Herman Cain, What a Doll!

This is what happens when you make a comment around me.  This is the thread over at the Big Orange that started it all. Eventually, Jeff Y declared that  Herb Herman Koch Cain is:

The black Caribou Barbie

Of course, that reminded me of this old poster:
And that got me thinking that Herb Hermie deserved his own action figure.  Maybe he and Princess Sarah Palin will be hosting a show togther over at Faux News one day, and we don’t want Caribou Barbie’s doll to be lonely.

I’ve been scrubbing the kitchen in anticipation of the new appliances’ arrival tomorrow, so I didn’t have time to find a story to cut and paste, but you know what’s going on, kids.  Another woman has said that the Koch Brother From Another Mother sexually harassed her, too, and the Rethuglicans are just eating it up!  Meanwhile, Mark Marlboro Guy Block continues to stand by his man and make everything worse.  Instead of Americans for Prosperity, perhaps they should rename their group Americans for Propensity for Harassing Females.

kendollhermancainOriginal doll


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20 responses to “Herman Cain, What a Doll!

  1. “..And the Last shall be the First”…Wher”d everybody go? Maddow nailed the sucker tonight with the performance art chronicle. That wise saying at the first debate came from the lyrics of the theme song of the Pokemon movie (pica..pica!). We all know he swiped the 999 thing from Sims town. Now the brother/mother line came from a Jackie Chan movie. But it’s OK. Even the godman Ronald stole the “I paid for this microphone” line from an old Spencer Tracy film. They are not known for originality. Maybe he should try “is that a pepperoni in your pocket or are you just glad to see me!”

    • thank goodness you showed up, jerry. i don’t know where everyone else is, and i’m feeling a bit forsaken. 😥 is everyone occupying raisin ranch without telling me? i feel like one of those guys on the tv commercials who get their text messages way after everybody else.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’ll wait for the set of dolls that will complete my collection: Cain and his brothers, the Kochs. At a fairly discounted price for sure!

  3. Sara

    nonnie, sorry I have been missing in action for a while, but I do read your stuff religiously, just haven’t had time to reply. Am leaving town for three weeks (cruising in Europe and then crossing to FLL) and frankly, I need to clean out my brain from all this Republican candidate news because it is so bizarre.

    i remember being on a cruise ship in 2004 and having a european guest say to me “Twenty million people in the US couldn’t find someone better to vote for?” (referencing Shrub, of course) so I am dreading the eventual questions at dinner. then there was the time I was sitting at a table with an asshat from Colorado or Canada, can’t remember which, who told me that
    “all the major corporations in the US are run by Jews.” So I put on my dumb blonde look and said, “Really? I didn’t know Bill Gates was Jewish” and then did it again for about 20 more major corps (good thing I used to read the WSJ)

    if I get any good ones this cruise, will let you know!
    Stay sane.

    • no apologies necessary, sara. i’ve kinda been MIA as well. maybe i’ll write a post about it tomorrow. i’m so exhausted that i can hardly keep my eyes open. my apologies to all the raisinettes for not posting something new tonight.

      gave a safe trip and a glorious time! check in if and when you can. we want to hear all about your adventures. let them know that not all americans are nuts. i’ll miss you!

  4. jay

    Awesome job on the $9.99 doll 😀

  5. Nonnie, I still love you babe. After I didn’t get raptured, I had to do the next best thing and take a trip to Disney World with my man, White and Wonderful. Plus, I picked up a “hater” after my last blog (“Don’t Quote Me–But I Think Jesus is Pissed”) cause I called my Christian peeps out about the nasty behavior they been doin’ “in the name of Jesus.” So I told off that self-righteous biotch over Facebook (blocked her), wrote a post on authenticity inspired by being in Disney World and a Christian in America, and got some sun (no jokes, please 🙂 So, I’m back! But I took you along with me while I hung out with Mickey and continued to read your posts. Love this one about Hermie because he’s going down in flames–one revealed harassment at a time. I wonder what song he’ll break out into when all has fully comes to light. This is truly a case of “where there is smoke, there is going to be a triple-alarm forest fire.” Cheers! ET

    • i still love you, too, eleanor, and i feel terrible for not having commented over at your place. this week has been one thing after another, and it’s utter havoc here. i started to read your disney post, and i had to leave the computer and didn’t get back to it. i promise i will, because i absolutely adore your writing.

  6. John Erickson

    Didn’t mean to abandon ya, Nonnie. The dang cold/flu/crud/whate3ver is still stalking me, and the head is trying to sue for separation – and I just might let it! 😉
    But can’t you show the GOP a little love, and sell the cigarettes WITH Cigarette Guy? Kind of a two-for-one butthead package. 😀

    • i hope you feel all better soon, john. i shouldn’t chastise anyone else for abandonment when i’ve been a very bad nonnie this week. once the dust settles, i’ll gave something new. i picked out something to work on, and then didn’t get even a minute to photoshop. i finally decided to just take the day off and try to get this house in order. i’m wondering how much longer i can stay awake. if i don’t respond to a raisinette, i beg your forgiveness. i’m so, so tired.

      p.s. cigarette guy is sold with the ciggies, but sold separately from the herb doll. (hope that makes your holiday shopping easier, john. 😉 )

  7. Taking a well deserved day off My Dear? You do this maybe once a year?! We should just declare Nonnie Appreciation Day and let you know how much we look forward to your clever photoshop and witty observations. And you must be fatigued from appliance wrangling and rearranging stuff. But, speaking for most raisinettes, we look forward to your tireless efforts to give us a lighthearted moment in this not so amusing world. And you do it everyday for us all with only the compensation of the odd witty and/or smartass remark. I like HR ’cause it’s like hanging around with some friends for a while. And, unlike last year while being unpluged, I won’t forget your birthday. Let’s see, was that 37…38…????

    • thanks, jerry. i was so exhausted, and i still didn’t get into bed until almost 6 in the morning. this place was such a mess, and i couldnt’ stand the thought of waking up to it. i slept like the dead for a few hours, and then the phone started ringing off the hook. maybe i’ll write up the adventures in appliance replacement tomorrow if i’m a bit more awake. i’m at the barely functioning level right now, though i managed to knock out a photoshop.

      my son is going on vacation from decemeber 18th-28th, and i have to stay at his place so i can feed the fish. maybe i’ll be able to think of something in advance to photoshop before i leave. i’ll see how things are going then.

  8. Hilarious! Nice work 🙂

  9. Herman Cain is evidence that Sarah Palin actually could have won.

    • that sent shivers up my spine. i don’t know if i agree or not. herb might be able to win the rethug nomination, only because rethugs seem to hate mittsie. i don’t think he will, but it’s possible. it proves that rethug primary voters will vote based on personality rather than knowledge and intelligence, so that would be in princess’s favor. however, i don’t think a lot of them are quite ready to vote for a woman. maybe they just have a thing for glasses.