Haley’s Vomit

From scnow (editorial):

Four hundred thirty bucks a night (each!) for hotel rooms.

Fifteen hundred in airfare.

A $25,000 party.

Rooftop dining on a balmy June night in old Paree.

Bill Gates’ most recent business trip?

The new Real Housewives of Europe reality show?


Those are all items from S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s trip to Paris earlier this summer, where she and her entourage, which included State Senator Hugh Leatherman of Florence, racked up $127,000 (and counting) in bills, some of which will be paid by the taxpayer, according to some dogged reporting by the Charleston Post & Courier.

thelasttimeisawparis-1Original DVD cover

This was no “junket,” in the most perverse sense of that term. The governor and company were in Paris for the famed Paris Air Show, an every-other-year event that brings aviation industry leaders and their potential customers together for a week of aircraft demonstrations and big deal schmoozing. South Carolina had good reason to be there. In fact, some real questions should be asked if state representatives hadn’t been on hand. The opening of Boeing’s 787 plant in Charleston, S.C. means that the state is suddenly a Mecca for the aircraft industry because Boeing is an international giant in that business.


But $127,000?


[R]ecruiting business is an undeniably valuable and necessary function of government and government-like organizations. Triple the current size of state’s air show tab and you’re still not talking about much when it comes to economic development. Yeah, it was in Paris and they party — a reception for Boeing officials — did cost $25,000. But that is just the cost of doing this kind of business. And this kind of business is worth doing. Boeing is expected to create 3,800 new direct jobs and the consultant Miley & Associates estimates the state’s annual tax take at just more than $90 million per year.

So we understand all this. Prominent people, elected officials, trip to Paris, thousands spent … and millions or billions in return.


What we don’t understand is the fumbling and bumbling of Haley, Haley’s office, Commerce Secretary Bobby Hitt and others trying to explain all this last week when the Post & Courier called. What? A newspaper (and by extension, the citizens of a state) are upset at lavish spending by state officials while on a trip to …. Paris!? We’re shocked. You’ve caught us off guard!

How can that be? The median household income in South Carolina is just more than $40,000 (according to the Census) and something like a third of the state’s citizens live in poverty or something that looks a whole lot like it. Forty thousand is a good year for those folks, but you can barely throw a good Paris party for that amount.


[T]he stonewalling of some officials, the governorin particular,  made it worse. “No comment,” when the question is “what about that $127,000 trip to Paris?” sounds a lot like zee, how do you say … han-kee pan-kee in zee city of lights, oui?

Leatherman, and the North East Strategic Alliance’s Jeff McKay, had no problem explaining their trip. They went to France, worked hard, and yes, spent some serious cash. Was it worth it? Absolutely, said Leatherman. Of course, said McKay.

That’s the spirit. In the corporate recruiting business, you have to make the scene. You may even have to play the role of the big spender.

And, you have to fess up and be ready to take a hit or two when you land back home, safe and sound, wearing an “I (heart) Paris” t-shirt.

There’s nothing wrong with that. …

… Unless, of course, there really is something wrong with that.


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23 responses to “Haley’s Vomit

  1. jeb

    Well gee, it’s not like the $2M per day that Obama spends when he travels. Right Michelle?

  2. John Erickson

    Schmoozing is fine. We spent some SERIOUS bucks at some of the sci-fi cons I helped run, keeping guests happy and encouraging them to bring their fellow actors next year (Brit actors, mostly). And yes, we on Con-Com stayed in the Convention hotel – usually a Hyatt or Hilton.
    But we didn’t throw OURSELVES lavish parties, we tended to live like … well, desperate fans (changes of underwear only, lots of fast food), and we were straight with our financial supporters.
    The sums, even for Paris, sound a bit extravagant, and the lack of forthrightness is … tres interesting, no?

    • ‘zactly, john. don’t scrimp on the ones you’re trying to impress, but don’t spend a penny more than you have to on yourselves.

      it’s not only the lack of forthrightness, but the arrogance. they think they can say that everything is okay, and everyone is supposed to believe them. i wonder what the real total is going to be.

  3. I can hear the editorial writer’s eyes rolling all the way over here in Michigan. He’s doing his best to defend Darling Nikki and he still makes it quite clear she’s handling the whole affair badly.

  4. Let them eat croissants????

    She ees living high on z hog!

  5. How will they keep Namrata down on the farm, now that she’s seen Paree. All the mfgs like the south where 10 bucks an hour is considered a high wage. And don’t you want to entrust your life to a plane built by low skill workers who can barely (or not at all) read……tried to watch the gopers but got distracted by big ass fire up north in one of the canyons. Drove up the hill and watched the S-2s, four of them, do air drops. Lead story on Sac-news tonight. Got back and listened to them all (except Paul) promise new and larger ponies. They will still only deliver horseshit. Would have been better show if they spent all the time showing us that VC-137 hogging the room.

    • is that her real name? i meant to google, and i forgot.

      are the fires out? i hope so. that’s so scary.

      i found the debate more entertaining than most. i skipped the tribute to blowjob nancy. i don’t have the stomach or enough curse words to watch that. i used up my entire arsenal watching the prez’s speech tonight. i liked his speech, but every time they showed the rethugs glued to their seats, i screamed every epithet you can think of at them. it’s a good thing the walls are thick and my neighbors don’t hear me (which is a bad thing, too, because if i ever scream for help, they won’t hear that either). i have to stop watching stuff like that, because i had a sore throat before i watched, and it hurts a lot more now.

      • Yes, Namrata is her Sihk name…the canyon fire got contained, CalFire are very professional….debate proved two distinct things: Paul has lost his mind, flyboy Parry is still a Pilate….speech was good and forcefull, but kept being distracted by the tanman who had l look on his face that was saying either (1) I really need to go take a shit..or…(2) Wow, that tab of acid is really kicking in now…!

  6. gregg

    I forgot that this Emelda Marcos wannabe was in the game of American politics. She shoulda taken Palin, Angel, Bachmann and O’Donnell with her. They might have been able to get Sarkozy to put jets packs on them and go to one of Silvio’s special parties over in Italy. But first they would have to call Uncle Rick for fresh bibles and gardasil shots.

    • 😆 the housewives of the rethuglican party do paris! as if europeans didn’t hate us enough now. i’d type more, but i’m still laughing over gardasil! 😆

  7. Golleeeee….. we have an awfully nice airshow here in beautiful downtown Wisconsin… http://www.airventure.org/ could a gotz a brat and a beer for $6.95

    • John Erickson

      If you go, see if you can swing by the EAA B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”, and tell her I said “Hi!”. She and I spent a romantic fog-shrouded night on an Aurora (Illinois) runway some years back. She’s a great lady!

      • okjimm

        John E… I have seen the Overcast several times in the past… this year I saw the B-29, ‘FiFi’ what a neat plane. I only live a few miles from the EAA and have attended the show too many times to count.. “Free Tickets”help

        • John Erickson

          The wife and I hit a lot of airshows in the 90s, first just on our own, then with the various re-enacting groups we were with. Most fun I had was a Friday at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, with laid-back security and a P-47 getting ready to go up. A security guy was concerned that I was standing behind (well clear) the aircraft, that I’d get a face full of smoke and exhaust. I told him that was EXACTLY the reason I was standing where I was. He walked away shaking his head. 😀 I spent several nights pulling guard duty (at my own request) at various airshows, that was how I spent the night with “Aluminum Overcast”. Man, I miss being able to travel! (Well, that and having money….)

    • and this is why you have the official beer-drinker’s opinion™, jimm.

  8. i can just Nikki walking down a staircase with her dress made from curtains….