Shecky Bachmann

From JOHN NICHOLS at THE Nation:

Borrowing a page from Pat Robertson, whose 1988 Republican presidential run stumbled when his own partisan allies became ill at ease with too much mixing of religion and politics, Michele Bachmann seems to be making the wrath of God an issue in the 2012 GOP presidential race.

After last week’s East Coast earthquake and then the havoc wrecked by Hurricane Irene, the Minnesota congresswoman told a Florida crowd: “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ ”

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That’s a clear turn toward the biblical by the already reasonably biblical Bachmann, who has taken her “last days” turns. And it might be seen as an attempt to counter the rising strength of Texas Governor Rick Perry—who seems to be drawing the more wide-eyed members of the GOP base away from the congresswoman.

But, wait, the Bachmann campaign says she was just joking. “Obviously she was saying it in jest,” said campaign spokesperson Alice Stewart.

Jesting about an earthquake and a hurricane—a hurricane that has left at least two dozen people dead?


Don’t doubt that Bachmann wants it both ways: a “wrath of God” speech for the faithful and just a “jest” for the rest of the country.


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43 responses to “Shecky Bachmann

  1. afrankangle

    MB wears her religion on her sleeve, yet she expects us to believe it was her humor. Even if so, consider it a poor choice of words.

    BTW ,,,, love the title of this one.

    • if she meant what she said, then she’s a fanatical asswipe. if she was kidding, then she’s an insenstivie asswipe. quite a choice, huh? i wonder if marcus writes her material just like he picks out her wardrobe. by the way, i read today that her makeover (just hair and makeup, not the botox) cost $4700 (and that was just june). but heaven forbid that anyone points that out, because that would be sexist. it’s only okay to make fun of john edwards’s $400 haircut. 🙄

  2. She looks like she’s getting it back ways from Pat Robertons. 😯

  3. Sounds kind of like when Glenn Beck said God was sending Japan a message via tsunami.

    • hello cdpung,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      it’s not surprising that they all sound alike since they’re all reading from the same frank luntz/koch brothers fax. they get their talking points every morning.

  4. John Erickson

    So, if God is trying to get the attention of the US and its’ liberal government, then why is Canada (with a conservative government) getting plastered?
    (Don’tcha just HATE when facts get in the way of a good spiel?) 😀

  5. Bachmann in one of Streisand’s signature roles. I don’t know whether to snork or hork at the idea. I don’t think either would be a good idea, as I’m eating dinner with Inspired as I type this.

    Your choice of casting Bachmann as a cross between Streisand and Shecky Green becomes even more apt, considering this article from New York Magazine, which has the tag “Fun-raising.”
    Some Really Oblivious Jews Think Michele Bachmann Is Jewish

    This is proof that reality has no editor.

  6. jeb

    Ha Ha Ha! Disaster humor is so funny except when it’s biblically serious.

  7. See! I told you it was just a matter of time before Bachmann goes off script.
    Her Elvis & John Wayne (Gacy) remarks were just warm ups. ….

    But just to demonstrate her per-fessionalizzzm, she added that drilling for oil in the Everglades is a good idea. What does she care about 7 million Floridians drinking water source.

    Ahh but you captured it all in the first response…
    “if she meant what she said, then she’s a fanatical asswipe. if she was kidding, then she’s an insenstivie asswipe. quite a choice, huh?”

    An asswipe anyway you look at it.

    • i don’t think she was off-script. she’s a batshit crazy fanatical imbecile, but she’s very disciplined. she said what she meant to say, and it wasn’t her self-proclaimed “great sense of humor.” she was talking to the fundies, and her people forgot that others might be listening.

  8. elizabeth3hersh


  9. “Take my wife….please!” Or how a dog person demonstrates their cat skills. Sure get sick of these fundies going to great lengths to show us how to live by the old testament. I demand that BB, Parry, and Klondike Kardashian have a tongue-off and settle this matter once a for all who is divine and have the two losers withered by the almighty. Put it on pay-per-view…I’d pay a dollar to see it.

  10. okjimm

    Well… Minnesota is the land of a thousand lakes…. and more than a few loons

  11. 😆 That was really good. I love his tie.

  12. jean-philippe

    Poor, poor Barbara… Her facelift is gonna crack if she sees that…

  13. Maybe she is right. Perhaps Bachmann and the Republicans would do well to reread the parts of the Book of Isaiah that talk about caring for the orphans and widows in society, and for that matter, reread most of Christ’s teachings as well, and then come back and tell us what this sign from God might mean. (That would explain conservative Virginia getting hit, too)

  14. One of my Christian blogger friends suggested that Bachmann had a point … but that God was mad about the threats to destroy the social safety net.

    I hate when people start trying to make up what God is saying by natural disasters. It’s un-Biblical and stupid.

    Maybe the earthquake happened because the earth has these tectonic plates that move, sometimes causing tremors. And hurricanes happen when air systems blend with water. I know, I know … that’s crazy talk.

  15. michele
    Gai kukken afen yam