The Sheriff of Nuttyham


The birther movement, thought dead by multiple debunkings and the release of President Obama’s actual birth certificate, was thrust back into the national spotlight this week when Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), a former frontrunner in the race for the GOP’s presidential nomination, called birtherism “a good issue to keep alive” and claimed he wasn’t sure where Obama was born.


This week, birther queen Orly Taitz joined radical Arizona immigration sheriff Joe Arpaio — who is conducting his own investigation into Obama’s birthplace — at a Tea Party town hall in Arizona, where she sought to provide Arpaio with further evidence to bolster his case. Arpaio, however, surprised the crowd by telling Taitz that he has evidence even she doesn’t have. And though he can’t tell her, or anyone else, what it is, he promises it will surprise even the harshest critics of the birtherism movement […]

sheriffofcochiseOriginal DVD cover

Another kingpin of the birther movement, real estate tycoon and former potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, is trying to keep the birther movement alive as well, saying Perry’s reigniting the birther flame was a “positive thing.”

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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20 responses to “The Sheriff of Nuttyham

  1. sorry i haven’t answered a lot of the comments, kids. the power went out for hours last night, and when it finally came on, the internets and the cable tv didn’t work. had to find a story and a poster in a hurry today and slap it together. have to make din-din. back in a bit.

  2. Its amazing to me that these people are able to walk and talk. I would think . . . inhale, exhale, repeat . . . would consume what limited brain functions they possess.

    • hello ms restraint,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      yes, it appears that anything above brainstem activity is an effort for these people. how many times can you beat a dead horse before you finally accept that it’s dead?

      hope you’ll stop by again soon. 🙂

  3. jay

    Nuttyham is a genius pun… 😀

  4. Got to see the bad video of the eveny over at OFGS. Every time, the same clap-trap, in the same order, waiving the same two pieces of paper. Someone contact the Moldava embassy and have them send over some men with a straight jacket please! And sheriff Joe, a lot of folks mysteriously die in your jail. Won’t it be something the day you end up in it.

  5. Seem to have lost a T somewhere?! Nonnie, don’t you miss upstate NY right now with the 12-15 inches of heavy wet snow in the leafy trees? They say over 2 million without power!

    • wouldn’t it be poetic justice for neonazi-lover joe to end up in tattered pink underwear and having to look over his shoulder every moment, sweating in fear and because of the 110+ degree heat in the tent he shares with 100 of his new best friends?

      i don’t envy people up north with no power. i see that it’s 32 degrees right now where i used to live. i’d probably freeze in place and never move again if i was there. down here, we’re getting weather alerts every 5 minutes on tv. flood alerts, tornado alerts. 😯 tornadoes? wtf? we’re supposed to worry about hurricanes, not tornadoes. one did quite a bit of damage just a few miles from here last week (or was it the week before?). in fact, one touched down right where i lived before i lived here.

  6. So, when is Arpaio’s notorious pink underwear going to make an appearance?

  7. Of course it’s a good issue to keep alive. We wouldn’t want to keep talking about Perry’s hunting camp, now would we. And I’m sure there’s no connection at all between those two topics…

    Also, I can’t wait to see what surprising evidence Sheriff Arpaio has up his pink underpants!

    • it’s about the only issue a candidate like gov little ricky goodhair can keep alive, because he doesn’t have anything else. he can keep bragging about his job creating prowess, but when you scratch the surface, you realize he stole jobs from the surrounding states by giving away everything to corporations and allowing them to pay their workers less.

      wouldn’t it be hilarious if they found gov little ricky goodhair up sheriff joe’s pink undies? there are those rumors, and anita always looks so unsatisfied. just sayin’.

  8. John Erickson

    What’s on the badge, Nonnie? Can’t get the resolution up enough to see. Great poster, especially with the short lead-in time!
    Am I a bad person if I just sigh and say “Call me when somebody in the GOP Presidential candidate pool has an actual thought”?

  9. Apparently, these people will never let it go.

    • that’s okay. rational people know that they’re either nuts or they’re desperate, and they look like idiots. the more they push this bullshit, the more the ultimate nominee will have to defend it.