of cash. I never realized how tough the rich have it. If he were smart he would get junior to get the gold out, claim to have a thumin and ermin, speak into a hat and talk out his ass. stamp them gold bits into magical revelation plates and sell them to the devout…”The untold story of Boney Maroni”. He could make some nice folding money from that ruse.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio

    The toad hopping around in my back yard knows more about “the people” than Mitts does. That Huntsman and Romney are even being seriously considered by the Republicans tells me all I need to know about how generous they’ll be to the poor and middle class. Geezus – do any poor conservatives actually believe that if either of these guys get elected that they’ll benefit from it? Is there anyone left in the middle class who believes that? I’m not an opponent of capitalism and I’m not a socialist, but for crying out loud, the air that these guys are breathing just isn’t the same as what the rest of us are taking in. During the debates, the panels need to be asking these rich dudes how they feel about the poor – really – let us all get a sense of how well they understand the trials of the have nots and hear something other than trickle down nonsense from them.

    • anyone who actually believes that corporations are people is not someone i care to know, either as a person or a politician. neither would i want to hang around with someone who straps his dog to the roof of the car. i don’t sense even a drop of compassion in him or anyone in his family.

  6. gregg

    pawlenty has turned into polenta and will no longer be living in the clown bus with newt and michelle and mittens and the rest. but not to worry because perry has jumped aboard and if we are lucky we will finally live in a nation where the police pick you up in the morning, cuff you and take you off to church. god is this a great democracy or what?

    • scrape that gummy mess of polenta off the plate and into the garbage, where it belongs. so long, timmeh! we probably won’t even notice that you’re gone, because we never noticed you when you were there! so long, sucka!

      i think you misspoke, gregg. gov little ricky goodhair will have the cops pick you up in the morning, cuff you, and send you for your lethal injection. doesn’t matter if you’re not guilty.

  7. Mitt? There is something wrong…. with a guy called ‘Mitt’…. it just sounds bad…. President Mitt? no way… I wouldn’t name a dog Mitt. Maybe a goldfish, … that’s it! Romney is a goldfish!!!