The Bucks Start Here


Two months ago, the Washington Post revealed that Mitt Romney’s presidential bid is largely fueled by Wall Street money, including major donors from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America.

Today, the former Massachusetts governor took a step that will undoubtedly make bankers happy, appointing the chairman of a Wall Street front group to his campaign. Romney tapped Norm Coleman, the former Minnesota senator and current chairman of the Board of the American Action Network, to be his “special adviser for policy.”

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As ThinkProgress has written in the past, the American Action Network (AAN) is a front group funded by conservative Wall Street moneymen, including Robert Steel, Ken Langone, and Fred Malek. Because of its seemingly limitless money supply, the AAN was the second biggest outside spending groups in the 2010 election, dropping $26 million in support of conservative candidates.

The AAN has a troubled history in its year-and-a-half existence. Local Fox affiliates refused to air some of their health reform ads, calling the commercials’ claims “unsubstantiated.”


With Coleman’s appointment to Romney’s campaign, the former Massachusetts governor won’t have to wait for the results of the 2012 election to put smiles on the faces of his Wall Street backers. Couple today’s move with Romney’s kowtowing on scrapping financial reform legislation — he regularly attacks the Dodd-Frank law and has even said he’s open to repealing the landmark financial reform legislation — and onlookers could be forgiven for believing that Wall Street is receiving handsome dividends for its investment in Romney.


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32 responses to “The Bucks Start Here

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I thought I was looking at Penn & Teller!!

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    By the way, a good way to remember who’s who is ‘Teller doesn’t tell.’

  3. LOVE Mittie’s tie!

    Ah, the creepiness of 100+ nose-miners singing in unison. You better hide your deceased relatives Nonnie…Mitt may want to baptize them while you’re not looking:,2933,449727,00.html

    • i was wondering if anyone would be able to figure out what was on mittsie’s tie. as long as you’re around, m’liss, i don’t have to worry. 🙂

      what adorable children. how sad to think that, in 10 years, i’ll be slamming my door in their faces when they come around to try to convert me.

      i remember that story about baptizing victims of the holocaust. i don’t want to sound prejudiced against a particular religion, but fuck the mormons.

      • Roseanne Barr grew up in Salt Lake City. She once remarked that only in Utah could one be Jewish and be called a Gentile.

        As for your opinion of the LDS, remember that my dad went to what was then the only Catholic high school in the state, my mom splits her time between Utah and California, and middle sister lives in Park City full time. I also have cousins who went to BYU. Do I have stories!

        • it just really pisses me off that they’re so fucking arrogant that they can “baptize” victims of religious persecution. i can tell you that the people in my family who were slaughtered by hitler would not want to be baptized, and they certainly wouldn’t want to hang around some pompous mormon assholes in their version of heaven.

      • Greatest moments in cinema 😀

        • who’s been recording me? 😡

        • That is such a great movie too, whitechic 🙂

        • jeb

          I never wen’t quite that far but I’ve always been quick to cut them off and put an end to their shtick when they approach me in a public place. Same thing with the Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to the door. My ex told me I was rude and inconsiderate. I couldn’t get her to understand you can’t engage with these people unless you’re willing to listen to their spiel and convert and frankly I don’t have the time, inclination or patience to explain why I really don’t want a theological lecture from them.

          • i’m a little kinder to the jehovah’s witnesses, because they’re usually not as pushy as the mormons, and they take no for an answer. then again, when someone comes to my door preaching any kind of religion, i usually don’t wait to find out what cult sect they’re from. i just say (very rudely usually) that i’m not interested and tell them never to knock on my door again. i guess it’s working, because none of them have come around in years.

            • jeb

              My Mom tells a great story about two Jehovah’s Witnesses that came to the door who she said looked like Laurel and Hardy. Laurel (the thin one) kept talking and Mom couldn’t get a word in and get him to understand she really wasn’t interested. Meantime, my older brother who was about three at the time, was standing there with the dog, a large boxer who was very protective of my brother. Hardy reached down and patted my brother on the head and Butch went nuts. Mom said there was a three foot high fence and gate in front of the house and she was astounded that such a large man could hurdle a fence like that.

              • please tell me that butch was snapping at hardy’s ass while he was frantically trying to scale the fence, because that’s how i’m picturing it in my mind and laughing.

  4. John Erickson

    Jeez, we used to refer to Chicago government as the best you could buy, somewhat tongue in cheek. Looks like Mittie and the big banks (I’m surprised Citicorp’s greasy fingers aren’t in there somewhere) didn’t realise our commentary was at least partially in jest!
    What the heck is next – credit card readers at the voting booth? “Swipe card and enter donation amount. Once amount is entered, candidates willing to stoop to that paltry sum will be listed. Please select only one per trip through booth. Remember, vote early and often!”
    (Sorry, bit of a Chicago flashback there. 😉 )

    • i’m sure all the big banks are represented in some fashion. not only will there be credit card readers in the voting booths, but you will undoubtedly be charged a fee for the transaction.

  5. Hmmm, so we can see that the “moderate” option isn’t so moderate….I certainly hope the re-election happens…!

  6. Mittsie on truth serum:
    “corporations are [my favorite] people, my [best] friend…everything corporations earn ultimately goes to [my] people”

  7. jean-philippe

    Well, an election between a party controlled by Wall Street and a party controlled by Wall Street… 2012 should be exciting…

  8. maggiejean

    Thanks nonnie for reminding me that, despite Mittens’ comments yesterday, he is not a member of the middle class. 😉

    • mittsie has never lived one day worried about where his next meal is coming from. he’s never had to worry that he can’t afford to take his sick child to a doctor. he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he has no clue as to what it means to live without.

  9. Tabernacle tie looks good on Willard. So now he’s hired that loser Coleman, the only candidate to lose to both a comedian and a ‘rasler. No, they don’t go without, never lose a job, run out of food or have the utlities shut off for nonpayment. What kills them is having to dip into the moneybin and spend real accumulated money (that could and should be “invested”). And the sadest words they can ever hear: dividends did not meet analists expectations. An American tradgedy!

    • i’m really getting into designing ties. it’s almost as much fun as designing jewelry for bbb and princess.

      they hate spending a dime. they’re so used to people giving them free stuff, because they’re rich. funny how the people who always get the free stuff are the ones who can afford to pay for them.

  10. jeb

    Norm! I was wondering where he was hiding out these days. OK, no I really don’t care.

    Wow, his organization couldn’t advertise on FOX affiliates due to unsubstantiated claims? That says something because I didn’t know FOX anything ever cared about substantiating anything.

    • i was reading about it. you have to be pretty bad if faux news turns you down. this was the voiceover for the ad:

      Announcer: A government health care mess, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Chris Murphy. 500 billion in Medicare cuts. Free health care for illegal immigrants. Thousands of new IRS agents. Jail time for anyone without coverage. And now a 47 percent increase in Connecticut health care premiums. 47 percent. Call Chris Murphy. Tell him to repeal his government health care mess. American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising.

      from factcheck:

      The law doesn’t provide any “health insurance” for illegal immigrants. In fact, it stipulates that insurance plans sold on the state-based exchanges are available only to citizens and lawful residents.


      It also doesn’t provide any subsidies for illegal immigrants or any new “free” care for them. What American Action Network objects to is Senate Democrats’ rejection of an amendment to require some type of verification system of legal status. AAN also points to the fact that citizens are required to have insurance, while illegal immigrants aren’t — but those here illegally can still get emergency care at hospitals. However, that was the case before the health care law was passed. Illegal immigrants, and others who aren’t insured, are able to get treatment for emergencies (but not non-emergencies, unless they pay for it). U.S. law requires that.

      there’s lots more at the link.

  11. Fred

    I guess Mitt never saw this video of George Galloway MP cleaning Coleman’s clock at a hearing that Coleman chaired!