News of News of The World

Anyone else notice that all the people involved in the News of the World/News Corporation scandal have names that sound like Alfred Hitchcock villains?

From The New York Times:

LONDON — A reporter who is among the 16 people arrested and then freed on bail in the phone hacking case that has shaken Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in Britain warned his former bosses on Friday that he planned to break his silence on the scandal in a civil court case. He said that he would reveal those who were responsible for the phone hacking.

The reporter, Neville Thurlbeck, 49, who was the chief reporter for the now-defunct tabloid The News of the World, gave the warning in a statement issued through his lawyers in connection with his wrongful-dismissal lawsuit against News International, the British newspaper arm of Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation. Mr. Thurlbeck was one of the first people arrested by Scotland Yard in a renewed investigation of the phone hacking this year, but he has denied publicly having played any part in the illegal interception of cellphone voicemails.

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Mr. Thurlbeck remained on the News International payroll into September, when he was fired. He has accused the company of having unfairly dismissed him for being a whistleblower.


With his statement, Mr. Thurlbeck appeared to have joined other current or former News International employees who have shown a readiness to contradict one another in public about newsroom wrongdoing at The News of the World — in particular, who authorized the phone hacking, who at the newspaper and at News International knew about it, and when.


Thurlbeck’s name has long been linked to the scandal that has enveloped Britain’s press, and threatened Murdoch’s global media empire.

It has claimed the jobs of high-profile executives at News International, along with the prime minister’s communications director, Andy Coulson, and high-ranking officers of the Metropolitan Police Service. Ultimately, it forced Murdoch to scupper his multibillion pound (dollar) bid for satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Thurlbeck — then the News of the World’s chief reporter — was arrested in April on suspicion of conspiring to intercept voicemail messages and released on bail.


In Friday’s statement, Thurlbeck accused News International of withholding the reason for his dismissal for almost a month, saying it was Scotland Yard who eventually informed him why he had been fired.

He said legal reasons prevent him from disclosing the reason for the firing, but warned that the truth will come out, and those responsible for the action which led to his dismissal “will eventually be revealed.”


Murdoch decided to close News of the World in July as allegations piled up that it systematically intercepted the private voice mails of celebrities, politicians and crime victims.

News International has maintained that eavesdropping at the tabloid was limited to a single rogue reporter, Clive Goodman, along with the private investigator who was helping him break into voicemails of people working for the royal family.

But an email uncovered during legal proceedings seemed to cast doubt on that claim because it contained a transcript of an illegally obtained conversation, drawn up by a junior reporter and marked “for Neville” — an apparent reference to Thurlbeck.

Thurlbeck said Friday he became compelled to speak out after News International started giving “off the record” briefings about him to the press.


The British news agency Press Association reported that Ian Edmondson — another former journalist at the tabloid who was arrested in April with Thurlbeck — has lodged a similar claim for unfair dismissal. This was confirmed by another person familiar with the matter on condition of anonymity.


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40 responses to “News of News of The World

  1. Terrance H.

    LOL. Good ‘ol Rupert. Is the empire crumbling?

    • hello terrance,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀 i’ve seen you comment in so many of the other blogs that i visit, and it’s so nice to see you over here!

      it’s a damned shame that uncle rupie will never wind up in jail. there are different rules for the mega-rich. he can afford to pay lawyers to keep filing briefs to keep him out of jail until he’s dead even if he’s convicted of anything. i hope he lives to see his empire crumble and his name be tied to scandal forever, even though he’ll still be stinking rich, as will his undeserving children and his gold-digging wife.

      • Terrance H.

        Thank you. Nice to be here.

        I hope to see that as well. Rupert Murdoch is a crook, no doubt about it. And if you watched his son testify before the British investigators, it was clear that everything he said was entirely scripted. What a phony they all are.

        • we are very glad to have you, terrance. 🙂

          all jamesy-wamesy’s testimony needed was some tense dramatic music and some close-ups of the sweat on his upper lip.

  2. sorry so late, kids. an hour and a half ago, i had nuthin’, not even a story picked out.

    • I can’t complain. I’ve been MIA for two days because my cat killed my mouse–true story! The odd part is that he did it by killing my keyboard first–long story!

      • Wow, now there’s a dramatic chain of events!

      • i was wondering why you didn’t host science saturday. see? that’s another reason why i like dogs better than cats. dogs only destroy all your furniture, but they pretty much leave the computer alone. 😉

        • I’ve never had a dog destroy my furniture, but I’ve had both cats and dogs ruin my shoes. My dogs chew them, my cats use them instead of the litter box.

          • my last dog (my soulmate) was such a little monster. when she was a puppy, there was no more destructive force on the face of the earth. she literally ate my couch. she jumped on to my son’s bed when he was sleeping and literally ate the pillow from around his head. when he woke up, his pillow was in the shape of his head. i asked him how he could possibly sleep through that. she did the same to my pillow the next night. she was lucky that she was so friggin’ adorable. everyone loved her as soon as they met her. she was as lovable as she was bad.

            • John Erickson

              Our Cattle Dog used to eat the insoles of my shoes. Not the laces, not the shoe itself, just the insole padding. Then again, this was the dog who, as a pup, we took to a dog-friendly hotel during a science fiction convention. He slipped out of our room and proceeded to eat EVERY bar of soap in over 2 dozen rooms! (We kept our doors propped open – con tradition.) And no ill effects, either. The Dog With The Cast Iron Stomach! 😀

  3. John Erickson

    “News Of The World” and herpes – the gifts that keep on giving…..

  4. I know …. you never get enough of Ruppie … and it’s not close to being over! BTW … love the “Classic story” line.

  5. I want to live to see the day when Murdochs aren’t sliming up the press around the world.

  6. maggiejean

    heh. The Fall of the House of Murdoch indeed. Now I look forward to the Fall of the house of Koch. Some interesting stuff about the Koch Bros today. The overlords are in trouble, I hope.

  7. Can’t wait for this guy to spill the beans. I’m ready for the great unraveling of the evil empire and a few folks going to the pokey. As far as Evil Rupert and his minion Roger, time is not on their side.

    • i wish someone would finally spill some beans. too many lawyers involved and too much money. if these people were poor, at least half of them would be in jail already.

      • Or they’d be on death row….

        • or dead. like a couple of journalists/whistleblowers. google the names george webley and sean hoare. webley was only 53, and hoare was only 48. neither death might not have anything to do with uncle rupie, but the stench coming from news corp is so strong that everything that happens in its orbit is suspicious.

          • Yup, I do remember hearing about hoare and thinking the whole story was highly suspicious.

            • one death is not necessarily suspicious, but the fact that there are 2 is. i’m not saying that there’s anything other than coincidence here, but it’s fodder for conspiracy, and that’s not a good thing for uncle rupie. can’t say i’m sad about that.

  8. jeb

    The hubris of the higher-ups is amazing. They obviously never study history or stop to think that the pattern is always the same. When you deal in sleaze and get caught, you can’t start throwing the people below you under the double-decker bus because they’ll lose any reason to protect you.

  9. Robert

    I sure hope this will be a nasty story for Murdock,why is it,that the richer people are,the more they lie and cheat.Murdock deserves the bad things to come,because no one have the right to be so immoral.

  10. gregg

    speaking of speaking of the me-dee-ah here is a guy at the demo down at wall street who is really good at thinking and speaking on his feet. i love the way he reposes the cretinous fox interviewers questions to fit the perception of reality that is true instead of whipped up in the disinformation machine. check him out;

  11. As an ex-media whore, it struck me that this is too amateur — aside from the inarticulate non-questions — the camera is jumping, the framing & focus are off. TV 101; you always position the camera & get the subject in full frame. Fux don’t do cinema verite, so what’s going on here????

    • don’t be too shocked, but faux news never ran it.

      speaking of faux news camerapeople, though, reminds me of when i went with my mom to hear nancy pelosi, debbie wasserman schultz, and a few others speak. this was probably 2008 or so. there were cameras from all the news stations, including faux news. the cameraman from faux was a nasty asshole. he yelled at my mom, because she dared to say something negative about chimpy. she’s all of 5’2″, she was around 83 or 84 at the time, and the remark wasn’t even made to him.

      • I know a few ex-coworkers wound up at Fux, always wondered if employment was contingent upon drinking the kool-aid — if that cameraman is any indications — it is!
        (back in the day no one in the newsroom expressed strong political convictions — a. it wasn’t considered Kosher and b. we were far too cynical to be partisan

        • i imagine that most of the people who work there are just working stiffs happy to have jobs and be making a living. however, some of the nastiness of the on-air “talent” as well as the nastiness of roger ailes has to rub off on some of them and create an atmosphere where they feel that nastiness is rewarded.