Thursday, Dallas Morning News editor Bruce Tomaso asked, in a rhetorical sort of way, just what to make of the photos of Gov. Rick Perry getting in U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s face at this week’s GOP presidential debate.

The photo, taken during a commercial break and circulated by Reuters, shows Perry with one hand clutched on Paul’s wrist, and the other up in a reprimanding wag.


The Guardian ran a three-part series of photos from the moment, including a Godfather-like hand gesture and glare that Perry followed with after former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman stepped in to, possibly, break up the scrum.

Original DVD cover

As the Guardian pointed out, Paul rarely played the attack dog in his past campaigns, but his run of ads criticizing Perry’s record has thrown him right into a fight with the coyote scourge.

But Paul’s supporters have never needed much help to get fired up, and the photos of Perry trying to boss their man around are already circulating in emails — and requests for money — from Paul campaign backers.

“If you’ve seen the photos of Rick Perry after yesterday’s debate, it sure looks like he’s ready for a fight,” reads one email from Paul’s campaign. “Well, if that’s what Rick Perry wants, let’s give him one.”

The email goes on to ask for contributions to keep airing the Paul campaign’s ad saying Perry was Al Gore’s “cheerleader in Texas,” and that Paul was one of Ronald Reagan’s few early supporters.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner told The Washington Times Thursday that the photos simply show a “cordial conversation” between the two.

On Ron Paul forums and sites, though, Paul backers weren’t buying it. pointed out a figure identified as Paul’s bodyguard in one of the frames, ready to regulate, and at, the outrage came fast […]


Could the “Texas-size rivalry” revealed in the debate, when the two traded charges and counter charges, have become more heated during a commercial break? Even Paul’s supporters were worried that Perry had “assaulted” his elder fellow Texan.

Today Paul responded, revealing what really happened to a group of campaign supporters in California.


The truth, Paul said, is, “I don’t even recall the moment and I don’t remember exactly what he said. But we didn’t have any cross words.”

At least not during the break. He noted “the most challenging words” were said on stage during the debate.

You can see the photos here.  If they weren’t arguing, what was Governor Little Ricky Goodhair doing?  Asking Crazy Ron to dance?  Taking his pulse?  Maybe they were duking it out over who gets to take  Botox Batshit Bachmann home.


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32 responses to “Scrumbags

  1. John Erickson

    Um … Poster? It ain’t showing for me.

  2. John Erickson

    Got it now – and it’s great!
    Jon Stewart showed a bit of Paul’s ramble, when he ends with “maybe the (border) fence wasn’t put up to keep them (Mexicans) out, but to keep us in.” Stewart then states that Paul needs to be kept around because he’s the only one who realises that “we might want to flee to Mexico”.
    Cost of monthly subscription to Comedy Central: I have no idea.
    Value of Jon Stewart’s commentary: Priceless! 😀

    • oh good. i didn’t want to have to deal with the idiots at photobucket. it took me a week to get an answer out of them last time, by which i had already figured out my problem myself.

      jon stewart was great. i wish he’d have a live debate show. i think they did that one year. then again, maybe it was a live election show. whatevah. a running commentary would be awesome.

  3. jeb

    Ponzi is crazy. He’s unstable and he should be left in some diner ranting and not be considered the leading candidate for anything. I also really doubt that The Ponz was fighting for the chance to take Batshit Botox home. I don’t think SHE is his type.

  4. Would have loved to hear the conversation:

    Perry: How dare you give me, a fellow Texan shit on stage about HPV injections.
    Paul: STFU Mr. Executive order!
    Perry: I’ll kick your ass old man….
    Paul: You sir, ain’t no Ronald Reagan!
    Perry : You realihhhzzzze I am the decided for executions, don’t ya?

    • i think you give him too much credit. i don’t think gov little ricky goodhair is that articulate. i think he said something like, yer nuthin but a great big doodyhead, and if you get even a parkin’ ticket in texass, i’m gonna give ya one of them there lethal injectshuns.

      • meant to say *decider*.

        In any case, the body language of the exchange- with the finger wagging & in your face dynamics show there was not much love between the two.
        Perry was pissed.
        Since Perry has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, I hope they are screening the candidates, to make sure Perry does not go postal in a debate. We don’t need no stinkin’ old style Texas shootout.
        All involved political opponents should insist on a pat down for Perry.

  5. Interesting poster. Would have made belt buckle larger. Original artist doesn’t have a clue of how a gun belt works (bullets in front?)

    • i originally had the buckles larger, but it just didn’t look right. i was going to replace the bullets with teabags, but i didn’t even start the poster until after 6:30.

      i just got done spending over 2 hours erasing stories from the san jose mercury news from the raisin. there’s a revised list of newspapers not to use, and that was one of them. what a pain in the ass. nobody will probably even go back to the stories, but better safe than sorry.

      • That list is out of date. All of those were papers that were clients of Righthaven. Yesterday, MediaGroup announced that they were no longer going to initiate any suits using Righthaven.

        “The new chief executive of MediaNews Group, publisher of the Denver Post and 50 other newspapers, said it was “a dumb idea” for the nation’s second-largest newspaper chain to sign up with copyright troll Righthaven.

        The Denver-based publisher’s year-long copyright infringement litigation deal with Righthaven is terminating at month’s end, said John Paton, who replaced Dean Singleton to lead the company on Wednesday.”

        Stephens Media is still a client of the firm, but their suits are getting tossed out right and left, and the firm is circling the drain.

        Good riddance!

        • aww, jeez. i should always check with you first, neon vincent. i spent hours rewriting those posts so that they’d still make sense.

          suing bloggers never made a lot of sense to me. if anything, i would think they’d bring more attention to newspapers, which is what they desperately need. i know i’ve gone to papers that i’ve never even heard of when directed there by a blogger’s post.

          thanks so, so, so much for the info. it really is a great weight off my mind.

          • You’re welcome.

            Didn’t I tell you about this issue in the first place?

            • you might have. i was part of the copyright series over at the big orange a while back, but i believe the impetus for that series was the AP suing people for infringement of copyright. i think it was you who made me aware of the other papers following in the AP’s inky footsteps.

      • Don’t let the big guys get you down. If the heat comes down on you, I’ll hide you in the hills and we can live off the raisins gleaned from vineyards. It could always be worse like the case of Wycliff, who felt the common man might like to hear the Good News in English, and set to translating the Vulgate into tracts (biblia) that could be carried from town to town by preachers teaching the word. When Rome found out, they had agents all over Europe seeking out the “copywrite infringers” dealing harshly with the miscreants. They never captured him. After his death, the grave was sought and found and, by papal decree, they burned his body and fed the meat to dogs. This is why they are assholes.

  6. Your quick reaction continues to amaze me. Bring in Sarah to save the day!

  7. gregg

    Yeah whatever happened to the big Sarah bus tour? Maybe the bus was put in synchronistic orbit over Mount Ararat so she and Todd could make sure that Islamofacists from Iran don’t sneak over the Turkish border and “tag” it with images of their Sonny Bono look alike president.

  8. gregg

    “It” being of course Noah’s Ark. Never could deliver my lines well.

    • princess sarah’s bus has been running on fumes for some time now, but she has a few supporters left who give her a few drops of gasoline. if the press wasn’t so friggin’ lazy, they’d cover important stories instead of following that media whore all over the place.

  9. which one of the Hitler Youth standing on the stage last wednesday makes my skin crawl the least?

    if this is the best we can do – maybe it is time to take Perry up on his word and succeed

    • John Erickson

      Now, now, dCap, yopu shouldn’t call these4 guys “Hitler Youth”.
      The Hitler Youth did have SOME grasp on reality, and had their stuff together FAR better!

    • huntsman is the only one that doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of me, and i don’t think he has a shot. i think he might be thinking about 2016. maybe he thinks the goopers will have learned their lesson by then and kick the teabaggers to the curb.