A Grateful Raisin Salutes You!

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14 responses to “A Grateful Raisin Salutes You!

  1. John Erickson

    While this is very much America’s Veteran’s Day (and the most important day of the year to thank all those who have served to defend our freedoms), it is not the US’ day alone. This day stands for veterans around the world who stood, and in many cases died, to defend their homelands. We need to thank not only our own vets, but those of allies who have stood fast at our side through wars great and small, recent and ancient, all in the cause of freedom and human rights.
    So besides the “Thank you” I send to all the US forces out there, I also send a “thank you” to our brothers to the North, to our brothers and friends “across the pond”, to my beloved Poles on their 93rd Independence Day, and to all the brave fighting men and women around the world.
    We owe you all a debt beyond repayment.

  2. maggiejean

    As I said on the GOS, very nice nonnie. Very nice indeed. Let’s hope we can further salute our veterans by having them all live to old age. Peace now please.

    • let them all live to ripe old ages and have happy and healthy and prosperous lives. that starts with jobs. let them stay in the military and help build bridges and fix the infrastructure. there’s plenty to go around for public workers, the military, and private contractors, because this place is a mess.

  3. Keen poster! Nothing starts a war quicker than percieved weakness. During postwar interviews with our Nipponese adversaries, one of the most frequent answers to “why did you think you could defeat the US” was wooden guns. Seems that newsreels of the Lousiana NG doing manuevers showed many with wooden rifles and that, combined with our army being rated 16th by Janes, was all the warmongers needed. Well, that and the fact GB had so much empire overeach in asia and elsewhere to be totaly undefendable. And it’s such a shame what the family fued in Europe led to that summer in 1914. The end of the kings and empires didn’t go quietly. And like Pershing a Foch predicted “If you don’t march into Berlin, you will be right back into it in twenty years”. Only missed it by months. They don’t do that sort of thing in Europe anymore. What centuries of building up acheve can be destroyed in days…now seconds…and killing the populations in encriments of 10 million doesn’t seem to be in fashon anymore. But war is like surviving Jr. High. You’ve got to be able to give as good as you get. And survive.

    • John Erickson

      Tex, there are MILES of footage of pre-war exercises with wooden machine guns, trucks with the word “TANK” on a sign hung on the side, logs on sawhorses as artillery, and so forth. Money was so tight that during one of the big war games in Louisiana, Patton was leading a column of some light armour (mostly versions of WW1 French light tanks) when he wanted to do an end run. They started to run low on fuel, so he drove his column into a local gas station and paid for the fuel out of his own pocket! The footage is quite comical, if you can ignore the pathetic light it cast our military in.

      • how things have changed, huh?

        ♥ <— so you don't feel insecure, john.

      • Oh, I know. Even the krauts did it in the late Reichswer period when their heaviest armour unit were motorcycles with sidecars. They look as silly as James MacArthur did in 1970 when he played the lead in that crappy biker flick where they all wore SS uniforms. Book him Sturmfuerer!

        • John Erickson

          Yeah, but you can kinda forgive the Reichswehr, considering what Versailles left them (or DIDN’T leave them). And it interestingly served the same purpose – kept the cadres educated until the forces could be filled out.
          As to James MacArthur, well, he was a great actor, so you can forgive him an occasional trespass. After all, I have forgiven William Shatner for “Rocketman” – almost!

    • i always learn something from you and john erickson when it comes to military stuff. you make me a little smarter every day. 🙂