Mittsie: “My Alma Doesn’t Mater”

From The Boston Globe:

It always provokes a laugh among conservative audiences but is no less curious each time it happens, those attacks Mitt Romney makes on his own alma mater.

He did so again yesterday, when the Republican presidential contender criticized Harvard University during a foreign policy speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Chastising those who may believe that if the United States recedes, so, too, will its enemies, Romney bashed what is often seen as a liberal bastion.

“That may be what they think in that Harvard faculty lounge, but it’s not what they know on the battlefield!” he told the vets.

Not only is Harvard a major player in Massachusetts, the state Romney led for four years as governor, but it also is the school from which he received the business and law degrees that helped propel him toward his highly lucrative venture capital career.

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But Romney’s Harvard connection does not end with his own resume.

Like him, sons Tagg, Matt, and Josh all went to Brigham Young University as undergraduates. Then they also followed in their father’s footsteps by attending Harvard Business School.


Furthermore, a large number of the advisers who help Romney speak about foreign policy – the subject of his speech yesterday – are also Harvard alums or teachers.

Among them are former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey (Harvard undergrad), Meghan O’Sullivan (Kennedy School teacher), William Martel (Harvard post-doctoral fellow), and Dan Senor (Harvard Business School graduate).


Mitt Romney once again criticized President Obama for taking his advice from the “Harvard faculty lounge” in a speech in Florida on Thursday.

In a major address on foreign policy last month, Romney used the school as a punchline to decry Obama as overly weak in dealing with dictators. “That may be what they think in that Harvard faculty lounge,” he said, “but it’s not what they know on the battlefield!”

Romney has never served on the battlefield, but he does hold degrees from Harvard in business and law. That’s one more than Obama, who has a law degree from the school and headed the Harvard Law Review.


But, hey, at least he’s not taking his advice from the faculty lounge, right? Actually Romney relies on their expertise plenty. Meghan O’Sullivan, a former Bush aide, teaches international affairs at Harvard and reportedly advises him on foreign policy. His economic adviser for 2008 and 2012, Greg Mankiw, is a star professor there whose textbook is used at colleges around the country.


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37 responses to “Mittsie: “My Alma Doesn’t Mater”

  1. John Erickson

    Hey, who better than an alum to know what goes on at a school? They learn all the good the school can give them, so they know the bad by default, no?
    Mind you, for military experience, armchair generals always know best, ’cause they can examine the facts after all the noise, heat, blood, and death are over. You can’t expect some wussy soldier, trying to protect his own life, to know what battle is about!
    After all, just ask any soldier from Iraq or Afghanistan what he was fighting for. They always give the wrong answer – “for their buddies”. They know nothing about the real reasons we were there – like … um … er … uh ….

    • you mean like how botox batshit bachmann worked for the irs just so that she could infiltrate them and figure out how to bring them down? you’re probably correct. mittsie even went so far to send his kids there, too, just in case there were any nefarious new ways implemented to destroy the country.

      • John Erickson

        Ya never know what changes those sneaky Harvard folk might’ve slipped into place after Mittsie got famous, so you send in the second generation to make sure all is as it was.
        Can Bachmann even spell IRS?

  2. This is nothing new with him, as he was doing the same thing when he was governor. He would go on trips to other states, and make fun and say some dumb shit about the Bay State. He maybe a nice guy, but the things he does, boggles the mind.

    • he’ll say and do anything to win. why should he feel any allegiance to massachusetts or harvard or anywhere else? everyone knows that he was entitled to everything he has.

  3. Oh the irony of it…. him trying to be a “middle class everyman”, but dissing Harvard only brought attention to the fact he’s an Alum. The thing about Romney is he just can’t get away from himself!

  4. When I read this, I first thought he was going to say something nasty about Elizabeth Warren, who is a professor at Harvard. Instead, he was using it to attack President Obama, who taught at the University of Chicago. Lame.

    On the subject of Willard of Mitten, I have a meme for you: You can’t spell Romney without money.

  5. You have to understand. Mitt sold his soul and his principles long ago …

    He will say and do anything. He’s completely artificial. “Captain Plastic,” as he’s known on another blog I follow.

  6. How about Mittens addressing our permanent warrior class we have evolved into. And to think the founders were queasy about the need and expense of having a standing army. And when they try to keep up this strong defense argument, one might remind them that those extra sharp budget pencils had the US rated by Jane’s in the year 1940 at #16, right behind Bulgaria. If they want to keep up this tough guy bullshit they better bone up on the subject of suzerainty. Make all those other countries line up and start paying tribute…chests of gold coins and jewels! If they don’t pay up, they will have to accept the consequences of invasion or total destruction. I dare say, at a tea-like event’ this idea would recieve wide acceptance.

    • that’s what mittsie should do–keep talking about the armed forces. let him keep reminding everyone that nobody in his family, including his 5 healthy sons, have ever been in the military.

  7. jeb

    As Bush/Cheney proved, you don’t have to actually ever have seen a battlefield to have first-hand knowledge of what those on the battlefield know, you only have to be a Rethuglican.

  8. Course…. if Mit wins….. we ALL will have to get new underwear…..

  9. I think I get him wanting to distance himself from Harvard. Obama = Harvard.

    • like i said to neon vincent, i think it was intended as a double diss to obama and to elizabeth warren. mittsie ran for the massachusetts senate seat and lost. he’s probably still bitter, and he’s pissed that she’s got a good shot at the seat he thought he should have been handed on a silver platter.

  10. maggiejean

    Great title of this post nonnie. Does anything “mater” to mittens?

  11. elizabeth3hersh

    I much prefer M.I.T. I guess that explains why I’m not too excited by Romney.