Birthers of a Nation

From DORIAN DE WIND at The Moderate Voice:

A few months ago, I commented on a piece by Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts at the Miami Herald calling birthers “morons,” ”jackasses,” “imbeciles,” “idiots,” “doofuses” and “pinheads.”

He also called the birther movement “not just claptrap, but profoundly racist claptrap.”

I said, “While I agree with Pitts on the claptrap, I would not call the birthers morons, imbeciles, idiots, etc. I believe that these people, especially the founders and leaders of this ‘movement,’ are extremely intelligent, capable and resourceful,” and gave some examples to back my claim up:

How else would a movement that started in mid-2008, following Obama’s win in the Democratic primaries be able to convince, a mere two years later, 20 percent of all Americans and 30 percent of Tea Partiers into believing that the president was not born in the United States?

How else would people such as Andy Martin (known as “King of the Birthers”), Jerome Corsi (of John Kerry swift-boating fame), Alan Keyes, Orly Taitz, etc., be able to convince a majority (51 percent) of likely Republican presidential primary voters that the president was born in another country? (2011 survey from Public Policy Polling)

How else could this movement attract reputable and intelligent Republican Party leaders, notables and pundits such as Senator Richard Shelby, Tracey Mann, Liz Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Camille Paglia and others to grant the movement legitimacy, to defend the birthers or at a minimum to humor these conspiracy-minded people?

ilovelucybirthersOriginal image

I also said:

How else would potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates such as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and — more recently — Donald Trump “wink” at the birthers, play coy, demur or dodge the issue; allude to the President’s “Kenyan roots and connections,” but never categorically discredit the birther movement?

This was April 2011, when Palin, Huckabee, Bachmann, Gingrich and Trump were the GOP flavors of the week.

Well, six months later, we have different flavors of the week. This time, Romney, Cain, Perry, Ron Paul, etc.

And yes, we again have one of these flavors of the week (In this case it may be the flavor of the month) acting like what Pitts would call a “moron,” ”jackass,” “doofus” or “pinhead” flirting with birtherism — not once but twice during the last few days. His name is Rick Perry.


But why would the Texas Governor bring up the issue of the President’s citizenship, an issue that most Americans thought had been settled — discredited?

From at THE FIX at The Washington Post:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to raise the idea of President Obama’s citizenship in an interview with Parade magazine over the weekend left many people — Republicans included — scratching their heads.


From a purely political perspective, the issue is a stone cold loser. In April 2010, roughly one in three Republicans said President Obama was born outside of the United States in a Washington Post poll. By April 2011, that number had dipped to just 14 percent. Those numbers were far lower among independents and Democrats.

So, why would Perry raise it not once but twice?

We’ve long written that what Republicans in the 2012 presidential race are looking for is someone not intimidated by President Obama, someone willing to stand up to him aggressively and on all fronts.

It’s why businessman Donald Trump, the person most responsible for pushing the idea of the president’s citizenship into the national limelight, rose in polling earlier this year.


And it’s why Perry is willing to engage in the “fun” of hitting Obama on an issue that has long been settled fact. The birther issue is, oddly, almost beside the point. The idea of simply trying to get under Obama’s skin is what matters.


Perry’s willingness to engage in talk of birtherism is not without risk, however.


On a day when Perry is hoping that the bulk of the media coverage will focus on his flat tax proposal, which he previewed in a Wall Street Journal op-ed and his interview with [CNBC’s John] Harwood, his mention of birtherism will likely take away some — if not most — of the attention from his economic plan.

Perry’s flirtation with birtherism will also likely raise the hackles of some in the GOP party establishment (read: donors) who already harbor doubts about his readiness to represent the party against Obama next fall.

Here’s my theory:  Governor Little Ricky Goodhair is a fucking imbecile.  He doesn’t understand economics or history or foreign policy, but stirring up an old debunked whackadoodle theory is easy enough for this mental midget.


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33 responses to “Birthers of a Nation

  1. Love the title! Nice modern application. I think I’ve used “Afterbirth of a Nation” for that Florida weirdo racist who said he was running for President. Not Pastor Jihad. A different one.

    The poster is great, too! So true.

    • thanks, m’liss. actually, i think i used that title before, or something like it, but i feel like crap, and my brain doesn’t want to work. ‘afterbirth of a nation’ is more descriptive, and i wish i had thought of it. i read about that pastor last night. it’s the one who burned the koran, isn’t it?

  2. John Erickson

    From what I’ve heard and read, I think it is cleverness, or more accurately, what passes for cleverness in that intergalactic void commonly called the inside of Perry’s skull. I think he honestly believes he can goad Obama into getting so angry that he’ll make some horrific gaffe.
    Mind you, this is Perry attempting a battle of wits, despite lacking any….

    • “he can goad Obama into getting so angry that he’ll make some horrific gaffe”

      HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right. When Trump did the same thing to Obama last Spring, the reaction was “bring it on.” When Obama was announcing the release of his birth certificate, his reaction was closer to suppressing laughter than holding his temper.

      “Perry attempting a battle of wits, despite lacking any…”

      This shows that not only does Perry have more balls than brains, but less brains than Bush Jr. The latter was not as bright as Gore, but he and his handlers were smart enough to know not to match wits with him, either. Besides, if he’s looking ahead to Obama, he’s looking too far.

      • “This shows that not only does Perry have more balls than brains, but less brains than Bush Jr.”

        I’m sorry but that’s simply not possible. I don’t think I’ve seen a politician as stupid as Gee Dubya before or since. In fact, I think one would have to go to great lengths to find *anyone* that dumb. “Kids, this is your brain on cocaine.”

        • I don’t think Perry is quite as stupid as Dubya either, or at least he’s more polished and better able to hide the stupidity, which is what scares me about him.

      • John Erickson

        But if Perry has more balls than brains, and has no brains, does that not imply that his ballsiness is fairly close to zero? After all, one would hope that the same person christened “Barren of Grey Matter” not be given the wherewithal to reproduce!
        Or, put mathematically, Perry-sub-Brains < Perry-sub-Ballsiness < Perry-Sub-ShoeSize.

      • he doesn’t have any balls either. he’s a bully, but only when he’s in a safe setting. otherwise, he lets other people, like his wife, do his fighting for him.

    • geazer

      It is unfair to say that Goodhair doesn’t have any wits. I will ALWAYS think of him as being at least a half-wit. He is at least capable of going into a battle of wits half-prepared.

    • i honestly don’t think that gov little ricky goodhair does any thinking at all. that’s why he has such a difficult time at debates. he has his staff to think for him. he’s just the frontman.

  3. I think in some idiotic, convoluted, “it made sense in my own head” kind of way Perry must think that this will somehow positively deflect away from the Niggerhead fiasco.
    “I’m not a racist….that black man in the White House is an illegal alien!”

    What a fricking moron.

    • i don’t think he’s capable of that much planning, dc. first of all, he got away too quickly and without much damage for the n*****head scandal. for the people he appeals to, it doesn’t matter, and herb…i mean, herman cain gave him absolution. i think he just flings shit around to see what’ll stick. he’s like a monkey with poo.

  4. Great title.

    I have finally come down to one statement about birthers, and that more or less covers it:

    If you are a birther, then you are a bigot and/or an idiot.

  5. Oh, I don’t think this stems from a lack of sense or even a lack of intelligence. Rather it serves to distract. And it did, didn’t it! Instead of hearing anything about where Perry stands on important issues, all we hear is this. Later half of the voting population will forget all about it, but will recognize Perry’s name on a ballot. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

    This is the same bullshit they pull up on Capitol Hill. Abortion, gay marriage, ad nauseum infinitum. These are all non-issues that merely take away air time from the real problems that so many are ignorant of, and are never addressed in the mainstream media.

    • i think it’s just ridiculous pandering to that piece of shit donald trump. i don’t know why the rethugs think that his endorsement will matter to anyone. yes, politicians of all stripes use distraction as a tool, but i don’t think that’s what little ricky wanted in this case. he wanted the idiots out there to hear about his ridiculous tax plan. rich people will love it, and he’ll get campaign donations from them, and the teabaggers are too stupid to understand it, but they’ll think the 30 bucks they save by not having to pay h&r block is dandier than the actual tax increase they’ll be paying under the perry plan.

  6. Parry is done. Now he and the wife need to figure out how to keep their mitts on that $20 million in the fund (God’s Money to do God’s Work tm). O’Donnel sure sumed up the Donald “I’ve got my people looking into this and finding shocking things” deal. The guy is a liar and total fraud. And let me throw in a health note for our spiritual leader: you may have suffered an overdose! This almost got me just last night while reading a serious political blog while Capitalism-a love story was playing on the tube, the combo causing double agitation of brain. This can bring on politicious, a dangerous malady which convices you all people are moronic, effort to do anything futile. and causes all deductive reasoning and common sense reduced to the urge to go out and stick a knife into someone! The sure cure is to reduce inane intake, smell flowers more, play with some puppies, and the old mainstay chicken soup. Don’t make me have to come over there!

    • i finally figured out that it’s diverticulitis that has been ailing me. i had it once before years ago, and it’s back. it gets better if i don’t eat, but i get hungry, so i eat, and then i’m miserable again. what really set it off today, though, was watching ‘inside job’ today on tv. it was about the financial crisis, and my head almost ‘sploded along with my intestines listening to the lobbyists and the criminals who took part in and/or enabled the destruction of the economy making excuses for the greedy criminals who stole billions and got away with it. i’m still pissed off. 😡

  7. jeb

    It’s nothing but racism. They’ll never say outright what they really want to say about THAT man in the white house but they’ll goad on their supporters who will say it. We saw the ugliness in the crowds that CU and the Princess addressed in the ’08 campaign and their desperation to win at all costs will keep looking for angles to motivate these people to get out the vote.

    • it’s racism and capitalizing on the racism in this country. not all of the people who are pushing this bullshit are racists, but they love that a lot of the rethuglican primary voters are, and they shovel this shit to them like slop to pigs.

  8. jay

    One of these days, the GOP will have to define what is too crazy for them… Maybe the day after Taitz gets in the Senate (6 years of entertainment).

  9. //doesn’t understand economics or history or foreign policy//
    but I heard he plays a mean game of Uncle Wiggly

    ..hey,,,I still don’t know how you make all those posters….see I am still mastering ‘cut&paste’…… the goddam paste is hard to get off my screen, see.

  10. Sigh, double sigh, triple sigh! Just when I think it can’t get any worse, then along comes another idiotic character in the form of the Koran-burning preacher. I need to update my “Jesus is pissed” blog and add the racist peacher to the long list of miscreants. I swear if any of them get anywhere near the White House, I’m thinking of going back to the Middle East to live. I swore I was too old to be an ex-pat again, but desperate times call for desperate means. Maybe this time, I’ll just move to Canada. Anyone want to join me?

    • i think we should find an island where we can all live. blog island. we can start our own country. maybe we’ll pull a ‘the mouse that roared’ stunt, take over the u.s., and give it a good kick in the ass until it comes back to its senses.

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    Perry is so history. That was a blatantly desperate move to garner support from the lowest hanging fruit in society. He is one angry, rotten man.

    • Bear in mind, he governs a state which banned “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” from grade schools because the author had the same name as the author of a book called “Ethical Marxism.”

      • sigh. the stupidity is so hard to take sometimes.

      • Anybody who missed the Maddow interview the other night with former ag/sec Yarburough need to view it to get a close up insight of the gov. My favorite observation: When stoopid goes over a hundred dollars a barrel, I want the drilling rights to his head”.

    • i wouldn’t count him out just yet, especially because mittsie can’t seem to gain any traction. nobody thought capt underpants would be the candidate last time, but he pulled it off by being the default.

  12. Very good theory. I swear, by the look on his face, there were times in that debates where a lot of the stuff seemed to go right over his head. Maybe that’s why he wants to avoid them now.