Ass Warfare

President Barack Obama:

Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare. Either we gut education and medical research, or we’ve got to reform the tax code so that the most profitable corporations have to give up tax loopholes that other companies don’t get. We can’t afford to do both. This is not class warfare. It’s math.

richierichOriginal DVD cover

John Bronzo the Clown Boehner:

I don’t think I would describe class warfare as leadership.

Senator Lindseypoo Graham:

When you pick one area of the economy and you say, ‘we’re going to tax those [rich] people because most people are not those people, that’s class warfare.

Eddie Munster Paul Ryan:

Class warfare […] may make for really good politics, but it makes for rotten economics. If you tax something more […], you get less of it. If you tax job [creators] more, you get less job creation. If you tax investment more, you get less investment.

Rush Fat Bastard Limbaugh:

Every tax increase he proposed and the justification for it scares me to death because it’s nothing more than the destruction of the engine that has defined and made this a great country. I don’t know how anyone could even argue about the fact that this is on purpose anymore. To boldly lie that it’s not class warfare? It is class warfare. Specifically and purposefully class warfare.

Faux News clown Steve Doocy:

So even though the president of the United States last Thursday said, you know, there’s not going to be any class warfare, once again, it is class warfare. It’s one of those soak the rich things, where if you make $200,000 or more, like Brian said, your itemized deductions when it comes to charitable things? Gonna be impacted. Your home mortgage? Impacted. Stuff like that.

This is nothing new, kids. Karl Rove (during the 2000 campaign):

Al Gore launched out, talking about populism, about class warfare, about powerful forces that were supposedly keeping us from making progress. I think this return to populism, this return to class warfare is a sign of the lack of a positive agenda by Gore. The Gore campaign understands it doesn’t have an agenda that makes it attractive. So rather than relying upon a positive agenda, they’re going to rely on a divisive class warfare tone. And that’s not helpful.


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40 responses to “Ass Warfare

  1. I’m glad to see President Obama take this one to the people. Then again, I’m not sure how much confidence I have on any sensible Republicans stepping forward. The choice is simple, raise income or cut benefits. By the way, I admire your guts because I would have never had the patience to find those quotes.

    • it’s about time the president realized that most people did not like his pandering to the rethugs. we all knew long ago that they would never support anything he wanted to do, even if it was stuff they had previously wanted to do themselves. the hell with them. they only care about “class warfare” when the classes they don’t like–the poor and middle class–fight back.

  2. John Erickson

    So, is there an actual dollar amount in Obama’s plan such as the $200,000 that Doofus .. er .. Doocy claims, or is that more GOP BS?
    By the way, LOVE the elephant in the logo at the top of the DVD cover. He looks remarkably like the elephant that dances across the screen at the start of Family Guy’s version of The Empire Strikes Back. SUSPICIOUSLY remarkably like…….. 😉

    • sara

      Last I saw it was one million or more, so it’s more Doocy/GOP crapola.
      I just wish someone would ask Paul Ryan why the job creators haven’t been creating jobs the last 12 years when their taxes have been the lowest in a century…….

    • i’ve been using that elephant for a long time. i made 2 versions of the mgm dvd, the capt underpants one and the elephant one. sometimes the elephant has a cross, and this time i added the $ sign. he usually isn’t holding anything. i think the family guy must have ripped me off. 😉

  3. Well, if there’s math, Obama can forget it. Republicans are the kids who hated studying. Why don’t they pray the debt away?

    • they hate math as much as they hate science. no wonder they want to get rid of the education department. they’re scared to death someone might get one! 😯

  4. but the republican congressman from Louisiana cant get by on $400K per year – and you, Mr President want to raise taxes!

    oh my

  5. jean-philippe

    I’d be curious to see if someone ordered to use these two words lately or if it’s only one big coincidence…

    • they’ve been using that phrase for years. they dust it off every time the poor and middle class seem like they’re fighting back. it probably polled well in a frank luntz focus group a couple of decades ago.

  6. This poster includes the most subtle example of you dressing Lindseypoo in drag. I had to look at the original to make sure.

  7. maggiejean

    I love John Boehner holding up his golf club. Just perfect nonnie. What asshats all. Many people have said that the only war Bush ever won was the war of the classes. As Elizabeth Warren noted George Bush gave tax cuts to the rich, started two unpaid for wars and gave a huge bonus to drug companies with the unpaid for Rx coverage for medicare totaling 4 trillion dollars. The classes who benefited: the rich directly, the rich through contracts for war and the rich through drug companies.

    • i love elizabeth warren, and i am so thrilled that she is beating nekkid scotty in the polls. she knows exactly how to frame the debate, not just in massachusetts, but for the whole country. the rethugs might live to regret not approving her to be the head of the consumer financial protection bureau, because she just might do them more harm running for the senate that she would have in that position. karma has a sense of humor.

      • Ordinarily, I believe on principle that I should stay out of Congressional races in other states. It’s just how I see things.

        I’m seriously considering sending a donation to Elizabeth Warren, because she’s a frickin’ genius and genuinely interested in public service. The Senate needs her.

        • the country needs her! she’s fabulous!

          • I really wanted her to be chairing the consumer protection commission, but the Senate might be even better.

            The Republicans might have stonewalled and kept her out of the bureaucracy, but I really hope that she makes them regret that move.

            • i think they might already regret it, because she’s got a great message that appeals to a lot of people, and now she has a platform from which to deliver it. the media wouldn’t have given her a lot of camera time and attention if she was just the head of an agency. now that she’s a candidate, she’ll be on tv and in the papers all the time.

  8. Nonnie are you suggesting the Koch brothers should be run up a flagpole?
    I’m totally down with that.

  9. 10 years of tax cuts are just not enough.
    Face it, things are just going so well. We should continue this formula for success.

    • of course it is, and it will only get better. as more people become unemployed and others working for almost nothing, they will die from malnutrition, a lack of medical care, or suicide, and the unemployment rate will go down.

  10. So all the paid minions today parrot the class warfare phrase in endless succesion. OK, we’ll just have to start using that old grand American title of robber baron.

    • as much as i loathe frank luntz, the dems need one. they need to learn what buzzwords to use that will motivate those voters who don’t have a high attention level. forget ‘wall street exec’ and use robber baron or some other term that will have a visceral reaction.

  11. jeb

    Class warfare and the job creators; the tape is on endless loop. The President could have come out and said “The Speaker and Minority Leader are absolutely right and I’ve been wrong all along and as of today I’ll scrap my healthcare plan, cut taxes for the wealthiest people and corporations and be their toady in every way” and they would have still rolled out this line. It’s about time he stepped up and stopped this trying to get along crap. When you’re confronted by a lynch mob, you don’t ask if you can help get them a rope.

  12. gregg

    There is so much in common between class and race warfare and the rightists are in love with both. Sometimes they accuse us of using them and sometimes they use them themselves. It’s all part of the hyper capitalist three card Monte game wherein the rubes look for the missing card while the oinkers steal their children’s lunch money and asthma medication.

    They fly through their bullshit with the greatest of ease, the daring young assholes worship Koch bros on knees…

  13. Why is it that right-wingers scream “class warfare!” every time someone insinuates that the wealthy should pay their share?

    Love the cover, by the way. Hilarious!

    • the ultra-rich and their corporations screwing over workers by dumping them en masse when they start to make too much money and sending their jobs overseas isn’t class warfare, but people standing up for themselves is. go figure.

    • They do that because they can’t really defend policies which coddle them, so they throw a scary-sounding name at it.

      Adam Smith, the philosopher behind classical free-market theory, advocated progressive taxation. But they count on no one knowing that, and calling the very notion Communism.

      Because they’re liars.

      • so it’s time to throw some scary names back at them. corporatists. robber barons. plutocrats. okay, maybe not plutocrats, because the idiot teabaggers will think of the cute disney dog.

  14. elizabeth3hersh

    I’m with Obama on this issue (then again, so is Ben Stein!).

    • it was pretty hilarious watching bill0 squirm when nobody agreed with him. he couldn’t even turn off their microphones, because they weren’t a couple of liberals…

      okay, maybe you weren’t referring to that video, but i enjoy watching it! 😆 here’s the class warfare one:

  15. elizabeth3hersh

    I saw both of these segments and enjoyed the hell out of watching them again (I was referring to the first segment in my initial comment). I listen to O’Reilly most nights (as background noise unless he has an interesting guest)…it was through his show I discovered three of my favorite people: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Dawkins is a guest again on his show sometime this week while I am vacationing in LA (and I cancelled the DVR programming!). Can I pull up his guest appearance using YouTube? I will DIE if I miss it!!