For His Next Musical Number: Amazing Disgrace

From THE FIX  at The Washington Post:

Conservatives are not rushing to defend businessman Herman Cain in the wake of a press conference in which Sharon Bialek — with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred at her side — claimed that the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO made an unwanted, physical sexual advance on her in 1997.

Many are pointing out that there are numerous verifiable details in Bialek’s story and are reserving judgment until more reporting comes out. Few seem willing to dismiss her story completely.


A few did dismiss the accusations out of hand. “She’s lying,” said Adam Baldwin, an actor and frequent contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism site. “Not a credible performance.”

Numerous conservatives commented on Bialek’s hair and makeup, and the fact that she had hired Allred, a Democratic donor. Rush Limbaugh mocked her as a “blonde bombshell” with a funny name.


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“There’s nothing here,” said Sean Hannity on his radio show. “The lady didn’t even work for the company.”

Talk show host Laura Ingraham said Bialek’s frequent mentions of her boyfriend were “convenient” and that Allred’s jokes had a “racial overtone.”


But a larger number of conservative pundits appear to be giving Bialek the benefit of the doubt — for now.

“Some will conclude that anyone who hires Allred as a lawyer is after publicity, and is not to be trusted,” wrote National Review’s Jim Geraghty. “But that’s a non sequitur; a truthful person can hire Allred as easily as a liar.”

Hot Air’s Michelle Malkin voiced some skepticism about Bialek’s history. “So Bialek is single with a teenage child, with no discernible means of income, and employing a top Democrat hit woman celebrity attorney.” Malkin also suggested that Bialek’s mannerisms — “she giggled. She talked about her new hairdo” — made her less credible. But, Malkin ultimately concluded: “I need to know more.”


“While seeing Gloria Allred insert herself into another national scandal (her last client was a porn star) was disturbing, listening to Sharon Bialek’s story of how she was dealt with by Herman Cain was even more shocking,” said  Penny Nance of conservative group Concerned Women for America. “Mr. Cain needs to address these new allegations head on.”

Breitbart’s Big Journalism site actually confirmed part of Bialek’s story — that she did attend Teacon 2011, a tea party event in Chicago where Cain spoke.

From Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn at The Washington Post:

There’s really no way to adequately describe how downright weird Herman Cain’s news conference was today. There was Cain referring to “Herman Cain,” a throwback to Bob Dole’s frequent use of self-referential third person. There was the part where he told us that there may be other allegations — but those will be false. Memorable, too, was his insistence that the claimants are all anonymous, when in fact two women have been identified by name. Then there was the ranting and raving about the media, although Sharon Bialek came forth with no media filter.


In a way, this was a fitting downfall: The slick ex-talk show host undone by his own rambling. He was no longer charming. He was desperate and entirely unbelievable. Forget the presidency. Forget becoming a conservative icon. Cain succeeded only in leaving the impression that he may be a bit off his rocker.


Who is to be believed: Cain or the women? Certainly Cain has managed to discredit himself as much, or more, than any of them have.

What about those bloggers and talk show hosts who went to the ramparts defending him and pushed the narrative that this was all a racist plot? One only hopes that readers and listeners will take their future utterances with a large helping of salt. These “genuine” conservatives who pretend to talk for an entire political movement, it seems, have rather poor judgment.


We should take Cain at his word that he’s not going to drop out of the race. But now it makes little difference. He’s been revealed as a crank and a bit of a fraud, a man masquerading as a polished professional.

Note:  Jennifer Rubin is a conservative and a supporter of the Tea Party.


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42 responses to “For His Next Musical Number: Amazing Disgrace

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I have always taught my daughters to reserve judgment based on patterns of behavior and to cut some slack based on the anecdotal. What are we up to here…five women? It’s like the common criminal: for every charge that sticks there were probably dozens of others they got away with. Why is this man even a candidate? NPR claims their polling revealed a candidate that was akin to “a breath of fresh air.” And now like Fergie, who unceremoniously was caught by paparazzi having her toes sucked, Cain has morphed into a gigantic smelly fart. Open the doors and let the air out!! Charcoal impregnated underpants couldn’t contain this stench.

    • elizabeth3hersh

      Addendum: for those of you who don’t remember the Fergie fiasco, Fergie was believed by many to bethe “breath of fresh air” the royal family seemed to need att the time.

      • i think another pattern of behavior to watch is the treatment of women by a lot of these people who are defending hermie. there were lots of rumors about hermie when he was a lobbyist. he quit the natl restaurant association before his contract was up. are any of them questioning why? of course not. that would interfere with their narrative about the evil lamestream media and the evil dems (which makes no sense whatsoever, because we dems would love for hermie to be the nominee) and every other evil group they have sticks up their asses about. as a result, the limpdicks, sean insanities, ferbissineh ingraham, and whoever this asswipe actor is lose credibility every time they open their mouths. not that they had much credibility in the first place.

        p.s. by the way, has bill0 been flapping his lips about this, or has the term ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ put him in a nostalgic mood? maybe he went out for falafels.

        • gregg

          he keeps mixing up the falafels with the lufas and sometimes passes really weird stools.

        • elizabeth3hersh

          Yes, billo has been flapping his lips, but I have been fast-forwarding at the first mention of Cain. I watched last night to hear his analysis. He predicted the allegations would not harm Cain’s core supporters. I was surprised that O’Reilly did not (in his customary pompous fashion) call for Cain to step down in light of the numerous allegations…I actually expected as much.

          In Cain’s defense, the man is not a sociopath. Narcissistic perhaps, but definitely not sociopathic.

          • elizabeth3hersh

            Just finished watching the entire billo show. Stossel was on the show arguing for drug legalization (his fights with Stossel and especially Geraldo keep me tuning in), plus O redeemed himself (somewhat) when he called for Paterno to step down from Penn State. O is one of the most militant child abuse advocates out there…not sure why that doesn’t extend to Cain and adult misbehaviour. Sometimes he drives me crazy and I want to strangle him (like when he asked Deepak Chopra recently why he didn’t “kick Richard Dawkins ass” [!] when they both were students at Cambridge), but he will redeem himself in other ways. The nuns got to him plain and simple.

          • i’m not surprised bill0 didn’t call for hermie to step down. after his own sexual harassment scandal, he’d be attacked by sean insanity, ferbissineh ingraham, and the other hermie supporters.

            i don’t see why sociopath isn’t a fitting description of hermie. he apparently has no empathy whatsoever. if you’re poor, you should blame yourself?

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Right on, liz. Thank you for that sensible response (your’s frequently are!). As I’ve said on other blogs, our society seems quite willing to believe accusers of priests and coaches, but for some odd reason, these women don’t seem to deserve the benefit of the doubt. Herman Cain isn’t a breath of fresh air – he’s showing himself to be a lot like other candidates. More of the same deception and using their political machines to demolish people with perceived less standing.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        Thanks Snoring Dog Studio! I almost fell out of bed when NPR reported their “fresh air” polling result. All this time I thought people were on board the 9-9-9 plan since it suited their selfish interests rather than backing a plan for the collective good of the country. Of course, if that response had been an option, no one would own up to it.

  2. This disgusting right-wing pile-on, I think, is a warning to other women about what will happen to them if they accuse a conservative candidate. The patriarchy is alive and well, and it’s sickening.

    • isn’t it always this way? little davy vitter gets caught in a hooker scandal along with some other high-powered men, and the madam was the one who was bashed so badly in the media (and by law enforcement), she felt she had no other choice than suicide. not a damned thing happened to vitter or any of the other men on the madam’s list. women have no value to some rethuglicans. they are to be used and then discarded.

    • unfortunately for hermie, there is power in numbers. the women are banding together, and they will be a force to be reckoned with. instead of a warning that will make women cower in the shadows, hermie’s disgusting behavior and arrogance, as well as that of pieces of shit like rush limpdick, will convince them to come forward and tell people what he did.

  3. jay

    I can’t help picturing Cain’s wife hidden in the box while Cain is “taking care of business”. Oh, I love how you changed “blu-ray” for something more appropriate… 😀

    • i usually change blu-ray disc to something to fit the revised posters.

      i don’t know whether to feel sorry for mrs. cain or not. is she as disgusted at her husband’s behavior, or is she an enabler? it appears she’s not ready to go on tv and make excuses for him, but is it a matter of conscience, or does she just not care?

  4. The righties don’t ever seem able to handle foreign-sounding last names. Do they realize they live in a nation of immigrants…? I listened to Rush going on his prolonged rant of “What is it, Byalek? Bea-lik? Buyalick?” Ugh.

    Also, jokes with a racial overtone? Bad Gloria, bad! The conservatives wouldn’t be caught dead making those.

    • stimulus package has racial overtones?

      rush limpdick’s mind immediately went to ‘buy-a-lick’, because that’s what he usually has to do. he can’t find anyone to do it for free. he could slather himself in peanut butter, and dogs would still reject him.

  5. John Erickson

    Hey, we do have some glimmers of common sense showing tonight! Ohio (that desolate redneck wonderland I am forced to live in) has told our Gov. Kasich to “eff off” with his union-busting attempts, and Melissa tells me Mississippi voted down a bill against In-Vitro fertilisation and abortion.
    And despite the accuser’s questionable performance, I’m hearing a lot of flack coming Cain’s way.
    Dare we hope?

    • and don’t forget that neo-nazi lover russell pearce in arizona lost big time today, too! yes, he was replaced by another rethug, but one that isn’t a crazy-ass bigot like pearce.

      i still await something good to happen here in floriduhhh.

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      I have hope, John! I woke up to some great news today and for a change, I don’t feel like the world has gone mad!

  6. Love the bouquet of condoms. If there was only one woman, it could be questioned. But four? Come on. And the constantly changing story? I believe the four women.

  7. He’s toast. Such swine, an insult to the piglet standing next to him!

  8. Who the hell does this Koch sucker think he is impugning the character of the five victims of his inappropriate behavior?

    Herman Cain claims he “can’t recall” any of these women. Convenient, hey Herman?

    His affect is pure sociopath — an all too character trait seen in many a corporate leader. This is how CEOs can fire 15,000 employees and never lose a wink of sleep.

    I hope Cain is the GOP nominee. President Obama will clean the floor with him next year in the debates and ultimately, the 2012 election.

    • i think you hit the nail on the head, christopher. i think hermie is a sociopath. a normal person who is falsely accused screams in anger that the people accusing him are liars. hermie’s tone was measured and practiced. no emotion whatsoever. no indignation or outrage. it’s as though he was trying to imitate what he thinks someone’s reaction should be. there’s something really creepy about him and the people he surrounds himself with. i think once the women come out of the shadows, they’ll compare quite favorably to hermie in the eyes of most thinking people.

  9. Looks like you will have to borrow the “now serving” counter from the Grinch. The only thing that could make this funnier is an undead F. Lee Bailey putting him under oath in a deposition and asking…”Mr. Cain, have you ever used the words : whea de white wimmen”. Now I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt her. Surely he was just expaining his nine inch plan. And the blonde lady was looking for A job, while he was more interested in locating a B job.

    • 😆 i had almost forgotten about newtie’s now-serving counter. i never thought i would do this, but i have to defend newtie, at least a little bit. he’s a disgusting pig, but at least he didn’t force himself on women against their will. somehow, he miraculously found women who actually agreed to allow him to get his dinky stinky with them. newtie may have made women pathetic figures to be pitied by dint of being with him, but hermie made women victims.

  10. gregg

    “I will absolutely take a lie detector test when I have a reason to…” combined with “I’m not an expert on how the brain works…” works out to mean if I can figure out how my brain can beat the machine I will take the test. I guess.

    • this is going to sound disgusting, but it’s something i heard about on tv a few weeks ago. the easiest way to beat a polygraph is, when you are about to lie, to contract the sphincter muscles in your ass. there are a lot of blood vessels in that area, and squeezing the sphincter slows down the blood flow in your body as well as changing your breathing pattern, thereby fooling the polygraph.

  11. 😆 😆 😆 The condom bouquet. 😆 😆 😆

    Doesn’t that cheesy grin at the end of the smoking ad just say, “come suck it, ladies” now? I started to believe Rachel Maddow, that this was satire, but Cain looks so absurd and pained in the last 24 hours of sound bites.

    • i think this started as a way to up his book sales and speaking fees, but somewhere along the way, hermie started believing his own campaign ads. that wasn’t a cheesy grin, it was a shit-eating smile. i think he’s incapable of thinking that he has ever done anything wrong. though elizabeth doesn’t buy it, i think christopher hit it dead on when he said hermie is a sociopath.

  12. I initially thought he might surprise us and survive …. but then I saw the interview about the second accuser, whose character seems to be top shelf. Meanwhile, what are the titles he’s holding?

    • My conservative fb friends are giving huge props to Cain right now.

      For comedy, I have to root for him, too. And what a kick in the nuts to Romney and Gingrich. 😆

    • i’m hoping he’ll stick around. he makes his party look like a laughingstock. it seems they’ve forgotten that more than half the voters in this country are women, and a large majority of them have not drunk the kool-aid. they still believe that women are not around to be taken advantage of by men.

      he’s holding a condom bouquet. i thought it might come in handy. 😉