It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chris-less

From political ticker at CNN:

With characteristic brio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie informed the world Tuesday that he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination.

“New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me,” Christie said at a press conference in Trenton.

And now the Republicans who pined for the blunt-talking governor to enter the presidential race are stuck with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Original DVD cover

Though Perry has fallen behind Romney in the polls after a pair of shaky debate performances and questions about his conservative bona fides, high-level GOP donors and veteran party operatives who wanted Christie to run still regard Perry and Romney as the main contenders for the nomination.


Two of the GOP moneymen who were urging Christie to run appear to be headed to Romney. A Romney campaign aide confirms to CNN that Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone has decided to become a financial supporter to the campaign. Meanwhile, billionaire supermarket magnate Jon Catsimatidis was also reportedly signing on with Team Romney before the close of business on Tuesday.


Yet even as Republicans in Washington and on Wall Street began taking sides Tuesday, polls continue to show that the voters around the country are far from decided.

Polls out Tuesday indicated that Christie would have siphoned support from both Romney and Perry if he ran.

Among Republican voters surveyed by Quinnipiac University, Christie and Romney tied at 17%, with businessman and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain at 12% and Perry at 10%.

Without Christie in the race, his rivals all gained: Romney led the pack with 22%, Cain followed at 17% and Perry took 14%.


The topsy-turvy GOP race has been more fluid than any in modern memory, and there are still three months of campaigning to be had before the Iowa caucuses.

Romney, the nominal frontrunner, has been stranded around 25% in nearly every poll taken this year and has yet to prove that he can grow his base of support.

Perry joined the race as a juggernaut in August but fell in national surveys after his opponents raised questions about his record on illegal immigration and his executive order mandating that middle school girls be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease.

Cain, a virtual unknown before the race began, has vaulted into the top tier of the GOP field after a charismatic and plain-spoken debate performance in Orlando last month.

Candidates like Perry, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman have joined the 2012 race to great fanfare, only to stumble.


In Iowa, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum may be climbing and Texas Rep. Ron Paul continues to poll in double digits.

Huntsman is slowly gaining traction in New Hampshire even before running a single television ad there, which could force Romney to look over his shoulder in a primary state he must win.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has also been on an upward trajectory after a string of impressive debate showings.


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50 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chris-less

  1. sorry to be late again, kids. i had unexpected company this afternoon, and i hadn’t even settled on a story or found a poster. that said, it might have been hurried, but i sorta like this one. πŸ™‚

  2. Ha, ha, ha. The Republican race remains just a big ol’ bag of assorted nuts. πŸ˜†

  3. Inspired and I watched the A-Team Saturday night when I couldn’t post Overnight News Digest. It was surprisingly good and I say that as a fan of the original TV series.

    On the other hand, these guys are the GOP’s A-Team? Wow. I’m having flashbacks to 2007-2008, when I was happy with just about all of the Democratic candidates, but thought most of the GOP field other than McCain was second rate. I still think everyone is second rate, and so, apparently, do a lot of Republican Party members.

    About the only criticism of the poster was that Ron Paul would have made a better crazy smart Murdock. Santorum is just crazy dumb, as well as un-Google-able.

    • i didn’t watch the series or see the movie. just not my cup of tea (if you’ll pardon the expression). i picked a story and a poster in a hurry, and i picked the characters just as quickly. i didn’t match personalities to the individual characters, because i have no idea what the characters were like. i just picked candidates at random, and, to tell you the truth, ron paul did even occur to me. neither did newtie. when i have to make a mental list of the rethugs still in the race, they are usually the ones i forget.

  4. John Erickson

    As long as they throw ol’ BBB under the van, I don’t care who plays whom. But if this really is the GOP A-team, well, “I pity the fools!”. πŸ˜‰
    Or is that more of, “I love it when a party falls apart”? πŸ˜€

  5. jean-philippe

    You’re implying with Cain’s mohawk that the pizzama is gonna finish the race first?

  6. Terrance H.


    I don’t think Christie would have had much of a chance anyway. He would have flared like Perry and then went down in the flames just as soon as people on the Right took a long, hard look at him and understood that many of his positions and viewpoints are vastly different than theirs.

    • i totally agree. the rethugs love their candidates until they’re actual candidates. christie wouldn’t have won over the teabaggers, and in the general election, women would hate him. he’s loud and rude and boorish and a bully.

      this just prolongs the rethuglican clown college. princess sarah will continue to make believe that she’s thinking about getting into the race. now, the rethugs will speculate about rudy 9-11 getting in, even though he has more baggage than samsonite. chuckleberry will make believe he might get in the race, but he has to pay off his new mansion, so he won’t leave the faux news money trough. the talking heads will once again talk about convincing mitch daniels to run, but he won’t.

  7. maggiejean

    Hi Nonnie: I just love the look on Perry’s face in your poster. Good job.

    • hi maggiejean! that’s my favorite pic of gov little ricky goodhair. i love using it. he reminds me of chimpy when he makes that face. call me sentimental. or maybe just mental. πŸ˜‰

  8. “Bring forth a candidate without blemish or spot that we may sacrifice him on the golden alter” they cried and they were left wanting….BBB-SFB…..Grinch too carnal….Santorum (don’t go there!)…..”Herb” Cain-crappy pizza…..Parry kind to Mex”s-kiss of death….Paul-alternate universe….Bearwomam has turned back into toad…..which leaves the fate of the damned-Mittens!!! Served up with all the excitement of the absolute cheapest storebrand white bread…that had a hole in the bag…and got stored five years in the freezer. Some would even suggest it would make great toast 399 days from now.

  9. jeb

    Of course nobody puts it together better than Jon Stewart. As I walked through the office yesterday the TVs were on CNN and there was breaking news with Christie’s big “announcement” and all I could think of was The Daily Show from last week. It’s truly amazing how the media pundits really tried to drag him in the race. It’s as if they have ADD and soon as the luster of a Batshit or Ponzi wears off, they’re looking for a new shiny toy.

  10. gregg

    I could never bring myself to watch the A-Team back in the day as I found it too stupid and annoying…
    At the time I found it an aberration;
    Little did I know what it portended
    for the whole fucking nation!

  11. Absolutely love it.
    my only tiny crticism…..I would have dubbed it the”A-HOLE Team”.
    Other than that – PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i toyed with the idea of changing the title, but when i started to tinker with it, it looked sloppy and cramped. like i said above, this was a very last minute poster, so i opted for leaving the title alone and concentrating on the characters and making good use of the big red A at the bottom.

  12. That cover is hilarious! Herman Cain would definitely wear a mohawk well, and Santorum would make a good Murdock. Romney as Face? Hmmm…maybe.

    If Christie had thrown his hat into the ring, I do wonder if the far-right faction of the Republican party would have embraced him.

    • glad the cover gave you a chuckle, ahab. as i explained above, i never watched the show, so any similarities or differences between the characters and the asswipes are completely accidental.

      it’s a good thing that christie decided against getting in the race. where the hell could i have possibly fit him in? πŸ˜‰

  13. So I guess Perry is still in the race after his “N***** Head” snafu? I know the Repubs are racists, but I thought even they would have dumped him by now…

    • they would have dumped him, but they hate mittsie, so they had the propaganda troops pooh-pooh the story as the lamestream media trying to create drama where there is none. gov little ricky goodhair has been in hiding since the story broke. he’ll let the talking heads on faux and on hate radio clean up after him.

      • Oh, great…soon they’ll be trying to convince us that the N word has become acceptable again. “The rappers use it, why can’t we?”

        • only pizzaman will be allowed to use the word, and maybe phathead steele once in a while. however, no rap artists will be allowed to use the word without being derided by the goopers. IOKIYAAAR (it’s okay, if you’re an african-american rethuglican).

  14. I don’t know what was the better title – this or Frack You! Hahaha. Cain looks insane with a mohawk. Haha

  15. i guess it is over when the Fat Governor sings

  16. Well … make it two days in a row now that Sarah won’t be running. Meanwhile, I continue to believe a good segment of the GOP does not want Mitt – so they have bounced from Bachmann to Perry and now to Cain. Santorum or Gingrich could be next. Then again, Mitt is getting Christie’s money! Meanwhile … gotta love the spray can!

    • what a shock that princess sarah isn’t running. not!!!! the only surprise is that she finally said so. i thought she’d drag it out longer so she could continue her grifting. not that i think she’ll stop, but i don’t think the media (other than faux news) will really give much of a shit what she says now.

      i wondering if they try to get mitch daniels to change his mind or have rudy 9-11 throw his tainted hat in the ring. if they were smart, they’d back huntsman, but they’re not smart. i think they more or less made their bed, and now they have to sleep with mittsie.

  17. (either WordPress or this stupid ‘puter keeps dropping my contact info…..Irritating)

  18. As long as we’re talkin’ about Sarah … it’s interesting to note that Jim Bakker got his ass thrown into prison for accepting money from his church members and actually using the bulk of it to build his ministry … but Flailin’ Palin continues to use her PAC money to schlepp her family around on vacation, buy clothes, busses, etc. even though it’s long been clear to many that she has no intention of pursuing elective office (too much work and responsibility) — and it’s all perfectly legal?

    • hello enderprise,

      welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

      i think you make an excellent point. these PACs are nothing but money-laundering machines that enable grifters like princess sarah to steal from people. did you know she gave $3,200 of PAC money to her parents for β€œcorrespondence and card mailing?”

      • I didn’t know the bit about paying her parents. But nothing surprises me about Palin. Re: PACs as money laundering machines, check this out, too:
        Political Funds Remain an Asset for Many Ex-Lawmakers —

        • that’s sickening! every campaign should have a zero balance when it’s over, and every candidate should start from zero in each election. if there’s money left over, let it go to pay down the national debt.