Darrell-iction of Duty


On Thursday, the New York Times responded to a demand for a retraction from Oversight Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) office regarding a major piece published two weeks ago about Issa’s many conflicts of interest between his congressional work and his vast financial holdings. In the letter, Dean Baquet, the assistant editor of the paper, debunked claims of factual inaccuracies listed by Issa spokesman Frederick Hill.

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The letter, worth reading in its entirety, demolishes what’s left of Issa’s demand for a retraction:

#1) Issa Claim: “Directed Electronics is, in fact, not a supplier to Toyota.”

NYT Response: Issa not only calls himself an “auto supplier” to Toyota on multiple occasions, but his Directed Electronics company has licensing agreements with Toyota for aftermarket parts including car alarms, an iPod adapter, and a remote start interface. The Times then lists Issa’s continued financial ties to the company he once led as an executive.

#2) Issa Claim: A golf course is not visible from one of Issa’s corporate office towers.

NYT Response: The office building overlooks the Shadowridge County Club only a quarter a mile away, and Issa’s realty agency for the building advertises “direct views to golf driving range.”

#3) Issa Claim: “Rep. Issa does not have investments dependent on Goldman Sachss (sic) performance.”

NYT Response: “Your interest in Goldman’s performance is borne out by, among other factors, your extensive holdings in its mutual funds, your investigation into the lawsuit brought against the firm by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008, and the concerns raised in your July 2011 letter about the impact on Goldman of capital requirements. As was noted in a follow-up column by one of our news columnists, Floyd Norris, Goldman Sachs also underwrote DEl’s initial I.P.O., another indication of the ties between you and the firm.” (ThinkProgress has also reported on Issa’s extensive ties to Goldman Sachs here, here, and here.)

#4) Issa Claim: The discussion of earmarks on West Vista Way “fails to mention that at the time he sought funding for his district he did not own this property.”

NYT Response: As the story noted, you secured two earmarks for the road, before and after you bought the property. (ThinkProgress debunked Issa’s claim about his earmark in April, but Issa continued to try to deceive the press.)

Notably, the Heritage Foundation blog, one of the few outlets still questioning the Times’ reporting, has received donations from Issa’s charity foundation.

(Entire New York Times response at THINK PROGRESS link)


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19 responses to “Darrell-iction of Duty

  1. He’s a liar, a crook and a shit bag.

  2. John Erickson

    Holy Cow! A GOPer who actually lied? And tried to maintain said lies? 😯 Whoda thunk it?

  3. jeb

    The NYT expects a Rethug to tell the truth? Don’t they know that in the Rethug mindset, it’s only a lie if you admit it’s a lie?

    Speaking of Rethug liars, anyone seen the latest flap about Shooter’s new book? I saw a comment on a news story quoting Cheney saying that his book would cause “Heads to explode.” The commenter asked if that meant that Shooter was taking them hunting.

    • i bet issa would love to call the editors of the times in for an interrogation. too bad about that whole freedom of the press thing. 😆

      as for deadeye dick, i hope the head that explodes is his own. it doesn’t seem like anyone is afraid of him anymore, and they’re dissing him as much as he dissed them.

  4. What? Someone in Capitol Hill lied? And a committee chair to boot? How come on … and getting money & favors? I don’t believe it.

  5. Please! Step away from Darrell Issa!*

    * He recorded the “Please step away from the car”, warning for DEI’s signature product, the Viper car alarm

  6. For such a tough guy, he sure seems thin skinned over foo-foo stuff. What ever happened to that old car thief bravado. Or he could go back to being a gunman. Or just hold out for that coveted Kabul embassy job, get in with Karsi’s brother and corner the narcotic trade and make enough gold that you could say with confidence: “fuck the republican party”!

  7. This is an example why the saying “never get in an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel” exists. Not only that, but the NYT can afford good lawyers, too.

    • i never heard that saying before, but how true it is. that’s why so many people are scared of uncle rupie.

      • Note that the people most inclined to argue with Uncle Rupie also buy ink by the barrel–non-News-Corp British newspapers and the N.Y. Times–or have ink’s virtual equivalent in electrons–MSNBC, Current TV, Media Matters, and Crooks and Liars. Even the White House has its own YouTube channel.