SB5: Enough to make you Ka-sick!

Kids, I’ll just give you the bare bones of the story, but then I’ll enthusiastically refer you to the guys over at Plunderbund, the Raisin’s new source of all Ohio info.

The story begins with State Senator Shannon Jones, the sole sponsor of the union-busting bill that would severely limit the ability of police officers, teachers, firefighters, and other state workers to collectively bargain on wages, as well as benefits and working conditions.

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It wasn’t long before Jones was joined by others, including State Senate President Tom Niehaus, who, like Jones, had previously sponsored pro-union legislation.

In July (from Plunderbund):

Secretary of State Jon Husted informed the “We Are Ohio” campaign that his office has officially certified that they collected the sufficient number of valid signatures to place SB 5 on a repeal ballot this November.

In August, the assault on teachers continued (from Plunderbund):

In their latest attempt to disguise their failed efforts at convincing us that a majority of Ohioans support the union-busting legislation in Ohio, John Kasich’s agent group, Building a Better Ohio has teamed up with some unhappy Tea Party teachers and filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court against the Ohio Education Association and some of its affiliates, including a local association to which they have absolutely no connection.

This August 7th post at Plunderbund gives an excellent rundown of the history of SB5.  It also includes evidence that Kasich and his henchmen might have poopy pants!

If you need any further evidence that supporters of Senate Bill 5 are  becoming increasingly convinced that it will be repealed this November, enter today’s laughable editorial in the Columbus Dispatch (“Meet in the middle”)

We’ve heard this tune before.  We wrote about it back in June when Plain Dealer Kasich apologist Brent Larkin wrote the same thing.  If public polling didn’t show that 56% of Ohioans support repealing the bill, you wouldn’t see this nonsense coming out.


It would have been helpful for the Dispatch to have been more critical of the process and content of Senate Bill 5 before it appeared to be doomed to repeal.

The reality is that the Dispatch and Kasich had no interest in compromising SB 5 when they thought they had all the votes that mattered (in the state legislature.)  And even when they didn’t, they could do things like toss Senator Bill Seitz off of a key committee rather than work with him to find acceptable legislative language.  But now, suddenly, they realize that they may not have the votes that matter after all.

Plunderbund has a 3-part series on how labor broke Kasich’s back.  Part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Kasich knew his goose was cooked, so flanked by Senate President Tom Niehaus and House Speaker William Batchelder, he suddenly decided that he knows how to compromise after all, and he invited his opponents to come to the table and talk.  The spirit of compromise lasted one whole day!   From Plunderbund:

So, yesterday Governor Kasich and the GOP legislative leadership hold a press conference to profess their desire to hold talks with the We Are Ohio campaign to try to reach a compromise on Senate Bill 5.  We Are Ohio said they would be glad to talk about a compromise, but in order to show they were serious the campaign said Kasich and the Republicans would need to repeal Senate Bill 5 first before any talks could be had.


With the ball back in his court, all Kasich had to do to have his compromise talks is commit to repealing SB 5 and having the parties start from scratch.  Something that would be necessary for any compromise anyways. So what did the Kasich Administration do?  They blasted labor’s insistence that the Administration show some good faith.


In the span of less than twenty-four hours, Governor Kasich went from trying to portraying labor as unwilling to compromise to publicly being the one saying no.  The fact that Kasich scoffs at the notion that SB 5 had to be repealed before labor could take Kasich’s overture seriously demonstrates how truly disinterested he really was in a deal.  Notice, there’s no counter-offer by the Administration on how else the parties could proceed and believe that each side was acting in good faith… because there is none.


This past few days should be used as a case study in how not to negotiate.   John Kasich failed as a leader of this State when he jammed SB 5 down our throats, and then he failed again to try to work out a compromise to avoid this costly referendum.  Today, we saw John Kasich withdraw from his own negotiation.

I’ll end this post with a tip of the hat to the guys at Plunderbund for their help and for just being awesome, and with the word they put at the end of their posts:



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25 responses to “SB5: Enough to make you Ka-sick!

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    Do you realize you could make a business out of these clever customized posters? I would be your first paying customer!

    • thanks, elizabeth! people have been after me for a while to turn this into a business, but i’m so scattered these days that i wouldn’t know where to start. most of the posters have a very short shelf-life, with some exceptions. i need a secretary. and a business manager. and a personal trainer. and a cook. and a housekeeper. 😉

  2. John Erickson

    When a governor comes into office on a “Put Ohio back to work” pledge, and then immediately REFUSES Federal funds for railroad upgrades, it tends to give ya just a WEE bit of a clue of the size of this particular A-hole. We’re beyond kilometres or miles, we’re talking parsecs here! (The REAL parsecs, not the parsecs Han Solo uses as a measure of time…..sigh.)

    • parsecs? seriously, dude, you’re way too excited over the new cosmos series that elizabeth told you about! 😉

      the koch-conspirator rethug governors are quickly self-immolating, and that’s fine by me. however, they’re destroying their states at the same time. who knows how many years it will take to undo the damage that they’re doing.

      • John Erickson

        Actually, I wrote that response BEFORE I heard about the “Cosmos Redux”.
        Not sure about the health of Ohio state-wide, but they just closed another company worth 150 jobs in this area. On quiet nights, you can hear Coshocton county being flushed down a giant toilet…..

  3. Plus you have to question the wisdom of pissing off police officers, teachers, & firefighters re the ability to collectively bargain their own wages and benefits.

    Sure, bust those unions, good luck when you call the fire & police departments to save your houses & lives!

    Plus we hear of all those millionaire cops, teachers & firefighters, raking in all the big bucks, they really need to go after them & leave the banksters of Wall Street alone so they can enjoy their summer homes in the Hamptons.

    • it’s not a matter of pissing them off. he wants to get rid of all the union workers and replace them with non-union, so they can get paid a lot less. does he really want a police force and a fire department filled with rookies? the same with teachers and other public employees.

  4. One must remember that former Fox employee Kasich was the first succesfull attempt of Roger Ailes to do the DeLay type takeover. How well I remember all the constant redistricting back in Texas to attempt a one party state, you know, like the PRC, the third reich, or better North Korea.

  5. Not done w/first cup of coffee and for a minute thought poster was real. Should be.

    Use me for ur source for CA insanity.

    Couple of sites I amusing, too.




  6. I just watched GASLAND (ITUNES) and sounds like the same crap, different way to kill us all or starve us to just a breath away. If you have managed not to have seen it yet, do so today.

  7. All I can do is shake my head. Do magic mushrooms grow in Ohio? The MUST be on something.

    • From SF CHRONICAL…
      Only in CA
      At least with all our problems we have some things to make us laugh!

      Debate over hemp farming project elicits laughs

      State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, introduced a bill for hemp farming.


      A debate over a pilot project that would let some California farmers grow industrial hemp got laughs Wednesday when Democratic lawmakers sparred with a police lobbyist.

      The bill by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would allow hemp farming in Imperial, Kern, Kings and San Joaquin counties for products like paper, clothing, canvas, rope and food. Kings and Kern county sheriffs support the measure, but other law enforcement groups aren’t so enamored. They say it’s difficult to distinguish between marijuana and hemp plants.

      “You cannot visually tell the difference,” said John Lovell, a lobbyist for the California Narcotics Officers’ Association and Police Chiefs Association. “It means in every major trafficking prosecution, defense counsel will begin with the argument, ‘This is not marijuana, it’s hemp – prove it.’ ”

      Democrats weren’t buying the argument.

      “Anyone with the gift of sight can tell the difference between hemp and marijuana,” Leno said to laughter before launching into a description of how hemp plants are tall and skinny and planted close together, and “as we all know” marijuana plants are much more stocky and dense and planted at least 4-feet apart.

      The measure passed out of committee without a problem.

    • they’re all on kochaine.

  8. jean-philippe

    I hope good news are gonna come from Michigan too…

    • we have neon vincent to keep us apprised of what’s going on in michigan. click on his name, and it will take you to his blog where he usually has good info on michigan politics.

      • Thanks for the shout out. I’m mostly following the Dream Cruise these days, but that ended tonight. I’ll go back to following Michigan politics tomorrow.

        As for the poster, it’s proof that politics is show business for ugly people.

        • i just reread my comment, and i hope nobody thought that i was saying that only some of your political posts are good. i just meant that you have stuff other than political. that’s what happens when i’m blogging in a hurry. i’ve been busy the last few days.