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As ThinkProgress reported Thursday, a Richmond, Virginia-area Holiday Inn abruptly canceled room and event ballroom reservations made by progressive groups that had planned to hold a “jobs rally” countering House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) event at the same hotel Wednesday evening.

holidayinnericcantorOriginal advertisement

After they were removed, the groups held a protest outside the hotel. Holiday Inn’s corporate owner, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), did not comment on the incident before publication yesterday, but today IHG responded, saying the protesters were removed from Holiday Inn property out of concerns for employee and guest safety:

IHG is aware of the protest that occurred at the Holiday Inn Richmond Koger South Conference Center. This hotel is independently owned and operated. IHG does not dictate local hotel operating policy for such franchised properties other than to require all hotels bearing its trademarks to comply with all federal, state and local laws, including laws regarding peaceful protests. The group in question was asked to leave the hotel due to concerns for the safety and security of hotel guests and employees. When the group returned to lead a protest, the hotel cooperated with authorities, who requested that the protestors leave the hotel property. All further inquiries should be directed to the Chesterfield County Police Department.

Unfortunately, the statement fails to address why or how the groups’ reservations were a threat to public safety. The groups’ rally was planned for a ballroom in a separate portion of the hotel, and they planned to invite Cantor to speak to the group and listen to their concerns. After they were removed, the protesters assembled out of the hotel’s sight range, across the street and a shopping center parking lot from where the hotel is located. Upon marching to the hotel, they appeared to comply with law enforcement requests throughout the protest. According to police, there were no arrests made during the protests.


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  1. I’m not a U.S. Representative, but I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.


    This reminds me of the time Cantor said his office was shot at. It turned out to be a stray bullet, not one aimed at his office.

    • i was thinking of that commercial as i was making the poster.

      widdle ewic is such a chickenshit. heaven forbid he might have to actually meet his constituents and answer to them (you know, do his friggin’ job!). he calls himself and his buddies ‘young guns,’ but they’re more like middle-aged water pistols filled with warm piss.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    What does his pin say (around the periphery)?

  3. Reminds me of the Republican Ntl Convention’s “Freedom Cages” where protestors were allowed to gather in a fenced area many blocks away from the convention venue.
    What a scene that was throngs of people in the streets. Jack Booted riot police raided homes of ordinary people. Bush2 & Cheney were afraid to even come near this mass protest. Joe Lieberman was @ the podium, pitching the Gramps McCain & Palin ticket.
    What a fiasco & sad state of affairs this country is in.

    Now we have Cantor making sure those people talking about jobs are removed from the site.
    Maybe they ‘scared widdle Ewwwick?

    • not just the convention. the rethugs have been avoiding the public since chimpy’s inauguration. remember how he drove down the street? he didn’t walk down the street like all the other presidents did. that was before 9/11, so he can’t use that as an excuse.

      • That’s right! People turned their backs on him in that parade, & I believe a few fresh eggs were pitched towards him too. The stolen election.
        In the years that followed, “Public” gatherings were all pre screened, only those who agreed with the GOP doctrine (true red?) were allowed to attend. Dick Cheney made a rare appearance here (in a private airport hanger), had someone arrested for wearing a t shirt that was not supportive. The wearer said “no” or “lies” in the course of the speech & attendees got physical (as in punches thrown) & the person hauled off to jail.

        In Cantor’s case, the idea that Americans addressing the issue of jobs is disruptive & offensive & a security risk says a whole lot, Eh?
        Let them eat asphalt!

        Besides is Cantor slipping? The Holiday Inn is a low grade venue for such an aristocRAT. You would think he only frequents 5 $tar venue$.

  4. I was wondering how long it would take you to bring token down a few notches. He sort of gives the impression that it’s “his” money being taken away to give all those bums and slackers in the diasaster zones. His imitators in NY and other places aren’t doing so well with this message. He even disgraces the word cantor, a vital and respected member of the temple. He should change it to grubber instead. He is not a credit to his race.

  5. elizabeth3hersh

    Even though I am a long time atheist, I adore and revere Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Eric Cantor is a dear friend of his and he recently wrote an article defending his honor. It is a very compelling piece and I agree with so much of what he wrote.

    Sorry to post another link, but as I mentioned, this one was particularly compelling and I thought he had a valid viewpoint. I wish we had a candidate with the charisma and common sense of Rabbi Boteach!

    • what was compelling? that he knows widdle ewic, and he likes him, so what everyone else sees is an illusion? well, people who live next door to serial killers for years only saw nice, quiet men who kept to themselves. remind me, did the rabbi flip his yarmulke over the budget when chimpy was giving tax cuts to the rich?

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Why don’t you take a little time off from the adoration and read some of the comments to that “compelling piece”?

    • “we want America to be a compassionate country that takes care of the needy at home” We do?? I don’t get that impression.

      I remember seeing an interview with Rabbi Boteach a few years back–I believe it had to do with Michael Jackson, who was also one of the Rabbi’s friends. In the interview, he seemed like a very nice guy. But I think his personal friendship with Eric may have blinded him somewhat. Also, the Rabbi seems to be someone who likes to be friends with the rich and with celebrities–I wonder if he can really relate to the financial problems people in this country are having.

      Also….Cantor, saving the country from the brink of financial calamity. I wonder if Rabbi Boteach understands that if the corporations are allowed to continue to grow their power like they are, with no restrictions, our country will be in much greater calamity….?

      • good points, bratty one. he’s like the forrest gump of judaism.

        • elizabeth3hersh

          Speaking from the trenches here and not from a podium at Berkeley (on a very visceral level), if I had the time I would write a letter titled ‘The Demonization of Shmuley Boteach,’ Yes, he has been a rabbi to the stars so to speak, but that is because they are drawn to him (he does not seek them out) and as I recall, he distanced himself from Jackson after he got to know him on more intimate terms. Really no different than the rock star status congregants bestowed upon Lubavitcher Rabbi Lipskar of Bal Harbour, FL. We all loved him even when he did dangerously meander into scientific territory. Boteach (pronounced Bo-ta’-ach [like you are clearing your throat]) published his letter in the Huffington Post since he felt those readers most needed to hear what he had to say. Of course, the comments ran 10-to-1. I am back to square one: why can’t people have an opposing viewpoint without being vilified?

          • why is it vilification if we just happen to disagree with him? i think the rabbi’s time would be better spent defending the people who are being vilified by widdle ewic and his buddies. they’ve blamed seniors, union members, and workers for the economic predicament we are all in while praising and protecting those who got us in this mess. the rabbi picked a side, and i believe that he picked the wrong one. i think he picked the wrong side in the michael jackson affair, too. he also praised chimpy for his deep-seated morality. that tells me that he’s not a very good judge of character, so i dismiss his ringing endorsement of widdle ewic.

            • elizabeth3hersh

              Okay, but would you trust your baby with him (perhaps I am setting the bar too low)? I finally get ‘widdle ewic’…I don’t know why that was so hard to pick up on since I use baby talk all the time at home (my ‘babies’ are teens).

              • i honestly don’t know enough about him to answer whether or not i’d trust my baby with him. well, my “baby” could pick him up in the air and throw him, so in that sense, yes i would. of course, my “baby” is a very compassionate and peaceful person, so he would never resort to bodily harm. however, my “baby” would also be able to argue him under the table and would out-compassion him in a heartbeat (not sure who raised him), so the question is: would you trust your rabbi with my “baby”? 😉

            • Snoring Dog Studio

              Right on, nonnie. He isn’t a good judge of character and it’s clear that he’s more of the same Republicans we’re dealing with today. It was easy to dismiss his “personal” endorsement.

              • a religious title doesn’t give you any better insight into people. if the rabbi talked more about feeding the poor and helping the unemployed, rather than counseling jon gosselin and michael lohan just so that he can stay in the news, i’d have more respect for what he says. if he wants to be a media star, that’s fine. however, don’t use the title of rabbi in order to do so. being a rabbi isn’t a shtick, it’s a calling. the same goes for priests, ministers, imams, and any other religious leader. i can’t stand when people on al sharpton’s show call him reverend al. he’s not there in a religious capacity; he’s acting as a political commentator. leave the title in the dressing room.

                • elizabeth3hersh

                  This brings me back to back to Ruth Bader Ginsburg being BFFs with Antonin Scalia. I would find a dinner party FAR MORE enjoyable with 4 Ginsburgs and one Scalia than five Ginsburgs (or vice versa). That’s why Ann Coulter is always on my A-list party invitees (besides, I would love to see her drunk). And that, my friends, puts Ginsburg squarely in the Bourdain camp.

                  From Shmuley Boteach’s Guide to the Values-Filled Life

                  “The country’s current political stalemate is a result not of conflicting views, but rather a lack of appreciation by both groups for the other’s necessity and redeeming values. All we hear about is Right and Left, Republican and Democrat. The political divisions are painful and unnecessary. Each side demonizes the other. Why can we not learn from Moses not merely to tolerate the existence of a different sheep in our flock, but to understand why that sheep is essential for the collective? What stultifying boredom would engulf the world if we were all of the same mind or heart?”

                  • elizabeth3hersh

                    P.S. I think you have all figured out I am ‘that sheep’…well, sort of. 🙂

                  • it’s fine that rbg is bffs with scalia. i’m sure he’s very nice and respectful to her and that they have lively conversations. does that mean i have to like him, too?

                    i love to argue. i don’t like doing it much on the internets, because too much typing makes my wrists hurt. even though we disagree on a lot of things, elizabeth, i still like you. that’s because you’ve shown me reasons to like you, despite our disagreements. widdle ewic has never shown me any reason why i should like him. if he lived next door to me, i might think he’s a nice guy. however, all i can judge him by is what he says and what he does. i don’t like what he says, and i don’t like what he does. therefore, i don’t like him. it’s that simple.

                    i’m all for having 2 sides to a debate. however, i want both sides to be firmly planted in reality. watching gov little ricky goodhair tonight made me very sad for the country that someone as willfully ignorant–or maybe it’s not willful, maybe he’s just stupid–could be in the position he’s in and that anyone could even consider voting for him for president.

                    • elizabeth3hersh

                      I agree with everything you wrote. EVERYTHING. I feel the same about Perry. I guess most folks can’t relate to Ivy Leaguers and progressive thinking, hence, Perry, et al.

                      P.S. I like you too. A lot. You are the Queen of Quips. 🙂


                      The ‘Black Sheep’

          • I’m not vilifying him, I’m just saying he might not be able to relate to the average non-celebrity person’s problems. I think it’s because times are so hard right now, that I’m getting very tired of hearing wealthy and comfortable people saying things like “Of course we want to be compassionate towards the poor, BUT…” usually followed by some proposal to gut their retirement or some such thing.

            And I do think it’s gotten to the point where I’ve become petty and mean about it. But my pettiness comes from anger and fear about what’s happening to us, or about to happen to us. I still think the Rabbi can’t relate to that fear.

            • bratty one, you said exactly what i wanted to say. i stumbled all over the place, but you hit the nail right on the head.

            • elizabeth3hersh

              Thank you for your very nice comments. I saw Boteach on the Joy Behar show recently. He was arguing for the concept of ‘pure evil’ whereas his sparring partner, a Catholic priest, argued for mental illness or a neurological component that was the genesis of evil. The visceral side of me sided with Boteach, but the scientific side begrudgingly conceded to Father whoever-he-was. I still find Shmuley lovable and feel compelled to defend his honor. I love this blog because it gives me a fresh perspective and I want to understand your point of view.

  6. gregg

    The Rabbi Shmuley makes a great case, a great case for taxing all religious organizations. Cantor also makes a great case, a great case for teaching your dog to piss on Republican Congress Critters legs.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        Yes, I did read the comments and can only assume that most readers have never heard of Boteach, have never read any of his books (‘Kosher Sex’ perhaps his best known), heard him speak, listened to a talk he gave, watched him work magic as a counselor or broke bread (in this case matzo) with him. They know nothing of his values, his sacrifices, his mission to unite, and not engage in divisiveness. The man is a bona fide tzadik. You can trust him with your babies, and in my case, I could trust him with my life, AND if I could choose five people to be at my deathbed, Rabbi Boteach would be at the top of my list (remember I am an atheist).

        What makes you so sure your ideology is right? My oldest daughter and I butt heads on a regular basis on this issue (‘rightness’). She is passionate about her beliefs as in Barbra Streisand ‘The Way We Were’ passionate. There is a certain smug superiority and certitude to her ‘rightness’ (and passion), often accompanied by sneering, condescension and ridicule to those who don’t share her beliefs. It distresses me greatly. It is my job as a parent to get her to see the humanity in people, not see viewpoints as ironclad, and more importantly to persuade and educate instead of sneering (and be open to persuasion and education by others who may have had vastly different experiences).

        There was a lot of gratuitous sneering at Boteach’s letter. Why can’t personal responsibility and the elimination of waste and fraud be part of the equation? A recap of his points:

        The gov’ has been spending irresponsibly
        He knows Cantor personally and can vouch for Cantor the mensch
        Lots of people are fed up with undisciplined politicians
        “We’re tired of being pawns in a game of vote-buying by political figures appealing to special interests” (Boteach’s own words)
        Finally, he calls for restraint in governmental spending, and more personal responsibility

        You may not agree with anything he said, but he still has a valid viewpoint and deserves a spot at the metaphorical negotiating table.

        Anthony Bourdain was on the Bill Maher show recently (8/5). He explained to Bill how he could find commonality with just about anyone (KGB counter-intelligence chiefs, Cuban functionaries, Muslims, former Viet-Cong cadres, etc.) and that included having a sit-down meal and even being friends with Ted Nugent. I guess I sit squarely in the Bourdain camp and that is certainly the direction I would like to take my daughter.

        P.S. Neil de Grasse Tyson was also on the panel. My money is on him also being agreeable to have a sit-down with Nugent (as to a follow-up visit, who knows?). There would be no sneering.

        • elizabeth,

          i think a lot of people are very frustrated, because all these people are crawling out of the woodwork to wring their hankies over the debt and spending and waste and fraud, but they were either totally complicit and/or totally silent when it occurred during the chimpy administration. was there a corporation more schooled in waste and fraud than halliburton? was there even a peep about money wasted in attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11? when widdle ewic, the mensch, voted for almost every penny chimpy wanted for 8 years, did the good rabbi write any editorials saying that widdle ewic was not a mensch then? ever since obama took office, and even before then, the democrats have not even gotten enough respect from the other side to warrant being called the democratic party. instead, they say democrat party, only to be nasty. they have opposed every single thing that obama has proposed, even when they proposed it first, and the rabbi’s little buddy is a prime mover and shaker in that. so, when someone, even a rabbi, tries to tell us what fabulous person ewic cantaw is, i take it with a huge lump of kosher salt.

          • elizabeth3hersh

            Nice analysis nonnie…seems fair and well thought out. I appreciate the time taken to respond and counterpoint.

            Lol…”huge lump of kosher salt.”…that’s the nonnie I love!!

  7. jeb

    A true man of the people (very rich people). I hope his constituents take notice on election day but they probably won’t.

  8. i cant believe that most of america does not see what is going on – and how each of these types of moves takes us one step closer to “non-democracy” (i was gonna say something else…)

    but as long as we are constantly entertained….

    • so sad that a lot of people only start paying attention when they’ve found themselves out of work, out of a home, or shit out of luck. then they wonder how they got there.

  9. John Erickson

    Interesting. I was grazing the various news this morning, and nary a peep.The closest we came was yet another peek at the ongoing Palin antics.
    I’d find this eminently entertaining, if I was sure all these yahoos would go off somewhere and implode. It scares me …. breathless that one of these jerks might actually weasel their way into the White House. Normally I’d say the electorate is too clever to fall for their bull, but then I see the pro-Palin crowds.
    No wonder NASA has cut back on space probes to find life on other worlds. We’re still trying to find intelligence down here…..

    • John Erickson

      Er… present company DEFINITELY excluded, of course. 😀

      • that’s why i like to check sources like talking points memo and think progress, as well as sites like plunderbund, which is state-specific. they cover stories that you won’t see in the national newspapers. the msm is too busy covering snooki and whatever princess sarah is up to.

  10. Oh! BTW love both closing lines on the poster.
    As for the Holiday Inn corporate statement, the “employee safety” concern is probably that their employees would realize they get a piss poor wage and or fear of union talk. They MUST be censored, I mean protected!

    • good thinkin’, fran! it hadn’t occurred to me that they didn’t want their employees getting too pushy. i just figured that they know widdle ewic, and he asked them to remove the unwashed masses so they wouldn’t make him poop his pants.

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    Yes, progressive groups, clamoring for jobs and a rational economic and budgeting policy are a dangerous lot of firebrands.

    I read as much as I could of the “adored and revered” Rabbi’s ode to the wonderful and saintly Cantor. But I gagged a lot and had to quit.

    • how dare people ask for jobs, decent working conditions, a fair wage, and a shot at the american dream! don’t they know that the founders intended this to be a country run by and run for the rich?

  12. Just for contrast, look at how Gov. Christie droped the facade this week and acted like someone who actually gives a shit. Even praised state workers efforts in the disaster. Even stood ther with Obama and acted like a concerned human being. ps-read the rabbi link, seems he is 100% in favor of the congressman and the page of comments was 100% negative. Just sayin’.