10 Years

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. ~Robert Frost

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16 responses to “10 Years

  1. Oh yes it does … and we still get out of it what we put into it. … well, plus knowing how to learn for the past in order to make something better.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    Sweet, succinct…perfect.

  3. No snark, just stark. Never thought I would see a “Pearl Harbor” in my lifetime. More amazing, the call from radical types for a full blown crusade (the last five didn’t work out)….Just to show how unexpected lifes events can be, let me relate a fellows work that morning (from the book Among the Heros). He was working in a scrap metal yard that morning on the outskirts of Shanksville sorting metal when he heard something, looked straight up and saw a Boeing 757, inverted, fly right over him 50 feet off the ground. seconds later it impacted. So sad.

    • i wonder how the reaction to pearl harbor differed from that of 9/11. both were traumatic events in american history, but we all got to watch 9/11 happening in real time. it was so shocking to see it on tv that i cannot begin to imagine and don’t even want to imagine what it was like to actually be there.

  4. gregg

    Watched the replay of the video about the fire house in NYC made by those two french guys. It was updated with info about how some of the rescue workers are doing now and this whole thing about how the gument let them breath in that fucking air and told them it was OK REALLY got me pissed off. It seems possible that more firemen and so forth will die from the smoke than died in the attack. Where the fuck is that shithead Bush handmaiden Christine Todd Whitman? Probably riding a horse out in Tewksbury. A working class hero really is a hard thing to be.

    • i watched that movie a few years ago, and i don’t think i could watch it again. as for christine todd whitman, the bitch has a lobbying firm. she can burn in hell along with chimpy and deadeye dick, as far as i’m concerned.

  5. John Erickson

    “Life goes on”. Proof? Today is my 19th wedding anniversary – my 9th anniversary was spent at my home in the burbs, watching the TV in the aftermath, with one unique gift – a Chicago sky devoid of planes, for the first time in my life. A lousy gift I wish I could’ve returned.
    Celebrate today. Tell someone you love, that you love them. That’s the best gift you can give me. 😉

    • happy anniversary john!

      i don’t want and don’t expect anyone to forget 9/11, but i dearly hope that we don’t allow politicians and opportunists to force us to live in a state of perpetual mourning. vigilance is important, but paranoia isn’t helpful. pessimism will mire us in the past, while optimism will allow us to look forward and make things better.

  6. jean-philippe

    I don’t want to be a jerk but we’re borderline on Celine territory here.

  7. i wasnt going to watch anything – having lived through it, walked downtown and smelled the scent of evilness for weeks – life does go on

    i watched 102 min that changed america on the history channel – i was mesmerized i highly recommend it – it should be required viewing

  8. i watched some of the time magazine videos, but i refused to watch the ones with any of the members of chimpy’s administration. i’ve heard enough of their bullshit lies and distortions.

    for anyone who would like to watch 102 minutes, it’s posted at youtube. i’ll post it here, too. i’m going to watch it later on.

  9. Yes it does. We are a resilient people.

    • so many would not want us to think so. they want us cowering in fear while they tell us they are the only ones who can protect us. funny how it’s usually the same people who bitch about people wanting t a nanny state.