Goldman Sucks


Last week, ThinkProgress revealed that Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) hired Peter Haller, a former Goldman Sachs vice president, as one of his top aides. Haller, who adopted his mother’s maiden name in 2008 and had escaped public scrutiny until now, coordinated an Oversight Committee letter to regulators demanding that they justify new Dodd-Frank rules impacting investment banks like his old employer, Goldman Sachs. After publication of our story, the Project on Government Oversight discovered more of Haller’s Oversight Committee letters, again on issues directly related to Goldman Sachs.

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ThinkProgress has now obtained more evidence that suggests that Haller’s employment under Issa is more akin to a bank lobbyist than a public servant entrusted with protecting the public interest. In May, GOP members on the Oversight Committee invited Professor Elizabeth Warren, then a special advisor working on the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to testify about the new agency. The hearing quickly became a media sideshow, with Republican lawmakers trying to trip Warren up and embarrass her. One congressman, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), became infamous overnight for berating Warren and accusing her of lying about her scheduling with the committee. It turns out that Haller, again carrying water for financial corporations afraid of new regulations, was behind the scheduling controversy at the heart of the McHenry confrontation with Warren.

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According to e-mail correspondence obtained from Judicial Watch, Haller oversaw the scheduling of the Warren testimony. According to Flavio Cumpiano, a congressional liaison for the CFPB, Haller reportedly changed the time of the hearing at the last minute, then misled Warren staffers by promising to end the testimony by 2:15 pm that day.


McHenry seemed to have a mission that day. As Crooks and Liars blogger Karoli pointed out, before the hearing started, McHenry appeared on CNBC and accused Warren of lying about the nature of her advice to the consumer protection agency. The scheduling controversy at the hearing appears to be little more than a cover for McHenry to smear Warren as untrustworthy.

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(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein has hired a high-profile defense attorney, Reuters reported shortly before the market closed on Monday, sending the shares down sharply. Blankfein is not facing any civil or criminal charges, but various government agencies, including the Justice Department, are inquiring into the role Goldman Sachs played during the mortgage meltdown.


Update: Goldman has confirmed that Blankfein has hired a defense lawyer.

Goldman fell 4.7% on Monday to $106.51, with almost the entire drop coming in the final 20 minutes of trading after the news broke. […] The stock’s at a new 52-week low.

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  1. Great work on the posters (as always) 😀

    • thanks m’liss! 🙂 i don’t want to look at them very closely, because there are probably a thousand mistakes. i didn’t get to sleep until 3 this afternoon, and then i only got a few fitful hours of shuteye. i wasn’t up doing the posters or anything, i just couldn’t sleep for the life of me. anyway, i dragged my ass out of bed, and somehow one poster turned into 4, and that’s why i was so late in posting.

  2. gregg

    Now this is one nasty looking, acting and legislating mutha f_ _ _ _ _ . makes my skin crawl. It’s gonna take some major living to outlive this endless stream of shit heads but I’m gonna do my best.

    • issa looks like the evil shithead he is. there’s something sinister about him. he looks like the stereotypical used car salesman. no, make that snake oil salesman.

  3. Did my suggestion that you turn Chris Christie into Fat Bastard really help to inspire you this much?

    • i think it might have stuck in my brain, neon vincent. when i read about goldman sachs, i thought about this post, because i remember reading a while ago that cash-n-carry kashkari was carried over to the obama white house. when i found the posters, there was one of fat bastard. that started me looking at all the posters, and there were so many i liked, that i kept making them.

  4. They are a little slow to the draw regarding *going after* Goldman Sachs, don’t ya think?

    Goldman Sachs are the wolves that were assigned to watch the (financial oversight) of the Wall Street Hen House.

    Ever watch Michael Moore’s Capitalism A Love Story documentary?
    Goldman Sachs has been a puppeteer of the White House since before St. Ronnie.

    How about Hank Paulson? Bush rolled him out when he announced he’d tanked the financial market & everything was about to crash–
    Paulson says– I’ll run this, but first I need the keys to the treasury & a guarantee of 100% immunity.

    That was comforting!

    • i’m not holding my breath that any of the banks will be prosecuted for their crimes. unfortunately, the big banks are in bed with both dems and rethugs. it’s too bad, because prosecuting the shitheads who tanked the economy would be an excellent platform to campaign on. i know that the financial sector finances campaigns, but kicking them in the nuts would be so welcomed that whoever really and truly supports it wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money, because s/he would be hoisted on the shoulders of the unwashed masses and paraded down the streets as heroes.

  5. Great posters Nonnie. Maybe a love child will turn up for the Scot Evil role. And speaking of Issa, where are the great number of Stalinesq show trials that were promised? It’s a good thing the great moneychangers have their man on the inside now. At least we can all be comforted that the depression, just like dunce boys idiocy, will be with us for a long, long, time. Meanwhile, the uberwealthy are surely paying too much for their Austrian Ducats!

    • thanks jerry. remind me if a good story comes along that would go with a scott evil poster or number 2. of course, i’m just waiting for a chris christie story so i can use the fat bastard poster (thanks, neon vincent!). it would really help if i had seen some of these movies. i saw the first austin powers one, but i didn’t see this one. i have to rely on others to tell me who populates these flicks.

  6. In the opening poster, did he crap in his pants?

    • it sure looks like it, doesn’t it? i found that pic of issa, and i thought it reflected his inner self, so i had to use it. really, i had no choice! 😉

  7. John Erickson

    So … Goldman is in trouble? And Bank Of America shares are dropping faster than an anvil without a parachute? Could it be there’s just the TINIEST hint of payback on the breeze?

    • even if there is, don’t you get the feeling that, somehow, the fatcats won’t suffer even a little, and the unwashed masses will end up paying for their crimes?

  8. Paying for their crimes & their summer homes in the Hamtons!

  9. Ooops! i left out the “p” in Hamptons.

    My bad.