New details are emerging about a potential corruption investigation into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and his staff after FBI agents this week raided the home of Cindy Archer, who until last month was Walker’s deputy administration secretary. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that authorities last year launched a secret “John Doe investigation” into Walker’s time as Milwaukee County executive, looking into allegations that county staffers did political work while at work, and thus on the taxpayers’ dime.

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Milwaukee County prosecutors launched the investigation around the time Walker’s then-constituent services coordinator, Darlene Wink, quit, “after admitting that she was frequently posting online comments on Journal Sentinel stories and blogs while on the county clock,” the Journal Sentinel reported:

Nearly all of her posts praised Walker or criticized his opponents.

Authorities later took her work computer and that of Tim Russell, a former Walker campaign staffer who was then working as county housing director, and executed a search warrant of Wink’s home.


Authorities have already requested emails and other information from Walker’s campaign, and he hired former U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic after receiving the subpoena, the AP reported.


Archer has a new job in the state government, which she has yet to begin thanks to an extended sick leave. She is a political appointee, but she held a job that used to be a civil service position. Responding to the FBI raid, Democratic Assembly Leader Peter Barca introduced a bill yesterday to repeal a Walker-backed change that allowed the governor to fill civil service positions with political appointees, the AP reported.

There has already been one conviction relating to Walker’s campaign. A businessman supporter of Walker was sentenced to two years’ probation in July stemming from two felony convictions that of exceeding state campaign donation limits and laundering campaign donations to Walker and other state politicians.

You might want to read a bit more about Wanker Walker’s new mouthpiece.  Biskupic has a very interesting history, and he should know a lot about corruption.


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30 responses to “Raid!!!!!

  1. Guess Walker has to ring up the Kochs to make his next move. Man I hope he gets recalled.

  2. jeb

    Wanker possibly corrupt? I’m stunned. How could that possibly be? I wonder if he can be bought for $5K. We know Ponzi can’t because he said so.

  3. Where did they dredge this guy up from? He’s toxic.
    I hope they nail his corrupt ass to the wall & all his toadies too!

  4. Wanker can start counting the days left before the recall. Isn’t Minnesota the weasel state? And it is really strange that this is the only place I’ve ever lived that has no roaches, none! We do have long legged spiders.

    • weasel state–isn’t that wanker walker’s alma mater?

      there are no roaches where you live? i might move there just for that. spiders don’t bother me, especially daddy-long-legs.

  5. No, Walker is the Gov of Wisconsin…. the cheese head state.
    He IS the cheesy head of state, but hopefully not for long.

    • That occured to me after about a half hour after posting. Must be from lisenening to PHC on the radio yesterday….and it’s true, no roaches here in the Sierra foothills (more like foot mountains). A few earwigs, brown spiders, and lots of daddy spiders. And moles. Lots of them. If they ever change the flag, they should put a mole on it. We could be the “mole-hole” state.

  6. John Erickson

    Ya know, I could almost be proud of all this. Finally, the cheeseheads to the North have learned proper Chicago politics.But even “Da Mayor” on his worse day was never the waste of DNA this guy is on his BEST day!
    And Fran, I love your clarification. “Let’s get Walker, my pretties, AND his little lawyer too!” 😀

  7. Steve Biskupic? Ha! check out his brother, Vince….

    They are from my area, Vince and Steve…. and a notable DA called Joe Paulus…. who should be just getting out of jail Wisconsin has good cheese…. and it attracts ratz.

    • who knew that quiet wisconsin was such a hotbed of criminality? this is why i love that the raisinettes are from all over the country. i never would have heard all about this if you hadn’t told me, jimm. i had read about steve biskupic, but i didn’t know that the people he associates with are as despicable as he is.

  8. and this is a surprise? ALL of them are corrupt but americans just dont seem to care

  9. Why am I reminded of Spiro T. Agnew, who wasn’t indicted until more than four years had passed since he became VP? BTW, Agnew was also a county executive before becoming governor.

    • agnew, that’s the guy whose footprints you want to walk in. 🙄 amazing how he never went to jail. i guess he was the archetype for those who followed–nixon, chimpy, deadeye dick, rummy, etc.

      • i guess he was the archetype for those who followed–nixon, chimpy, deadeye dick, rummy, etc.

        Actually, Spiro Agnew was Nixon’s VP. The only reason we wound up with President Ford instead of President Agnew is because Agnew resigned before Nixon did.

        • hello vgranucci,

          welcome to the raisin! 😀

          i didn’t express myself very well. what i meant is that he was the template for the crooked politician who gets caught breaking the law and gets by with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. if you have powerful friends in this country, you don’t go to jail no matter what laws you break.