A Tale of Two (P)Ricks


Yesterday, ThinkProgress caught Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) on video threatening Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke during a trip to Iowa. Perry, the latest Republican to announce a campaign for the White House, called any effort by the Fed to provide monetary stimulus “treasonous in my opinion” and added that he would treat Bernanke “pretty ugly down in Texas.” On CNN this afternoon, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), another candidate in the race, slammed Perry’s comment and said any suggestion of treason is pure politics:

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SANTORUM: Well his comments about Ben Bernanke, they were completely out of bounds. I don’t agree with Ben Bernanke’s policies… but to me the rhetoric that Rick Perry used was sort of the rhetoric I would expect from a John Conyers, talking about President Bush and saying he should be impeached. We don’t do that. We don’t impeach people, we don’t charge people with treason because we disagree with them on public policy. You might say that they’re wrong, you might say lots of things about how misguided they are, but you don’t up the ante to that type of rhetoric. It’s out of place, and hopefully Gov. Perry will step back and recognize that we’re not in Texas anymore.

As Politico’s Alexander Burns notes, “Santorum’s point is that Perry sounds radical and irresponsible. Bringing impeachment into the picture may not be the best rhetorical choice, given that Santorum voted to convict Bill Clinton in impeachment proceedings back in the day.”

What does it say that Rick Man-on-Dog Santorum has more common sense than Governor Little Ricky Goodhair?

And that damned Obama stimulus that Governor Little Ricky Goodhair hates so much?  From The Statesman (September 23, 2010):

Perry has taken some very public stands against federal spending over the past couple of years. He led the opposition to $555 million in stimulus funds for an expansion of unemployment benefits, and, saying Texas should not change its school standards, he kept Texas out of the running for federal Race to the Top education money.


But let’s not forget that Texas used $14 billion of that Washington stimulus money in its 2009 and 2010 budgets. There was a lot of talk from Perry and others when the stimulus first came around about using those dollars for one-time-only expenses, such as road construction, but it has been used for much more.

Lawmakers used some of the stimulus money to balance the budget so that they could leave the state’s rainy day fund untapped without making big spending cuts.

Wayne Pulver of the Legislative Budget Board told a House subcommittee this week that as much as $8 billion went toward recurring services in Medicaid and education. Problem is, the disappearance of those dollars will make the budget more difficult to balance next year.


The Houston Chronicle reported this week that federal stimulus spending has created or saved 47,700 Texas jobs as of July, with each job costing taxpayers more than $96,000. Independent experts told the paper that the stimulus dollars and Texas’ business-friendly climate combined to stabilize the state’s economy.


[T]alking […] about the billions Texas set aside for a rainy day, Perry says, “Limiting government lets our families keep more of what they earn.”

Yet it was the stimulus bill — a symbol of unlimited government to many voters — that helped keep the rain away in Texas a little bit longer.


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34 responses to “A Tale of Two (P)Ricks

  1. Perry may excite the right, but he’s like many of the other … just keep him talking and he’ll lose votes.

    • i think he’s going to flame out pretty quickly, just like botox batshit bachmann. the rethugs get so excited when someone new enters the race, and then their hopes are dashed when they turn out to be incredibly and obviously stupid.

      • I got in a conversation with a minor league political consultant who was insisting that people were going to start talking up Eddie Munster getting in the race. This was in the context of “which GOP candidate scares Democrats the most.” I told him that I didn’t find Eddie Munster scary, just ridiculous. Perry was scary.

        • eddie munster would be no more than a flash in the pan. his shelflife would be shorter than bbb’s and gov little ricky goodhair. all the dems would need to do is point out that he wants to make medicare a voucher system. that’s it! see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! so funny that the rethugs are scrambling, and they can’t find one candidate who can please the teabaggers and the establishment.

  2. Oh noes…Governor Jackass is sullying Bernanke’s distinguished, stick-up-the-ass professorial look!

    I thought of what Texans did to James Byrd when Perry said that.

  3. johncerickson

    If Perry keeps going, he won’t last long enough to give Stewart/Colbert any good ammunition! I’m waiting to hear more about how Perry is a traitor ’cause he had something to do with somebody who knew a Muslim once, or whatever Media Matters was talking about.

  4. I’m enjoying watching Karl Rove and some of the other Republicans squirm at this kind of talk….they know Perry would sound way too scary for most people in the general election. Hehe…

    • the rethugs were so much in lockstep, and now they are in total disarry. that karl rove is squirming is icing on the cake. the best part, though, is that the eventual nominee will be asked to endorse all the batshittery, and he won’t be able to, thereby pissing off the teabaggers. it’s a circular firing squad, and they’re all in favor of second amendment rights. oh, i love irony! 😀

      • Good point, my one comfort if a middle of the road Republican wins the presidency will be to listen to the Tea Partiers go nuts for the next four years about him not fulfilling their wishes.

        • there aren’t very many middle of the road rethugs left, and it would be very difficult for one to get through the primaries. i think huntsman has the best chance, but i don’t think his campaign has caught fire, and he might be gone pretty soon. his saving grace is that his daddy has lots and lots of money, so he can stay in longer than some of the others.

  5. “former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), another candidate in the race, slammed Perry’s comment ”

    we all know how much The Queen Gov from Austin loves to get slammed by other men.

    wait til all the gay rumors start making the non-blog world. Rick Perry is Howard Beale morphing into Fred Thompson

  6. *chuckles*
    Rick the Dogma fool… And backed up by the haters of the Taxed Enough Already folks..?
    Carry on…

    • hi patrick, long time, no see. the more gov little ricky goodhair speaks, the dumber people realize he is. let him go for the teabagger support. people hate the teabaggers more than they hate congress.

  7. maggiejean

    Great find nonnie (the original cover, I mean). Gov. Goodhair is such a shoot from the hip idiot.

  8. In that steady flow of B.S. hypocrisy, he wants to slam Bernanke, while at the same time
    According to a March 28 2011 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9.54% of hourly-paid workers in Texas are paid at or below minimum wage. In comparison, the national percentage is 6.0%. Among the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, Texas has the highest percentage of workers paid at or below minimum wage; the state with the second-highest percentage is Mississippi, with 9.50%.

    He’s got a lot of effing nerve slamming the Fed while people in his state work at or below minimum wage?? That would explain why over 4 million Texans are on Food Stamps.
    Working poor, yall.
    Job creators….
    Texas tea.

    He thinks he can just say whatever he wants & no one is going to check out his 11 year record as Governor of Tex-ass.

    • and he didn’t create new jobs (except for some minimum-wage jobs). he stole jobs from other states by making things nice for corporations and shitty for workers. if, g-d forbid, he becomes president, where is he going to steal jobs from, and how miserable will he have to make it for workers here in order to steal any from overseas?

  9. I picture Parry on horseback lassoing Bernake and dragging him down the main street at a gallop to teach him a lesson. Now I realize that the head goober job in Austin requires no heavy lifting but the few things it does control, he has royally fucked up: the Willingham case…every forensic expert reviewing the evidence of the house fire that occured that night has that it was electrical and not arson with the use of acellerant (the county had no forensic people). But to kill in the Huntsville death house a man who very, very unlikely killed his three little girls just to prove what a bad-ass you are….(can’t put my anger into words)

    • that case was just heartbreaking, and the execution was just unforgivable. however, during the gubernatorial election, one teabagger, when confronted with the fact that whittingham was innocent, said that he’s voting for gov little ricky goodhair, because it takes balls to kill an innocent man. that’s the type of vermin he appeals to.

  10. Very presidential to say the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is cruisin’ for a bruisin’. And you’re the one to do it. 🙄

    • yeah, don’t you want your kid emulating that kind of talk? i think there are a lot of texans who do, but i don’t see that selling very well in the more civilized parts of the country.

  11. elizabeth3hersh

    Not so sure we have an economic crisis so much as we have an education crisis. To wit, Perry’s misunderstanding of the word theory, and belief that the Texas Board of Education teaches both evolution and creationism. While there is something endearing about a man humbling himself before a perceived G-d, and offering heartfelt gratefulness for a meal with his family, it boggles the mind that a governor would not have the simplest of understanding of basic biological and evolutionary processes. Penn Jillette might be better suited to the office (governor that is).

    • we do have an education crisis, but we also have a knowledge crisis, and that’s due to faux news specifically and the media generally. imbeciles like gov little ricky goodhair get away with spewing whatever made-up facts he feels like, because the media would rather have drama and conflict than truth. instead of pointing out that little ricky is full of shit, they make believe that he just has a different view. science is science, and facts are facts, and as much as the media loves a good fight, they have a duty to report the truth to american voters. instead, they’ve turned the news and politics into a reality show where the only thing that counts is ratings.

  12. elizabeth3hersh

    Fox recently unveiled plans for an upcoming 13-part series “Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey” hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (Tyson humorously quipped that Fox viewers most needed to see the show). The series is an update to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos as there have been so many new discoveries in the interim. Not launching until 2013 though…(I’m leaving for London sometime in 2012 to escape the hideous election coverage and coming back in ’13 for Tyson’s show!!). So excited, you have no idea.

    • fox entertainment is very different than faux news. i love neil degrasses tyson. i’ll be watching!

    • John Erickson

      Whowhatwhenwherewhyhow?!?!?!?!? (Easy, boy, steady. Deep breath!) Ahem. Any idea when, and on which of the numerous Fox channels? I just SO hope they don’t do it like the “DVD on TV” movies they show on FX. Yeah, the DVD extra bits are nice, but the hosts are both brain-dead bimbos – one male, one female.
      Gotta get the DVR tuned up to record and burn DVD copies. Sounds uber-cool!!

      • elizabeth3hersh

        You share my enthusiasm!! I am a cosmology freak, science lover, and still have wet dreams of Carl Sagan. You can find in-depth coverage on the series here:


        By the time it airs, both of us will have regulated our breathing.(in…1-2-3…whooooosh…in 1-2-3…whoooosh…)

        • John Erickson

          Wow – Ann Druyan AND Seth MacFarlane? Don’t count Seth short – he is QUITE the science geek! (If you’ve never seen the Family Guy take off on the original 3 Star Wars movies, they are hilarious, as well as spooky-close to the real movies. And with modern CGI to boost the visuals, all I can hope is Fox doesn’t try to “Intelligent Design” them to death.
          Otherwise, great stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

      • breathe, john, breathe. you want to still be around when the series starts! 😆