Rethuglican Poo Fight


Many in the Republican Party considered tonight’s CNN debate a make-or-break event for Rick Perry, and he came out swinging against the frontrunner Mitt Romney, particularly on an issue close to the hearts of Texans, illegal immigration. In one of what would become a number of crosstalk bits where referee Anderson Cooper had to split up the fighters, there was clearly little love lost between the two from the moment Perry accused Romney of holding a position on immigration that was “the height of hypocrisy.”

Actually, he said the “heighth of hypocrisy.”  WTF?  There is no such word as heighth!!!!!!  (Can you tell that’s one of my pet peeves?)  By the way, Governor Little Ricky Goodhair likes to brag that he was educated in Texas.

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While the two maintained a level of respect for each other that others did not exhibit to candidates not on the podium, it was clear from the moment that Perry turned to Romney on the relationship between illegal immigration and jobs that he meant to hit hard. “Mitt,” he began, “you lose all of your standing in my perspective for hiring illegals in your home and knowing about it for a year.” Romney laughed, apparently confused, as he concluded that this was “on its face the height of hypocrisy.” After a bit of crosstalk, Romney finally got a word in, though the word was procedural rather than substantive: “the way the rules work here is that I get sixty seconds and you get thirty seconds to respond,” he quipped.

That’s when Wussie Mittsie yelled for Mommy  Anderson Cooper to intervene.  Ryan Seacrest Cooper just stood back, thought about how pissed he was that he wasn’t allowed to wear a tight T-shirt that shows off his guns, and allowed the poo-flinging to continue.

“This has been a tough couple of debate for Rick, and I understand you’re going to get testy.” Rather than swatting him away the way he did Rick Santorum previously, he retorted, “if you want to become President of the United States, you have to let people speak.”

Oh, and he did finally respond that he had no idea what Perry was talking about, before being reminded that it was a company he temporarily hired for his lawn that had hired the illegal immigrants and Romney summarily fired upon finding out.

Actually, what he said was this:

So we went to the company, and we said, ‘Look, you can’t have any illegals working on our property. I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake! I can’t have illegals!

So, if you’re not running for office, it’s perfectly okay to have “illegals” working for you, Mittsie?

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27 responses to “Rethuglican Poo Fight

  1. i had another poster almost complete, but at the last minute, i decided i couldn’t resist making this one.

  2. What. I missed the 548th debate? They’re all so marvelously full of shit.

    W 😯 W.

    • the more desperate they get, the more entertaining the debates are. they’re pretty predictable, but every once in a while, one of them surprises you. what’s really hilarious is how much they despise mittsie. frothy santorum could barely hide his disdain, and i thought–okay, i didn’t really think, but i hoped–that gov little ricky goodhair was going to slug mittsie. at the very end, botox batshit bachmann was begging for more time, because she didn’t get enough attention and didn’t have time to recite all the lines she had memorized.

  3. I heard those two kooks yelling at each other this morning in a broadcast, and really thought that they should be sent to their rooms without dinner.

    When Romney was begging for Cooper to bail him out, it was really quite funny. That’s the kind of leader I want for a President. I can just imagine some tough negotiating happening with an unfriendly power. “Wah! I want you to listen to me! Wah!”

    • that little scenario with mittsie and gov little ricky goodhair arguing looked like 2 kids who were fighting, and mittsie, who always wants to be the goody-2-shoes called for mommy to say that little ricky wasn’t being good.

  4. John Erickson

    Stewart had some cool clips on his show, as did various news programs (I caught NBC’s news tonight). I was waiting for Tina Turner to stride out in chainmail and declare “Tonight, it’s THUNDERDOME!” 😀
    Or maybe we should hold gladiatorial games? I know where there are some lions and Bengal tigers and “woofs” (Ohioan for wolves) running loose….

    • can you imagine that pack of wussies actually having to do some hand-to-hand combat? i think my money would be on botox batshit bachmann. the daily show is on in a minute. can’t wait to see what they do with all that material.

  5. This is classic. I didn’t watch the show last night, but it was all over the news this morning. I couldn’t understand what AC did that got him the Perry glare. Then I saw the Mitt used the same line on Santorum (about the time limits). Yet, as the two were jousting, the others were simply blindly staring at the audience. What a hoot! Interesting choice of shoes for Mitt.

    • i didn’t change mittsie’s shoes, just gov little ricky goodhair’s. mittsie is so boring to accessorize. other than a pair of flip-flops, there’s not much to do.

  6. Those three heads are just perfect, nonnie.
    But sorry to be critical— that pile of E. dung is WAY too small.. :mrgreen:

    • thanks terry! all criticism is welcome. 😡 just kidding. actually, it’s not the size of the poop that counts, it’s the heinousness of the stench.

      p.s. speaking of heinous, botox batshit bachmann screwed up the pronunciation of that as badly as she did with chutzpah.

  7. Mittens sure seems to be getting pissy these days. Must prove what a tough guy he is. The whole bunch just seems more pathetic the more (and more and more!) they do this dog and pony show. And now Cain, the Prince of Dicks, is going on the bible/gun rant…….And the Almighty spake from the heavens and said “Cain, where is your soul?” and Cain replied “I don’t know”.

    • conventional wisdom has been saying that mittsie has been quite cool, calm, and collected throughout the campaign. i agree that he does better than the others in debates, but there have been lots of times when he starts talking really fast, and he sounds like he’s on the verge of hysteria. he grins like an idiot to keep himself under control, but if the camera zoomed in, i bet you’d see sweat on his upper lip. i bet he has a dorian gray picture in his attic that looks like nick nolte’s mugshot.

  8. jeb

    Personally, I’d like to see them go at it celebrity death match style. Just get Mills Lane in there and “Let’s Get it ON!” That would be the heigth of entertainment.

    • smartass! actually, i saw the clip where gov little ricky goodhair says that word, and it was even weirder than i had remembered. it was something like heighnth. it was too weird to even spell phonetically. it reminded me of how botox batshit bachmann pronounced united states. she adds a funny kind of nasally n sound and makes it u-nine-ted states.

  9. Things are getting down and dirty with the Repubs. I’d like to see a little more action from Michelle though. Heighth (despite the wiggly red spell-check line under it) is too a word. It’s the opposite of widthth. 🙂

    • i think botox batshit bachmann and gov little ricky goodhair should put out a book on the english language. chimpy can be the editor. that would plumb the depthnths of stupidity.

  10. I’m so glad you watch this stuff and comment on it. I’d be completely out of the loop without your commentaries. Thank you, thank you!

  11. Just let candidates vie for victory in the form of mixed martial arts tournaments, I say.