Mittsie’s Moronism

Hey, kids, I was out spending a lot of money on new appliances, and I wasn’t able to do a new poster.  However, I read this at AMERICA blog by John Aravosis:

Mitt Romney can’t have it both ways. Either a person’s religion is relevant or it’s not. But Romney can’t say, as he did during the 2008 elections, that he wouldn’t choose a Muslim as a cabinet secretary, and then turn around and say please don’t discuss whether we should chose a Mormon as president. Either a person’s religion is relevant or its not. And Romney clearly thinks it is relevant when the religion is Islam. So why isn’t it relevant when it’s Mormonism?

That reminded me of an old quote of Mittsie’s from back in 2007:

Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone.

I’m confused.  Is bigotry is bad, but only when it’s aimed at Mormon’s?


Back to John Aravosis:

I’m surprised this didn’t come up much during the recent brouhaha about one of Rick Perry’s top religious supporters calling Mormonism a cult. Romney’s attitude towards Islam is pretty much the same as this pastor’s attitude towards Mormonism. Both are judging a potential politician’s appointment to a senior government job based on their faith.

This seems to be a central tenet of Mormonism: Please leave me alone while I attack you.


Whether it’s the innocent settlers the Mormons massacred back in 1857, after the Mormons had fled being massacred themselves in the midwest, or the Mormons’ treatment of gays today (the Mormons have invested millions of dollars over the past two decades in passing legislation taking away the civil rights of gay Americans while at the same time public bemoaning America’s ambivalence towards Mormons, and publicly criticizing gays for having a problem with the Mormons’ multi-million dollar anti-gay activism).  Look at the way Mormons treated blacks.  Look at the way Mormons continue to treat Jews.  It’s a fascinating history of religious and political aggression from a people who constantly demand the right to be left alone.


Mitt Romney is a hypocrite for saying religion matters for a cabinet secretary but not for the presidency.


Romney opened up this can of worms all by himself.  He can’t have it both ways.


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20 responses to “Mittsie’s Moronism

  1. sorry for dusting off some oldie goldies, but i didn’t get home until 20 minutes ago.

  2. Thanks. I’m craving Certs now. God, I used to love those things. And Dyna- mints, too. And Fruit Stipe gum.
    Oh yeah, and Rmoney’s a moron.
    Mmmmmm, mints.

    • i used to be addicted to certs! i loved the fruit-flavored ones and the wintergreen. and fruit stripe gum! i haven’t even thought of that in ages. i loved fruit stripe gum!

  3. Romney is on at least two sides of just about every issue, so one should hardly be surprised that a candidate’s religious views are both completely irrelevant and vitally important to his way of thinking.

    As for double-speak being a tenet of Mormonism … well, … yeah.

    According to their public statements, Mormonism is a Christian faith. But if you take a look around their web site, you’ll find out that they argue that the rest of Christianity isn’t. (I’d argue that they are, in fact, a fourth Abrahamic religion, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    • mittsie will say and do anything that will get him the nomination. he, like capt underpants, thinks that he’s entitled to the presidency. i don’t think mittsie would limit himself to just 2 sides on every issue. there are shades of gray, so he could have oodles of positions on each one. weathervane mittsie goes whichever way the wind is blowing at the moment.

  4. Love your parody ads! I would rate that bunch four crosses and one talking hat. Funny that the Smithites don’t seem to be in the Fellowship of Christian Churches. Even the Cambelites (Church of Christ) finally got in when they agreed to stop preaching scism. If religion is any criteria, he will lose big time. Baptists will not vote for a Mormon, nor the evangelical tribes. Not the same as the Kennedy-Catholic thing at all.

    • i’m surprised you didn’t remember those, jerry. they were actually pretty popular when i posted them back in 2007. mittsie hasn’t changed much since then. maybe i should send him a thank-you card.

      this isn’t like the kennedy-catholic thing at all, if only because people associate mormons with polygamy. that’s a bridge too far for fundies, even though only renegade mormon sects believe in polygamy nowadays.

  5. elizabeth3hersh

    Lol nonnie! I haven’t seen a master of equivocation this good since the likes of Yasser Arafat (who could dribble hummus out of both sides of his mouth).

  6. John Erickson

    The classic posters were great, Nonnie. And a big salute to you for trying your very own economic stimulus package! (gee, I remember being able to do that. Now I’m lucky if I can afford a used microwave!) 🙂

    • thanks john! 🙂

      yeah, i’m stimulating the economy as best i can. i can’t really afford new appliances, but i can’t afford not to get them. it’s a matter of time before old frosty breathes its last, and that would not only mean the loss of hundreds of dollars of food, but having to buy a refrigerator immediately. that would mean paying top dollar, because i’d have to go where the smaller fridges are immediately available. i learned after replacing my 30-year-old air conditioner that spending a lot can actually save more in the long run. it cost me around $2000 for a new a/c (i bought the outdoor and the indoor units about a year apart, because i couldn’t afford both at once). instead of $300+ electric bills a month during the summer (which lasts about 9 months a year here), the highest my bill has been not quite $150. it’s usually around $120, and sometimes is as low as $90. it might go down even more now that i have the new water heater and after i get the new appliances. old frosty has got to be using a lot of energy. the poor thing needs a rest.

  7. jay

    Double Mitt nails it perfectly 😀

    Were you able to find some non-evil appliance?

    • i hope so, j-p! i wound up getting frigidaire. it’s actually owned by electrolux, which is a swedish company, but they have a plant in north carolina. i just read today that their profits dropped, and they’ll have some cost-cutting measures, but they haven’t announced them yet. maybe they’ll cut american jobs, too. all i can say is that i tried to be a good citizen, and i hope my best was good enough.

  8. jeb

    2 Freligion cups! Oh man, I’m dying over here. 🙂

    As for Mittsie, you’re right. Like CU and Dole before him, he should be Prez because it’s his turn damnit! Just tell him what position you want him to take and he’ll grab it with both hands until another position comes along.

    • unlike capt u and dole, mittsie doesn’t feel entitled to be prez, because he worked his way up the ranks of the political ladder. instead, he was a spoiled little rich boy who grew up to be a spoiled rich man who thinks he should get whatever he wants to get. that’s worse than capt u and dole. i can understand someone working at a job for many years and then having the boss hire someone else when the top spot opens up. on the other hand, it’s pretty tacky to act like you’re heir to the throne just because you’re rich.