Misogyny: Good for What Ailes Ya

From am new york:

Get ready for a big surprise.

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes did not hire Sarah Palin as an on-air commentator because of her lacerating wit or insight into domestic and foreign affairs.

“I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,” Ailes, 71, said of the former vice presidential candidate in an interview with the Huffington Post published Wednesday.

Yeah, kids, I know what you’re saying–Roger Ailes is a misogynistic pig.  You might take that back, though, when you find out that he hired Glenn Beck for the same reasons!

Original movie poster
Blechhh got fired, so would anyone be surprised if Princess Sarah is next on the chopping block?

The influential Republican, who gave a wide-ranging interview on the occasion of his cable news channel’s 15th birthday, denied that Fox, which he founded, exhibited political bias.


Ailes strafed network competitors by saying he hadn’t counted on them “screwing up as much,” which helped him win ratings battles. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, he sniffed, “is an excellent reporter, but he’s not a star.”

He also shot down any connection to his operation and the hacking scandals that have tormented Fox News’ parent company, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. “It’s not a Fox issue,” Ailes said. “I don’t discuss it with Rupert.”

Step carefully, Roger. Uncle Rupie only hired you, because he thinks you’re hot and good for ratings.


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32 responses to “Misogyny: Good for What Ailes Ya

  1. Great title! And excellent point. It be nice to see Rupie get bored with Ailes.

  2. Too funny! Though I had to take a deep breath after I read he denied that FOX exhibited political bias.

  3. make no mistake, when Ailes talks about Palin being “hot” he means her q rating — his idea of “hawt” is a teenage rent boy

  4. maggiejean

    LOL at the title. Ailes is such a typical Murdoch crony. btw, the link to the original doesn’t work for me. Safari cannot find it.

  5. Evil Rupert wouldn’t dare mess with Ailes, lest he pull a J. Edgar on him (with dirt, not dresses). There is much speculation that the Austrailian bastard has no more control over Roger than Tokyo had over the Kwantung Army in China (little to none).

  6. jeb

    The Princess and Blech were not hired for their keen insights and their analytical acumen? Wow, who’da thunk it? It should give everyone of his on-air personalities pause to think (if any of them actually posses that ability).

  7. ailes is about as machiavellian as it gets – even rupert is afraid of him. i have a friend that works at the local fox station here in ny – which is owned by fox. ailes is in charge of the local stations too (the fox station in miami is not owned by fox, but ed ansin) – and she says he is dictating what can go on the LOCAL news as well – making it as much an american version of pravda as fox news is. when fat pieces of feces like ailes controls so much of the voice- there is little hope for this country

    • i think all tv and radio stations should be locally owned. i don’t trust big media who only allow what they want people to know on the air. the words media mogul fills me with dread. nobody should have that much power.

  8. John Erickson

    I have NEVER seen “hotness” in either Palin or BBB, despite frequent commentary to the contrary. The only one I EVER thought was the LEAST bit cute was Christine O’Donnell, and even THAT was pushing it. Mind you, once any one of the three opened their mouths, all “hotness” kinda flew out the window.
    Besides, why wander over to that looney bin that is Fox to find hotties? We got three of THE hottest on the planet – you, Nonnie, and Melissa and Ms. Hersh!
    (Okay, AND you, Tex. 😉 )

  9. OMG. That poster of Glenn Beck is so funny that I spit my coffee. Teabags for pasties. I love it. ha ha ha ha

    • hi trinity river! long time, no see. funny thing is that one of those little teabags would be plenty big enough to cover up the nastiness had the camera panned down. 😉

  10. Glenn Beck did indeed get ratings with his firebrand style, but I respectfully disagree with the “hot” assessment!