Middle Class? More Like No Class

From abc NEWS:

Mitt Romney may be a multimillionaire, but on Wednesday he set his net worth aside and declared himself a member of “the great middle class.”

“We ought to provide help to the people who have been hurt most by the Obama economy. And that’s the middle class,” Romney said at a town hall meeting in Miami. “It’s not those at the very low end; it’s certainly not those at the very high end. It’s for the great middle class — the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country.”

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Romney’s net worth is somewhere between $190 and $250 million, according to the candidate’s personal financial disclosure filed in August with the Federal Election Commission. His wealth exceeds those of his fellow GOP contenders as well as President Obama.


Last month, his campaign team was put in the awkward position of responding to reports that Romney was quadrupling the size of the $12 million seaside La Jolla, Calif. home. (Turns out he is only doubling its square footage to accommodate his growing family.)


“Today Gov. Romney discussed, as he has many times on the campaign trail, his tax plan which is targeted at providing relief for middle class Americans; he was asserting nothing about himself,” Romney’s spokeswoman Andrea Saul told ABC News. “As president, Gov. Romney will hold the line on individual income tax rates and eliminate taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains for low- and middle-income taxpayers.”

Nevertheless, the Democratic National Committee seized on the remark, circulating it in an e-mail message to reporters with the subject line: “Us???? Really?”


[At a campaign stop in Tampa on Wednesday, Romney said,] “I think the American people recognize that we’re at a point of crisis and they want to hear the truth […] They can tell when people are being phony and are pandering to an audience. You’ll see that in politics. You’re not going to see it in my campaign.”

When asked after the event whether that comment was aimed at [Rick] Perry, Romney reportedly replied:  ”I have no names for you, sorry.”


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49 responses to “Middle Class? More Like No Class

  1. good thing i got the poster done last night, because there was no power here until late afternoon, and when i finally went on, i couldn’t get the computer to turn back on. 😯 after freaking out for about 15 minutes, it finally turned on again.

  2. Middle Ass, maybe…between Santorum and Perry.

    • That was a visual I really didn’t need.

    • i didn’t watch that show when it was on, but i watched when it was rerun, and i loved it. i never hear the entire song until now.

      there’s a show on now that’s only been around for a couple of seasons. it’s called ‘the middle,’ and it’s really just a reworking of malcolm in the middle. the kid who plays brick even looks like dewey from malcolm. it started out okay, but then it just kept getting repetitive. plus, it has that creepy patricia heaton in it (couldn’t stand her in everybody loves raymond, even before i knew she was a rethug).

      • I thought the exact same thing!!!!!!!
        I freaking LOVED Malcolm in the Middle, reruns still makes me laugh my ass off. I hated everyone on Everybody Loves Raymond, except for Robert. And Amy’s parents, they were a hoot. I just wanted to punch Raymond and Deborah.
        Great post.

        • i could never stand deborah, and i didn’t like amy, but i loved ray’s parents (especially peter boyle), and i absolutely adored robert. amy’s father, fred willard, doesn’t have to do anything except show up to be hilarious. as for ray romano, i didn’t really love or hate him in that show, but i grew to like him in men of a certain age. of course, that show got cancelled, because it was actually intelligent and good.

  3. John Erickson

    His value is between $190 and $250 million? THAT is middle class? Shoot, I’d waste somebody AND dispose of the body for 1/1,000th of that range!
    Speaking of which, Nonnie – is everybody online being nice to you? Need any .. chiropractic work done on anybody’s knees? 😉

    • if he’s middle class, there isn’t a category low enough for me to be in.

      no online problems. one feud was resolved quite nicely with everyone, including me, happy. but thanks for asking, john! 😉

  4. Wait, if *Mitt* is the solid middle class, that would make me one of those on the very low end…who shouldn’t be provided with help….heeeyyyyyy…I can see through your tricks, buddy!

    I’m normally a very nonviolent person, but I’m being overcome with the highly uncharitable wish that the dead satellite would just hit one of these people already.

  5. jeb

    He’s just one of the people. One of us. I feel so warm and fuzzy all over.

    • wouldn’t you just love to see him and ann and the boys trying to make it on $40K a year? can you picture ann trying to figure out how coupons work and mittsie mowing the lawn himself? the boys can get paper routes or maybe join the army.

  6. Gov. Romney, have you ever been excited that the meat you wanted for tonight’s dinner was available with a “manager’s special” sticker?

    Have you ever changed your menu plan because you found something different with a manager’s special sticker on it?

    Have you ever bought the store brand of anything?

    Do you know where to find the day-old bread in your grocery store?

    Have you ever bought the Sunday paper just because you heard there was going to be a good coupon section?

    Come to think of it, do you even know which is your grocery store?

    … Then don’t say “us” in this context.

    I really dislike Mitt Romney. I think I dislike “Look-I’m-One-Of-You” Romney even more than 2008’s “Look-I’m-Stinkin’-Rich” Romney.

    • there have been plenty of very rich people–fdr, the kennedys, etc.–who somehow grew up with compassion for the poor and wishing the best for everyone. what is it about the rethugs that doesn’t allow them to have even one ounce of empathy? even more mysteriously, what about those teabaggers who have nothing? why do they stick up for the rich people who are screwing them out of the american dream?

      • True. But I don’t think that the Kennedy family ever claimed to be middle class. There was no pretention, there.

        The TPers are a lot like serfs. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that the natural order of things is that there should be have-everythings and have-nothings, and that the have-everythings are better people.

        Unless they’re in Hollywood, of course.

        It’s not unlike believing in the Divine Right of kings in Europe. Sure, they’re stupid, fat, lazy, and hate the country. But they’re kings, so they must be entitled to rule.

        • the kennedys would never be that stupid.

          i don’t know if the teabaggers are like serfs or more like abused children. abused kids live in fear of their abusers, yet they always want to please them.

  7. “They can tell when people are being phony and are pandering to an audience. You’ll see that in politics. You’re not going to see it in my campaign.”

  8. maggiejean

    I get to post my picture again. I was in LaJolla when the news hit about mittens and rebuilding. I decided to go for a walk to find his place and lo and behold I actually found him. Here is at his digs.

    • maggiejean

      Unable to post the picture. Anyway, the house, as it is, is awesome. Lovely red tile roof and posh, right on the ocean. He will take it down and rebuild bigger house. You know, just like the rest of us middle class folks would do.

      • you can’t post pix in the comments in wordpress, but i fixed it so that your comment links to the pic.

        you could probably fit my whole condo in one of his bathrooms.

  9. So now Mittens claims to be middle-ass. Maybe half assed, on a good day. And he still has that 60 million twilight zone void. Why just the other day I discovered 60 cents of found money in the laundry!

    • of course he’s middle class. that’s why he announced he was only doubling the size of his mansion, not quadrupling it. he doesn’t want to be ostentatious.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    In our time now, “one third of Americans who were raised in middle class households can fall out of the middle class as adults. The richest one percent of Americans now earn almost a quarter of the country’s income and control 40 percent of its wealth.” The two thirds of people who’ve actually managed to cling to the middle class should look to their right, see Mitt trying to get in through a broken window, and bean him with a baseball bat.

  11. Robert

    If Romney is middle class I should not exist with my few bucks.That’s strange.

    • hello robert,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i’m in the same sinking boat as you. i’m only around so mittsie has someone to shove so he can step on me to get past a puddle.

  12. ?Fuck Romney…….!! //“We ought to provide help to the people who have been hurt most by the Obama economy….//// Aw, shit&whiskers!!!!!!!! not until we get some HELP to those WHO GOTTEN FUCKEN RUN OVER BY THE BUSH ECONOMY !!!!!!!!!

    • cmon, jimm, tell us how you really feel! 😉

      actually, that’s an excellent slogan to counterattack the bullshit about this crappy economy being obama’s fault.

  13. well you know that Rep from Louisiana – Fleming – is crying because he only has $400,000 left over after feeding his family

    on a serious note – HOW CAN anyone vote for these people.