Iowa Rep. Steve King called Michele Bachmann’s straw poll victory a testament to her “force of personality,” and predicted that newly-declared presidential candidate Rick Perry would have to work harder as a result of the outcome in Ames.

Asked if Bachmann’s win would make it harder for Perry to court tea party voters and other core Iowa activists, King told POLITICO: “It does to some degree. I don’t know how much. It’s hard to measure Rick Perry since he hasn’t been here.”


King, who has criticized Perry’s decision to announce his campaign on the same day as the straw poll, continued: “He’s coming tomorrow. He chose the time directly against our straw poll here, he chose that time, so that doesn’t help him. He could have chosen any other day to do that. Just strategically, Iowans get that. He’s gonna be all right, but he’s gonna have to work harder because of it.”

The outspoken congressman, who counts Bachmann among his close friends in the House, said her performance Saturday validated the down-the-line conservative stances both she and King have taken in Washington.


“I think it says a lot about constitutional conservatism. It says a lot about the tea party. It says a lot about the social conservative agenda – life and marriage – and the fiscal issues too,” King argued. “She’s taken a strong stand against raising the debt ceiling. Others disagree with that position but it held up well here.”


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37 responses to “Schtick-on-a-Stick

  1. i’ll be under my desk, hiding in shame.

  2. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    You’re killing me!

  3. Sara

    nonnie, what did you do that is shameful? you spelled it right!
    here is what i Iearned from the straw poll: iowa is dispensable.

    • i said last night over at the big orange that i would resist the urge to use that pic of botox batshit bachmann, but the force was too strong. 😉

      all i know is that, while i’d love to do a cross-country tour of the u.s., there are some states i have no desire to see. one of them is iowa. i don’t want to be among a bunch of bigoted yahoos. i’m sure there are some good people there, but i don’t have the time to sort out the loonies.

      • As I told a friend of mine who posted that photo on his blog, there will be wingnuts getting their freak on over that image for years. Some liberals, too, but most of us are just laughing our asses off at it.

  4. johncerickson

    Give Perry a chance to show the rest of the country his true colours, then you can redo the topic with “prick on a stick”. Or, a suggestion to “stick this prick”.
    Okay, fine, I’ll leave the creativity to you….

    • from what i’ve read about gov. little ricky goodhair, he’d be salivating over that corndog. not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  5. elizabeth3hersh

    Back in my high-rolling days I was neighbors with the Shrivers of Miami Beach. Eunice Kennedy Shriver warned her new daughter-in-law to never, ever allow herself to be photographed holding an alcoholic beverage. Eunice would have had some sage words for Michele no doubt. Reminds me of the time my girls started howling at the sight of a male guest munching on a banana. Peter (that was his real name) responded with “what…WHAT?” Peter and his banana became fodder for many written stories/poems by two mischievous elementary girls. In Europe, pizza is eaten with a knife and fork. If I were a politician, I would be eating that corndog with a knife and fork or better yet, I would opted for the baked potato.

    • this is what happens when you allow your husband to be in charge of what you do and not do. marcus probably told her to eat the corndog, and she was just being submissive to him.

  6. Unfortunately, I heard Rep King this morning. Unfortunately again, I heard Bachmann too. On the plus side, I don’t give either of them any significance. Meanwhile, the graphic is outstanding!

    • thanks, frank! king is an unmitigated imbecile. that man is so stupid, and i can’t imagine what the people in his district who voted for him are like.

  7. Looks like Pawlenty is out of the race… his cat fight with Bachmann probably stunned him, then freaking Bachmann wins the Iowa straw poll.
    Right now she’s reading practiced scripts written by her handlers. I’m just waiting for her to go off script & self implode.

    • she never goes off-script, because she only answers the questions she wants to answer, not the ones that are asked. i saw her on meet the press today, and you could have just had a tape recorder with her rote answers on it. i kept getting distracted by the fact that her eyebrows and forehead don’t move an iota.

      • At some point in a debate, the moderator will let her spew her prefabricated talking-point answer, then shoot back with a,
        Yes, but “Answer the question”.

        It’s just a matter of time. Palin dealt with that by giving a shout out to the kids at XXX elementary. In her effort to avoid actually answering questions.

        • which moderator would dare? i guess it would have to be one from faux news, because any other one would immediately be attacked as being a sexist.

  8. maggiejean

    LOL nonnie. Good job. Corn dogs, anyone?

  9. I enjoy the posters that make me laugh out loud but (gasp!) did you have to resort to cornography? The gopermen will be quite aroused by that image. King worries that he has not measured Parry yet but don’t bother. You might give the impression of doing real work and, instead, just go by the old Texas axiom: Big buckle, small dick.

    • i know, jerry. i have brought the raisin to a new low, and i’m so ashamed. 😥

      steve king will diss gov little ricky goodhair, because his bff relationship with botox batshit bachmann is the only thing he has going for him. once she’s gone, he won’t get any attention at all. i don’t think he’ll get voted the mayor of teabaggerville.

      • johncerickson

        Cry if you want, Nonnie, but I’d stack the Raisin’s lowest low against most blogs’ highest highs any day of the week!

        • awwww, thanks, john. i think i’m going to order a raisin cheerleader outfit for you. a manly one, of course. no pompoms. 😉

          • johncerickson

            Hey, if you’re getting me the outfit, it’s GOTTA have pompoms! (Today is officially my “flush the remnants of manhood” day. Earlier, I actually protested that guys could rock a set of necklaces just as fab as the girls.)

  10. gregg

    “children of the corndog” brilliant!
    here is a comment i wrote this morning to the ross douthat piece in the nytimes. hopefully it will amuse;

    Is Douthat getting paid to write this stuff? This is the kind of thing a tenth grader who just read Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” would write. The current incarnation of Big Pussy Bonpensiero would not carry New Joisey or for that matter any Northeastern state in a Presidential election. The states of the New Confederacy would be put off by Papal Cult worshiping Italian American and so on. What is Douthat thinking or is he just trying to get three complete paragraphs written before the teacher says “hand in your papers”?

    • 😆 perfect! i found the article and managed to read it without vomiting. then i read a lot of the comments, and it looks like the overwhelming majority are taking little russ to task. it’s interesting that all the responses i read from commenters in new joisey were not just negative, but dripping with contempt for big pussy. i looked for your comment so i could recommend it, but i couldn’t find it, gregg. i wonder if they have filters that might not have liked the name of the particular sopranos character you referenced. that would be a shame, because your comment is spot on and funny, too.

      • gregg

        i couldn’t find it either. i think the sopranos reference might have done it in. i kind of like that, it being the nytimes and all and the way i revered the paper years ago and the degree to which i still find it a valuable resource, that there is some discernible sense of what is proper for them to publish. and that they are trying to rise above the fray of the intertubes. i have written other comments there and some have been received quite well but i am glad i could “see it in print” over here, so thanks.

  11. 😆 @ Refellation. Ahahaha.

  12. Brilliant poster N!! and thank you for the subtle (and small) use of that picture (eck eck eck)