When Parry Met Silly

From The Telegraph:

[Rick] Perry, who got into the 2012 race on Saturday, partly overshadowing Representative [Michele] Bachmann’s win at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, accepted an invitation to the Black Hawk County Republican Party dinner in Waterloo, Iowa last week.

Once she heard the Texas governor would be attending, aides to Mrs Bachmann, who was born in Waterloo, contacted the organisers to say that she would like to speak too. This set up a joint appearance that one Iowa politician predicted would be like the “shoot-out at the OK Corral”.

There was no confrontation but Mrs Bachmann’s move backfired. “She didn’t sit down to visit with us and eat with us,” said Mel Shaw, 57, one of the attendees.

“She came into the room like she was Madonna or something, a big star appearing before all us little people. She didn’t want to answer questions. That’s not the way we do politics here.”

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Mrs Bachmann’s Ames win confirmed her position in the top three candidates, along with Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor front-runner, and Mr Perry.  But the Texas governor threatens to make major inroads into her support among evangelicals and Tea Party activists.

It was Mr Perry’s first appearance in Iowa, which is due in February to be the crucial first state to vote in the Republican contest to pick a nominee to face President Barack Obama, and he had some ground to make up after deciding not to compete at Ames.


After settling into his seat at a table, he listened intently to speeches from local Republican officials and an Abraham Lincoln impersonator before delivering his own address, which was enthusiastically received.


Vowing to veto any bills from Congress increasing the country’s debt, he pulled out a Sharpie pen and thundered: “The president of the United States has a pen, and it’s called a veto pen. And I’ll use that until all of the ink runs out to get the message across that we’re not spending all the money.” After the speech, he took several questions.

Mrs Bachmann had made clear to organisers that she did not want to be in the hall while Mr Perry was speaking. Instead, she waited in her campaign bus as it idled outside a nearby hotel.

When Mr Perry had finished, he went back to his seat to listen to Mrs Bachmann. But it took more than five minutes for her to reach the stage as the lighting was changed and the Minnesota congresswoman signed autographs.


During her speech, Mrs Bachmann, who was lit much more brightly than Mr Perry, mentioned the Abraham Lincoln impersonator but not the Texas governor, who smiled and applauded periodically.


Mrs Bachmann emphasised her Waterloo roots, stating she was “a real person … a champion, a fighter, somebody who’s going to stand up and have guts”. She did not take questions.

Afterwards, Mr Perry waited at his table until it became apparent that Mrs Bachmann, protected by a phalanx of aides and signing more autographs, was not going to move over to talk to him.

At a press conference afterwards in which just three questions were allowed from designated reporters, Mrs Bachmann brushed aside suggestions she had deliberately snubbed Mr Perry.


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31 responses to “When Parry Met Silly

  1. All these Rs are trying to outdo each other, and everyone of them come on the short end of the stick. Politics as a whole has gone head first into the cesspool.

    • politics, like much else in this country, has turned into a reality show, and just like reality shows, people vote for the crazy people to stay in to make it more entertaining. people, including and especially politicians, really need to make politics serious again.

  2. johncerickson

    And more of Bachmann’s … “unique” … personality slips into the public eye. If you hear of somebody in SE Ohio getting arrested for shooting off rifles in his backyard, it’ll be me the day she pull out.
    And I LOVE your spelling of Perry’s name. I may even have to donate to Colbert’s SuperPAC, just to torpedo the Guv! (If you want a detailed disassembly of the Guv, check out my buddy Mark at http://www.theidiotspeaketh.wordpress.com. He did a better hatchet job on Perry than the Sioux did to Custer at the Little Big Horn! 😀 )

  3. jean-philippe

    Here it is, I miss the sharp mind of Dubya…

    • i think gov little ricky goodhair and botox batshit bachmann should have a crazy-off.

      p.s. i just heard on the daily show that gov little ricky goodhair had his father-in-law do his vasectomy! 😯

    • Over at Juanita Jean’s World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, she called Perry the Dollar Store Version of George Bush. She also wrote “Intelligence has the same effect on Rick Perry as daylight does on Dracula.” Let’s hope that’s true.


      I recommended this site over at Dusty’s blog with the tag line “more dirt on Perry than you can pick up with a Shop Vac.” I highly recommend this and The Political Carnival.

      • i thought george bush was the dollar store version of george bush. 😕

        • So the son was a cheap imitation of his father? If so, would that make Perry the dime store version?

          • no, i meant that chimpy is a dollar store version of chimpy. none of these guys are authentic. they dress up and talk like their john wayne. i don’t think they realize that he was just making believe, too.

            p.s. i think gov little ricky goodhair would be the beauty supply store version. i bet he spends more on hair gel in a month than most people spend for rent and utilities combined.

  4. Over at Clusterfuck Nation this morning, James Howard Kunstler wrote the following about this political odd couple:

    “I give it three months before media snoops catch him in bed with Michele Bachmann. The two of them will claim it was all right because Jesus was there as chaperone and anyway, “…alls we did was watch the Vikings-Cowboy game….””

    I responded, “That might actually help Governor Goodhair. The rumor is that he likes men. Of course, quite a few say the same thing about Mr. Bachmann, too.”

    Thank you for giving me just the graphic I needed to illustrate this hypothetical event.

    • that’s hilarious, but now you’ve planted in my head the image of gov little ricky goodhair getting caught in bed with marcus the carcass!

      • No one over at Clusterfuck Nation seems to have thought of that one yet, and that’s with 150 comments and counting. If it hasn’t happened yet, then it probably never will, even when the post gets 1000 comments by this Sunday (and it will, too). Could you imagine getting 1000 comments in a week?

        • i don’t want to think about what that means about the way i think. 😯

          i got 738 comments once in a diary over at the big orange. it took more than a week though, and half of them were fotc trying to be last. 😆

          • jeb

            We had fun with that one, didn’t we?

            • i was reading through the comments and laughing. that was like practice for the raisin. you and fotc and susan something kept that thread going and going. that was the most fun i ever had at the big orange. 😀

    • maggiejean

      Hmm. Gov. Goodhair and Marcus Bachmann. Cute couple, no?

  5. Jeez- these candidates, the GOP’s finest, make me feel like this country is being punked. I keep waiting for someone to step out & tell us ha ha ha, these are not real candidates, it was all an elaborate hoax.

    • i’m waiting for ryan seacrest to jump out and say that it’s all been a reality show to see just how far you can push the american people and still have them believe what they’re seeing.

  6. Now the King of Texas has challenged the fed chairman and this can only be resolved by (1) sending him to Iowa and seeing what they do to him and (2) sending him to Texas to see what Parry and his drouges do to him. Can we get a picture of BB feeding that corndoggie to hubby? (he may favor weenie products fed to him by men)

    • leave it to gov little ricky goodhair to send out a message of violence. it’s as though little ricky is all the rethuglican stupidity rolled up into one person.

  7. Gotta love the waving corndog as her new symbol.

  8. Gees… Iowa might never be the same…..which could be a good thing…..hey, and speaking of Bachmann…. it is a little known fact that Minnestoata is home to Spam… the Spam museum is in Austin, MN…… where Spam is described as

    ” the undisputed king of mystery meat. Made of pig parts and secret spices, cooked in its own cans right on the assembly line”

    ..hhmmm kinda describes the Republican slate of CANdidates…hmm

  9. Palin 2.0 and Bush 2.0
    America must have really pissed God off!

    • hello bird,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i don’t know if g-d is pissed off. i guess we’ll have to ask gov little ricky goodhair. the big guy upstairs talks to him.

      what’s really scary is what palin 3.0 and bush 3.0 will look like next election cycle. 😯 every time i think they can’t get batshittier, they do.

  10. johncerickson

    Didja hear Bachmann, at a SC rally, encouraged the crowd to celebrate the anniversary of Elvis’ BIRTHDAY? OOPS!!!! 34 years since he DIED, BBB! 😀
    Is that the beginning of a death spiral I see?

    • i heard about that. she’ll never admit she made a mistake, though. she’ll say that it’s the day that elvis was reborn in heaven, so it’s really his birthday. or some shit like that.