Takin’ It to the Streets!


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) described Wall Street protesters as a mob on Friday and implied Democrats were egging them on.

In a speech to the conservative Values Voter Summit, Cantor said he was “increasingly concerned by the growing mobs” and criticized Democrats who have showered praise on the protesters in New York and other cities.

“Some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans,” Cantor said.

Funny how he never seemed to have a problem with the Teabaggers or the bullshit of Rethugs trying to diss Democrats by consistently saying the Democrat party instead of Democratic.  Pettiness and derision and division seem to be just fine with widdle Ewic Token Cantaw until someone picks on his rich buddies.

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The “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started in mid-September in New York City’s financial district has since spread to cities throughout the United States, including Washington. Protesters say they are angry about economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of money on American politics.


Some GOP presidential candidates have taken a harder line. Mitt Romney called the movement class warfare and said it was dangerous, while Herman Cain called the protesters “un-American.”

Rick Santorum offered Obama some unsolicited advice, recommending that he distance himself from the protesters.

From the Atlantic wire:

Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement are “jealous” and “playing the victim card,” Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain said on Sunday, in an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“To protest Wall Street and the bankers is basically saying you’re anti-capitalism,” Cain said, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.


The Times notes that responses to the protesters are starting to break along partisan lines. Cain accused labor unions of helping to arrange the demonstrations, and depicted the rallies as calculated attempts to distract voters from the economic slump that is imperiling President Barack Obama’s chances of reelection.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Michele Bachmann issued a similar message: Don’t blame Wall Street; blame Obama.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, by contrast, sided with the protesters this week, noting that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor hadn’t been vocally opposed to protests when the protesters were members of the conservative Tea Party movement. (Cain, too, is something of a darling to Tea Party activists, who helped him win a Florida straw poll last month.)


Venerable New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin saw a parallel to the civil rights movement of the 1960s in the marches. Breslin sees the “spirit of Selma” alive in the demonstrations, and digs into a closet full of old notebooks to reveal a quote he took from a 10-year-old girl watching that march in 1965 in Alabama: “I know why you marchin’. I know it good.”

Other initial skeptics are coming around, including Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post, who noted that the demonstrators have received words of sympathy from some of the people wielding the very power they resent, including Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke.


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51 responses to “Takin’ It to the Streets!

  1. last minute post and poster, kids. my internets have been going down all damned day, and i couldn’t get online to do anything until about an hour ago.

  2. John Erickson

    As long as the protesters don’t turn into London-style mobs, no problem. Some of the reports I’ve heard of small groups trying to break into the National Air and Space Museum are troubling. I have no problem with them trashing the lobby of Merrill Lynch, but keep yer paws offa mah warbirds, ya heah? 😉

    • i just hope the koch brothers haven’t hired some thugs to pretend they’re protesters just to stir up some shit and try to make the vast majority look like they’re violent when they’re not.

      • That’s an interesting point Nonnie — it’s been documented that the FBI had covert agents at the anti war rallies stirring up trouble. I read a post by a blogger who’s been attending OWS ; a middle aged guy started yelling “let’s trash the place” another protester shouted back “ignore the cop” (or maybe kock?) fortunately, they did!

      • Here in Portland, there has been an allegation of sexual assault in the park where the protesters were camping and I’m trying to figure out if it’s true. This makes me think of my parents, who were involved in civil disobedience back in Eastern Europe. The Commie govt would always circulate fake stories about sexual misbehavior and massive drug taking by the protesters.

        • that asshole ron christie was shoveling shit about the protesters today on hardball. he said they were only there to have sex in the park. then he said they all need to get a job. he’s such an ugly little sanctimonious prick. it appears that the sex-addicted dirty hippie theme is what frank luntz must have been suggesting on his morning talking-points fax.

          • Yep, that’s exactly the thing my parents and their friends had to deal with back in the day…”they’re just having orgies and taking drugs”! I’m sure the protesters won’t let that stop them, they know why they’re there.

            • most people live in or around big cities, so most of them will know that what the rethugs are saying is just a crock of shit. that won’t do much for their credibility later on. one of my favorite scenes on the news was the protesters screaming that faux news lies when geraldo rivera was trying to do one of his bullshit stories amidst them. he ran away, and then he later lied and said that he only left, because he was done with some interviews.

  3. I am so glad that you started covering Occupy Wall Street. I’m going to use this poster for my blog posts about the conservative panic over the demonstrations. Until then, here are the posts I’ve made on the subject so far.

    Romney: Occupy Wall Street is “dangerous”

    Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street
    The “Plan 999 from Outer Space” poster makes a cameo in the above post.

    Today is the anniversary of the Women’s March on Versailles

    Joseph Stiglitz addresses Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street is sequel to Anonymous vs Scientology

    Yes, I’ve been busy blogging about the Occupy movement.

  4. Could someone please explain why baggers were ‘grass roots’ and we’re a mob? I’m confused.

    Note Perry’s prayer for rain didn’t work, but we have nice rain in Houston that we really needed after we occupied. Maybe there is a god and is on our side.;P

  5. Very interesting. The younger generations have to pay the debt back and they tell us to not complain or we are un- American. Sad

    • hello sharvey493,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i want to know who decided that herman cain, botox batshit bachmann, and some of the other rethugs are the ones who decide who is patriotic and who isn’t. herman cain never enlisted in the military. neither did botox batshit bachmann or her ugly husband. there are veterans of vietnam and iraq and afghanistan in that “mob.” they’re not patriotic, but those greedy rethuglican asswipes and the people who line their pockets are? i’m not saying that being in the service is the litmus test for patriotism, but it is one test, and many in that “mob” have passed. they don’t deserve to be denigrated by some privileged overpaid asswipes.

  6. Terrance H.


    We got one of those protests making its way to Detroit, not too far from me. It should be all organized by the end of the month!!! Woot!

  7. jean-philippe

    I wonder if citizen Cain trash talked those involved in the Civil Rights Movement too,..

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    I’m warming up to these Wall Street marches nonnie. My oldest daughter hoofed it for 3-hours here in Las Vegas two nights ago (along with her militantly ‘socialist’ boyfriend who lives at home with his multi-multi-millionaire investment-rich capitalist parents…oh the irony!). I like to think some reform will come out of the protests. I THINK I read in today’s paper about an 82 million dollar retirement package for some fat-cat CEO. Nah, that couldn’t happen in real life, could it? 82 million to ONE guy, for retirement, not counting all his other earnings? Nah.

  9. Maybe this is a return of the counter-culture movement. People think it started in Berkely in ’64 but you can go way back to Germany and the Wandervogels of pre Great War. The Sacramento protesters don’t seem to have any direction other than getting arrested nightly. In SF, the worry is avowed anarchist turning up at every event. The big deal this week is the feds trying to shut down the weed shops. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    • you can go all the way back to the real tea party. this is nothing new. everyone gets complacent for a number of years, and the bad guys take advantage of that. suddenly, people start to wake up and realize they’ve been screwed. it gets so bad that all that’s left is to protest. that’s when people figure out that they aren’t alone, and there is strength in numbers. i hope politicians, both rethug and dem, are shitting bricks.

    • Thanks Tex for the counterculture thought …. definitely worth the thought. Nonnie, Eric Cantor continues to cause me to shake my head.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    It’s class “warfare” to protest the protecting and welfare dole-out of banks, eh? This “mob” is urging full employment, including public spending for job creation. These smarmy Republican candidates call it class “warfare” to call for the development of a long-term strategy to increase domestic manufacturing. Doesn’t sound like warfare to me. It doesn’t even sound like one class of citizens going after another. They speak to the creation of economic and tax policies that are equitable. Not one of them ever suggested making the top 1% shoulder an unreasonable burden.
    The public airing of grievances is a legitimate activity. Just because you don’t agree with the positions is no reason to be dismissive of it. I’m sure that most of the OWS folks support the Tea Party’s right to assembly as well.

    • the present-day rethuglicans would have dissed the boston tea partiers as malcontents who should just shut up and pay what they were told by the british monarchy.

  11. jeb

    Poor Eric, he’s so distressed! 😦 And oddly enough, I have a very warm fuzzy feeling over his distress.

  12. If you think Cantor’s rhetoric about the Occupy movement was abrasive, look up what Glenn Beck said about it at the Values Voters Summit. OUCH.


    • i heard that earlier today, but i didn’t realize it was at the value voters summit. i thought it was just on his stupid show. pretty ironic when the teabaggers always showed up with their guns at rallies and constantly used violent rhetoric and images. seems that blechhh and the rethugs didn’t have any problem with that, but they’re scared shitless of a group who has constantly pushed for non-violence.

  13. gregg

    and like in married to the mob bachmann, cantor and cain’s houses are all filled with cash and goodies stolen from the very gument they intend to destroy…

  14. My general rule of thumb is: Everything the Republicans say, the opposite is the truth.

    • hello hansi,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀 i’ve seen your comments at other blogs that i visit, and it’s nice to see you here, too.

      i’d say that your thumb has it just right. if a rethug’s lips are moving, s/he’s lying.

  15. Cantor’s mob comment was overr-the-top. A mob would be pitchforks and torches at Eric’s house.

    • the rethugs, faux news, and hate-wing radio will find one or two misbehaving people in the vast crowd and tell people that they represent the majority. they also throw in a few provocateurs to stir up trouble. i don’t think it’s going to work this time, because people watched the teabaggers and they know their tricks. the people who will believe the bullshit are the ones who never needed any convincing in the first place.