The Private Eye Goes Public

From the Guardian:

Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire has revealed the names of the News of the World staff who instructed him to carry out phone hacking, his solicitor has confirmed.

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The information was passed in a letter to [actor and comedian] Steve Coogan‘s lawyers in accordance with a court order.

Mulcaire had applied for permission to appeal against the order, which was made in February, but this was denied and he was compelled to pass over the details by Friday.

His solicitor, Sarah Webb, from Payne Hicks Beach, said she could not reveal who the NoW employees were because of “confidentiality issues”.


Mulcaire was ordered to reveal who instructed him to access Coogan’s voicemails, as well as those of celebrities including Max Clifford and Elle Macpherson.

He was jailed for six months in 2007 for intercepting messages left on royal aides’ phones.

A spokeswoman for News International said the firm had no comment.

Here’s some background info about Mulcaire from Brian Cathcart at THE DAILY BEAST (August 22, 2011):

The man at the very center of the British phone-hacking scandal has proved remarkably adept at keeping his secrets. When the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire was first arrested in 2006 for hacking on behalf of News of the World he said nothing to police interrogators. Because he then pleaded guilty and no trial was necessary, he never faced cross-examination in court about what he had done.

Ever since his release in 2007, he has waged a sustained legal campaign to block the release of information about his activities to those hacking victims who have sued Rupert Murdoch’s U.K. company, News International. On the occasions when judges found against him, he has been quick to appeal to higher courts, further stretching and delaying the process.

For most of this time the documentation seized from his office and home in 2006 lay unexamined and unprocessed in trash bags in a police evidence pound.


Mulcaire, meanwhile, has made only one brief public statement, last month, in which he apologized to those he has hurt and pleaded that he acted under ‘relentless pressure’ from News of the World.


It is quite an achievement for the former professional soccer player now known to have been the hub of the newspaper’s hacking activity, a man who built up a directory of thousands of phone numbers and mobile PINS, and who, though never formally on the staff, was paid a salary of £102,000 plus extras.


Now, however, Mulcaire is being pushed into the spotlight and—as with almost every other recent development in this scandal—this looks like bad news for the Murdochs.

Part of Mulcaire’s problem is money. A month ago, James Murdoch, under questioning from members of Parliament, confirmed that his company had been paying for Mulcaire’s lawyers and, duly embarrassed, promised to halt that flow of cash.


In what British tabloids might call a “bizarre twist,” Mulcaire, a convicted criminal, is now suing his former employers in an apparent effort to force them to resume paying his legal bills.

What looks like a rift may, however, be something different, because it remains the case that Mulcaire’s legal interests and those of News International overlap considerably. Mulcaire’s reticence, after all, has always suited News International, whose principal tactic in the civil courts has been to avoid disclosure.


Who will he name as his controllers at News of the World? There are unlikely to be big surprises at this stage, since the police have been working out the answers over recent months and arresting people (all of whom, so far as we know, have denied wrongdoing). But this must be a landmark in this scandal, because, first, Mulcaire’s evidence is of such special importance, and second, it appears to be the beginning of the end of his resistance.

Once he starts making revelations, even under legal duress, his position is significantly altered. Having tried a policy of silence and failed, he may be better off adopting a policy of complete openness, and he is the person who knows most in this entire affair.


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16 responses to “The Private Eye Goes Public

  1. John Erickson

    Okay, since I’m first, I claim the right to call him “BP”. A huge spill that caused a major international organisation a real headache! 😀

    • i’m picturing a little crack in a windshield that keeps getting bigger and bigger. safelite isn’t gonna fix this crack, and i suspect there are a lot of ex-notw employees who have poopy in their undies now.

  2. It’s almost too bad that the 2012 election will interrupt coverage of this scandal. It’s still the gift that keeps on giving.

    • it’s a shame that the investigation will just creep along, and the path won’t reach roger ailes and faux news until after the election. if, heaven forbid, a rethug wins the white house, the investigation will simply disappear.

      • There is already a Conservative at No.10 Downing Street, and the investigation shows no sign of disappearing on the other side of the Atlantic.

        • but cameron is entangled in the story, so how could he throw a monkeywrench into the works without attracting even more bad attention to himself? the government didn’t start the investigations; other newspapers did. if not for the press, i don’t think politicians would have done a damned thing, as too many are beholden to uncle rupie. they don’t have a choice now, because the public is pissed off. do we have any real journalists left here who would push the story? the few who come to mind would be dismissed as partisans by faux news and all of uncle rupie’s newspapers. what really pissed off the public was the phone-hacking of the murdered girl’s mother. americans don’t care about dead people unless they’re americans (except princess diana).

  3. “An intriguing mystery”

  4. rastamick

    OK when you lay down with dogs you end up with fleas. Hard to tell who is the more flea-bitten party here. Effing scumbags all the way around. Shooting of 52nd episode wrapped up 2 weeks ago, even got to shave my beard off. Great work as always Nonnie. Death taxes and your blog my friend.

    • hey cap’n! 😀

      i don’t think there are any dogs in this scenario. dogs are sweet and smart and loyal. these people are vermin.

      how many episodes in one season? 52 sounds like a lot, but i don’t know how these things go with kids’ programming. do you get a vacation now?

  5. Since the month of August is almost over, can we assume the brits will get their month long vacation behind them and start nailing some of these creeps. And maybe our DOJ will decide buying off people in US criminal cases to not be kosher. The only way I can see to end this is let those big white balloon things loose and send them all to The Village.

    • i hope that, while their bosses were on vacation, that the mps’ staffs were digging up all the dirt that they could on uncle rupie. everyone other than the conservatives have every incentive, unless they’re owned by uncle rupie, too. i bet there are a lot of nervous politicians in britain. as for this side of the pond, there are so many politicians who have every reason to despise uncle rupie, roger ailes, and faux news. however, many have been shown to cower in fear rather than attack. oh, how i miss anthony wiener! he would have gone after them with a vengeance.

  6. HAH! Having to pay for his own lawyers finally did him in it seems. 😆 I don’t care how the info was gleaned from this jerkwad, I am just glad it was..but..I don’t see him naming any top brass if he can get away w/it. Do you m’dear?

    And i would really like to say I have become a big fan of Neon Vincent’s blog, whom I found from his comments here. So thank you, if I haven’t done that already! 😉

    • dusty, my sistah! ♥

      i see this asswipe shitting in his pants, because he has a choice as to whether to lie to parliament or piss off uncle rupie. rock and a hard place! don’t forget that others know who are guilty, so if he lies, he won’t get away scott-free. i think uncle rupie and jamesy wamesy are making a bit of a mess in their pantaloons, too. they were able to buy mulcaire’s silence before, but they were embarrassed into cutting him off. you can bet they weren’t paying his legal bills for altruistic reasons.

      neon vincent rocks. what took you so long getting there, dusty? 😉

  7. jeb

    What a dick.