Campaign Slogan: Every night’s a pantless party!


Missouri Lt. Gov Peter Kinder (R) has spoken out about the allegations that he long frequented a strip club and sort-of stalked a stripper who worked there, admitting that he used to go to the strip club in question but maintaining that it was years ago. “I came to realize that this is not consistent with my upbringing. I’m a Christian,” he said.

Kinder also denied many of the allegations against him. “A single man is vulnerable to any fantastic charge,” he told the St. Louis Beacon.

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In an interview Wednesday, Kinder told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he used to frequent the Diamond Cabaret in Sauget, Illinois, which he first found after a baseball game. He says he went back about ten times, but it was the 90s, and who didn’t do crazy stuff in the 90s? “I came to realize that this is not consistent with my upbringing. I’m a Christian,” he said.


Kinder, a Tea Party aligned conservative, is widely expected to run for governor in 2012.

Kinder’s comments were in response to allegations from former Penthouse model Tammy Chapman, who claims Kinder was a frequent customer when she was an “entertainer” at said club in Illinois.

She told the River-Front Times earlier this month that sixteen years ago Kinder had repeatedly tried to sleep with her while she was working there, and would shower her with gifts when he made his multiple weekly trips to the club. But, Chapman claims, she cut off contact after a while. “He became very aggressive with me,” she says. “I couldn’t tolerate what he was making me do.”

Kinder denies that he ever got lap dances from Chapman, though he says he may have given her tips when she was on stage with other strippers.


Chapman claims that she saw Kinder again last winter when he came into Verlin’s Bar & Grill, a St. Louis bar that boasts the slogan “every night’s a pantless party,” where she worked at the time. According to Chapman, Kinder recognized her and suggested she move into his condo. She then took a picture of her and Kinder, which she gave to the Times.

When Kinder first denied the allegations, he claimed it was part of a conspiracy by Missouri’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.


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27 responses to “Campaign Slogan: Every night’s a pantless party!

  1. sorry so late, kids. it’s fast helen’s birthday, and i went over to surprise her and hang out with her for a while.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    Vegas would have been a better fit for Kinder: our slogan “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” of course, includes any covert ‘slot action’.

    • he shouldn’t worry about what stays in vegas, he should worry about what stays in his pants. funny how he seems to accidentally find himself in strip joints, isn’t it?

  3. Sodumbia … brilliant!

    You know, I’ve never accidentally had dinner at a nude bar. I guess I’m just lucky that way …

    • not even after a baseball game, wken?

      where’ve you been? we miss you around here!

      • It’s been a wild month. Still no accidental trips to strip bars, though. (Or deliberate ones, just to clarify … although there was that phase of my life when I worked for the linen service, and had a fairly-colorful route.)

        But, no, not even after a baseball game. Or bowling.

  4. Everyone is so busy with what passes for the GOP’s starting team that people forget what their bench is doing. Thanks for keeping us informed, especially about hypocrites like this guy.

    • i like finding stories that a lot of people might be unaware of. that’s why i like reading your blog for michigan news and plunderbund for ohio news.

  5. Isn’t it always funny when the base animal insticts take over the righteous. Male behaviour is very predictable, sort of a flies on shit thing. At least he wasn’t fooling around with young boys.

    • i don’t think he was fighting his baser instincts very hard. he’s just another shithead who says one thing and does another. these guys are stupid and/or arrogant enough to believe that they’ll never get caught. i bet this guy is a super-perv.

  6. gregg

    It seems that for fundies the more horny or crimminal behavior they engage in the more they can claim to be working on being saved the more wonderfully “Christian” they are found to be by their comrades.
    It is as if the more drugs an addict used the more effort they could claim to be putting into their recovery the more serious they would seem to fellow addicts.

    • good point, gregg. they’ll keep upping the ante until one of them will have to confess to killing someone so s/he can he the ultimate christian gameshow winner.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    “Didn’t everyone do crazy stuff in the ’90s?” WTF? Love the conspiracy defense – that always holds up, huh? He and Weiner oughta get together and parteeeeeeeeee!

    • weiner used some bad judgment, but he was never a hypocrite. this guy will blame the 90s, the dems, and his own mother before he owns his own behavior.

  8. John Erickson

    Hey, I did a LOT of crazy things in the 90s. I worked some of my last sci-fi conventions, got a house, got married, toured airshows, saluted veterans of all nations by re-enacting…….
    Dang. That’s so dull, it put ME to sleep! What’s the address of that strip club? πŸ˜‰

    • i wonder if uncle rupie or andrew not-very-breitbart or any of their henchmen even wired a stripper or a hooker in order to catch a rethug in a compromising position. it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  9. I always got strip clubs and strip malls mixed up….. made for some embarrassing moments at Walgreens, let me tell you!!!

    • been there, done that! i mixed up chippendale’s and walgreens, and that pharmacist was shocked when i stuck a dollar bill down his trousers and demanded that he take off his pants . 😳

  10. I love this. Now, it’s one of my favorites. Rated H for Hypocrites perfect. They never cease to amaze me. They should just be Liberals so when they’re confronted with this information, they can say “Yeah, and?”

    • the religious right and the teabaggers (i’m being redundant) will still defend him. it doesn’t matter that he was chasing a stripper in order to get his dinky stinky or that he lied about it. the commandments that he broke must have loopholes.

  11. So much for Christian “family values.” Is anyone else noticing a pattern with these types? The stalking allegations are particularly disturbing.

    • i was thinking about that, ahab. i think stalkers have a sense of entitlement, and they don’t think they should be denied anything they want. that’s the pervasive theme of the teabaggers. they want what they want when they want it, and they refuse to compromise. the mindsets are so similar that’s it not difficult to see why asswipes like this shithead appeals to the teabaggers, and vice versa.

  12. jeb

    At least he didn’t wear diapers or have a wide stance.