The Sorest Loser


BLITZER: The celebration continuing on the streets of Libya, throughout the country. We’re following the breaking news this hour, the death of the Libyan dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. I talked about it earlier with Republican senator John McCain, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and I asked whether the Obama administration deserves any credit.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: I congratulate the British and French for their leadership and their effort. And so it’s been a significant success and we should celebrate today.

BLITZER: But the U.S. played a significant role in the NATO operation, not just the British and the French, Senator McCain, the first few weeks, first two weeks in particular, U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles and U.S. air refueling capabilities. The Obama administration, from your perspective, deserves a lot of credit for this, as well, don’t they?

MCCAIN: Oh, I think they deserve credit. The fact is, if we had declared a no-fly zone early on, we would have never had — Gadhafi would have fallen at the beginning.

The second thing is that if we had used our capabilities, the A10 and the AC130, this would have been over a long time ago. But I think the administration deserves credit, but I especially appreciate the leadership of the British and French in this — in carrying out this success.

Anyone else sick of this bitter shithead who can’t deal with the fact that he’ll never live up to the legacies of his daddy and grandfather and that he had to marry a millionaire’s daughter in order to have a career?  He wants to diss President Obama, but he’s also dissing the American troops.  By the way, Captain Underpants didn’t mention his trip to Libya to visit Muammar Gadaffy Shoulda Ducked in August 2009.  Here’s a picture of the historic meeting.  Lindseypoo Graham was also along for the trip.

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The last major stronghold of deposed Col. Muammar Qaddafi fell today just two months after Libyan rebels seized Tripoli, the seat of his government. Qaddafi himself captured and killed with the fighting, marking the end of a line for a eccentric and colorful character who was by turns vilified in the U.S. and cozied up to, depending on which way the winds blow. No one exemplifies the extremes of favoring and denouncing Qaddafi like U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Just 10 days after the first major national demonstrations — and violent reprisals from Qaddafi’s forces — McCain called on the Obama administration to arm the Libyan rebels.


But McCain was not always so clearly opposed to Qaddafi. In the mid-2000s, when the Iraq war began to fall apart and the Bush administration and its hawkish allies were looking for any silver lining, Qaddafi came in from the cold. Libya voluntarily gave up its weapons of mass destruction programs and Western companies poured money into the North African country’s abundant oil fields. By the late-2000s, the détente was in full swing, with visits to Libya by high-level U.S. politicians, including McCain. On his August 2009 visit there, McCain issued a now-infamous tweet:


A diplomatic cable about the visit released by the transparency group WikiLeaks this year explained that in meetings with Qaddafi and his son Muatassim, Libya’s national security chief, McCain said he would help the Libyan government get non-lethal military equipment from the U.S. — something Congress had been resistant to.


After ThinkProgress covered the cable, McCain told Foreign Policy that he had been “non-committal” on helping Qaddafi and that he “never did a single thing to follow up.” But the cable never even mentions the Libyan people or the well-known human rights abuses of Qaddafi’s brutal regime.

Nonetheless, the lengths McCain went to in order to portray himself to Qaddafi as an ally speaks for itself. Juxtaposed with his constant urging for U.S. escalation against Qaddafi since February, the 2009 visit demonstrates just how politics — and not principled opposition to tyranny — were able to guide McCain’s stances on Qaddafi and Libya.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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18 responses to “The Sorest Loser

  1. Republicans are just so gross.

    • they look petty and small and bitter.

      by the way, i’ve added one more rethug to my shitlist. up until today, i’ve said that huntsman is the one rethug whom i could see myself voting for if there was not a better alternative. that sentiment ended today when he appeared on hardball and talked about the “democrat party.” he disrespected an entire party. if he wants to diss some democrats who are in power, that’s fine. it’s his right to disagree with them, and he can state his reasons why. however, when he can’t bring himself to have respect for democratic voters, he can go fuck himself. am i a hypocrite, because i say ‘rethuglican party’ and ‘rethugs?’ when i use those terms, i am speaking about people who are holding public office whom i disagree with. elizabeth is a republican, and i wouldn’t call her a rethug, because i have respect for her. on the other hand, people who applaud people dying because they have no insurance, cheer for the death penalty, and boo a soldier in harm’s way are rethugs, and they can go fuck themselves, too.

  2. jeb

    Note to Mittse: If you need assistance on how to keep from hurting yourself while flip-flopping, CU is available.

    • mittsie has just as much experience as capt underpants. the difference is that capt u has to cushion his fall with his wife’s money, while mittsie cushions his own (that he got from his daddy and his connections that he had because of his daddy).

  3. jay

    Republicans should cheer: their are obstructing everything in Congress while Team America bullies the world. This is a Republican utopia.

  4. “Duck Season!” “Rabbit Season!” Anyone who watched that cartoon remembers how that turned out, with Daffy “winning” the argument by Bugs Bunny tricking him, thus ending up at the business end of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun. In this case, art imitated life, with the same fate befalling KaDaffy Duck.

  5. John Erickson

    Most of the people saying we should’ve gone in sooner to end Qaddafi sooner are the same ones who said we didn’t need a third war. Fox News was QUITE strident on the tone of “here we go again”, and repeatedly pointed out our participation in the NATO op. Now it’s all done, and suddenly we didn’t do enough.
    Hey, changing a position is fine. That SHOULD take MANY months, if not years, of careful review. Saying something 180 out less than 6 months after you screamed the exact opposite is just BS.
    But I guess even GOP hindsight is 20/20 – given enough chances to flip-flop.

    • no matter what obama had done, the rethugs would have found a problem with it. it’s very easy to say that we should have done things differently, and the outcome would have been much better, because there’s no way to prove it. what we do know is that chimpy and deadeye dick created a clusterfuck, and a democrat had to go in and clean up after them.

  6. maggiejean

    Yuck. As Jon Stewart said, “WTF is the matter with these people.”

    • i love how jon stewart takes them apart and highlights just how ridiculous they really are.

      p.s. why didn’t you tell me you were a youtube star, maggiejean? 😀

  7. When Senator Crumudgon visited Lybia to hand carry the full pardon of all charges from the Duke of Dunce, there was much talk of selling a big batch of C-130s to the dictator. Does this mean the deal is off? And the failed flyman might try to get his brain around the fact that the Warthog line was shut down about a quarter of a century ago. We only have so many and haved flied the airframes off of these. That’s OK, we’ll just dip into the thousands and thousands of Spectre gunships. What a fucking idiot. And rancorus too!

  8. gregg

    i recall being astounded that bush was giving his blessing to kaddafy duck and welcoming him back into the family of nations. i remember the duck himself joking somewhat weirdly soon after that maybe he would have to go back to the old days of bombs if he didn’t get his way on something but it was let slide as he was now a member of the “good guys”. and it seems the cia may have used his intelligence services for some interesting projects they were working on….it is always hard to figure out where the sinners and saints are in world politics but mccain is gonna have a hard time getting too many voters to feel compassion for this guy……

    • i don’t know if very many people actually give a flying shit what captain underpants thinks about anything. i don’t know why he’s always invited to all the sunday talking head shows. he’s nauseating to look at and to listen to. he gave up all credibility as far as caring about the country when he picked that dolt, princess sarah, as his running mate. he’s a parody of the facade he picked for himself years ago as some kind of maverick. all that’s left is the ‘ick.’ he needs to shutup and go away. let him get a good therapist to deal with his daddy issues instead of him trying to work them out on national tv.

  9. Well, his interesting man is now dead.
    Obama doesn’t get credit for any part of it. Why don’t they try to shock us with doing something new and different? Like, “Good job.” 🙄 I know. Hell will freeze over first.