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A New York Daily News story published on Sunday set off a flurry of speculation about former New York Gov. George Pataki’s possible 2012 ambitions, and now there are reports from Iowa that Pataki may be poised to enter the race on Saturday.

Pataki has signed on to attend a Polk County Republican Party picnic in Des Moines on Saturday and Darrell Kearney, a spokesman for the county party told ABC News late Monday night that “based on conversations with Pataki staff there is a strong possibility Gov. Pataki will get in the race, and the announcement may come Saturday.”

employeeofthemonthgeorgepatakiOriginal movie poster

“I can confirm that Governor Pataki is seriously considering getting into the race,” spokesman Dan Catalfamo said. “He is deeply disappointed by the failure of leadership by President Obama on the debt issue and in the lack of serious solutions being offered by the current Republican field.”


But stepping in to steal some of Pataki’s possible thunder is presidential candidate Rick Perry, who organizers said would be a late addition to the picnic lineup. This weekend’s picnic will take place at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and will also feature candidates Ron Paul and Thad McCotter as well as state and local elected officials. In recent weeks, other candidates, including Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, have attended Polk County GOP events.

If Pataki decided to enter the race, his path to the nomination would be far from clear. As the Daily News pointed out this weekend, he’s a “pro-choice, pro-union and pro-gay rights” Republican who could have a hard time making headway with a more conservative GOP primary electorate.

In the days after the GOP midterm victories last fall, when Pataki first said he was flirting with a run he cast his resume favorably with another former mayor-turned-governor who is also on the fence regarding 2012, Rudy Giuliani.


Pataki aded, “What I’m going to be looking at is, do we have the right people out there who have that experience, who have experienced leadership, who have been challenged and who can bring people together — not just Republicans and conservatives, but conservatives [and] Democrats. And make a decision on who else is out there, and whether or not they have those characteristics we need to be able to win this election and govern successfully.”

Just for the record, anyone remember who Pataki picked as his running mate in his first run for governor?  If you said good ol’ Betsy McCaughey, you’re correct!  Remember Betsy?  She wrote a bullshit-filled article back in 1994 that killed the Clinton health care plan, and then she came back in 2009 with more bullshit to try to kill the Obama health care plan.  The lies continued, and she had to resign from a medical products company, supposedly to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, but more likely because she was an embarrassment.  Anthony Weiner said that debating with her was like “debating a pyromaniac in a straw man factory.”  Now, I’m not saying that Pataki believes what Betsy does, but he gave her a semblance of gravitas by selecting her.  Remind anyone else of Captain Underpants and Princess Sarah?  Just sayin’.


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24 responses to “Next!

  1. John Erickson

    So, you’re telling me that WASN’T an earthquake I felt today, that was really Pataki’s announcement going THUD?

  2. jeb

    I love the name of the production company, “Revolving Door Pictures.” How apt. Line ’em up and knock ’em down.

    George who? He must have noticed the vacancy for a lack of charisma candidate since Timmy P went slinking back to Minnesota. I suspect his campaign had to work tirelessly just to get the press to notice he’d dropped out of the race.

    • There is still a lack-of-charisma candidate in the GOP race–Thaddeus McCotter. Don’t worry, he’ll be out soon.

    • i was under the gun. i got invited to my neighbor’s house for his citizenship party today. i didn’t find out until 3. they said they were having hot dogs and hamburgers (all very american!), so i decided to make macaroni and cheese. so, after taking care of a few things i had to do, i ran to the store for some ingredients. i didn’t get home until after 5, and the party was at 6:30. i still hadn’t made a movie poster either, so i threw together my mac & cheese and put it in the over for an hour. while i was waiting, i grabbed a poster to make (i had to find a story first). i wasn’t quite done, but i had enough done that i knew i could finish it pretty quickly when i got home. the bottom right corner was so empty, so i had to think of a movie studio name and a logo really fast. i think the logo is pretty cute, if i do have to say so myself. 😉 anyway, that’s the reason i was 2 hours late in posting. by the way, the mac & cheese was a big hit. i make kick-ass mac & cheese, if i do have to say so myself. 😉

      does anyone else feel like their watching the audition tapes of a really lousy season of rethuglican american idol?

  3. gregg

    George Pataki is imitating Chevy Chase imitating Gerald Ford 24/7. The guy was Governor of New York for eight years and no one knew it never mind can remember anything about it.

    • a new yawker over at the big orange, eddie, made the same point. i’ll quote him here:

      He’s like that vanilla custard that really has no taste. I know so many New Yorkers my age who can’t even remember him.

      • The whole bunch of Moe-wannabees remind me of Ned Flanders confection of choice: unflavored imitation ice milk. Now we are going to get a MoeLite to go into the heard of a dozen stale loaves of white bread, a cash filled Oreo, and an insane Moe-ette. The only way to resolve this would be to have each, daily, get up and write out a list of things that piss them off (there goes half a day). The first one to reach 10,000 gripes gets the nomination and a gold plated Ronnie medal!

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    This is me – on the floor – whimpering, “UNCLE!” Enough of the zoo animals parading through the Republican party!

  5. Friend of the court

    bring ’em on! i hope every registered republican in the country runs for president. that way they can split the vote about a half a million ways. it would cost more to send back a mail in ballot, but the post office can use the money.

    • i don’t think their parade of stars is helping the party. then again, neither was bronzo the clown or yertle mcconnell showing up wherever there was a tv camera. every time another asswipe says s/he’s going to run, they admit that nobody currently running is acceptable to the party.

  6. george pataki has as much chance of being president as Marcus Bachmann has of curing Rick Perry…..

    pataki is an A one imbecile with less personality than Tim Pawlenty’s left testicle

  7. Sorry George … you are not crazy enough to be center ring in the big tent. Ok … you can be a barker to the bearded lady.

  8. Wacky Pataki as preznent material?!?! the only reason he made it as Gov was because the Dem vote was splintered among strong candidates and because crazier-than-batshit McCaughey’s very very old and very very rich husband was footing the bill (nice wedding present eh?). Even while he was in office most NY’ers referred to him as governor what’s-his-name

  9. he’s a “pro-choice, pro-union and pro-gay rights” Republican
    😯 The Tea Party will eat him alive.

  10. very nice & very appropriate clip! (never saw that movie but saw the Broadway show la-di-da)