Uncle Rupie’s Son-dick-ate

From Mail Online:

Police investigating phone-hacking at the News of the World have recovered a series of ‘bombshell’ emails which they believe takes the inquiry to ‘a new level’.

The emails were among tens of thousands held by the newspaper at a data storage facility in India.

Police are believed to want to question News International chief James Murdoch and former Sun and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks about their contents.

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Discussions have taken place with the Crown Prosecution Service about whether Mr Murdoch should be arrested and interviewed under caution.


The latest twist in the case emerged 24 hours after Mr Murdoch – the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch – was grilled for two and a half hours on Thursday by a House of Commons select committee.

In a bruising second appearance before the Culture Committee, he insisted he had not learned until recently that the practice of illegally eavesdropping on private phone messages went beyond a single ‘rogue reporter’.

Detectives on Operation Weeting, the Scotland Yard squad investigating phone-hacking, took a detailed note of his comments.

His testimony will be compared to the emerging email evidence in India, before he is interviewed by police.


Three months ago, the technology firm HCL told the Home Affairs Committee it was aware of the deletion of hundreds of thousands of emails at the request of News International between April 2010 and July 2011, but said it did not know of anything untoward behind the requests to delete them.


While testifying on Thursday, Mr Murdoch was accused by Labour MP Tom Watson of acting like a ‘mafia boss’ whose company operated ‘omerta’ – a code of silence to cover up criminal behaviour.

After Mr Murdoch repeatedly denied being aware of wrongdoing within the company he has led since 2007, Mr Watson told him: ‘You must be the first mafia boss in history who didn’t know he was running a criminal enterprise.’

Mr Murdoch confirmed he had not been detained for questioning by police, but informed sources say that will change in the coming weeks. One source told the Mail: ‘It is possible the most shocking revelations in the phone-hacking scandal are yet to come.’


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25 responses to “Uncle Rupie’s Son-dick-ate

  1. going out to dinner with the offspring. back later!

  2. jay

    More and more I am horrified by the agenda of most of whom own our media. Independant media are plentiful but have a limited reach.

    • it’s just as scary as the big banks controlling too much of our economy. when the media is not only controlled by a handful of people and is owned by corporations, then we’ll only hear what they want to tell us, not what we need to know.

  3. John Erickson

    What’s the old saying? “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”? Or as the Brits say, “If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas”!

  4. That’s a proper hammering. But this is an excruciatingly slow investigation.

    • The Brits are being very careful as they work their way down to the bottom of this Stygian pit of corruption. They want to be sure they have everything right before they launch a prosecution.

      It’s a frustratingly slow process, but if it brings down the capo di tutti capi, it’ll be worth it.

    • that’s okay with me. don’t rip the bandaid off quickly. let jamesy wamesy, uncle rupie, rebekah brooks, and all the others roast slowly over an open flame. i love seeing them sweat. they probably thought they were rich enough and connected enough to be above the law, and now they realize that they’re in shit up to their necks, and someone is about to throw a bucket of warm vomit at them.

  5. That image of them all bundled with a detonator is encouraging. His Italian counterpart seems to have taken a fall today. But I’m too distracted by the idiocy from the latest Moeapalooza tonight. Herbee wants to send people to see the slavebreaker. Half of them want it too. And Batwoman wants to undo everthing LBJ ever did, which would include the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights, AFDC…she said the chicoms set the example of how it should be done…LET A HUNDRED REAGANS BLOOM…!!!

  6. Nonnie, I’m off to swat a Tea Party hornet, so my presence will be irregular this week. At least it’s not Mexico, where I was AFK for the entire week!

    • Swatting a Tea Party hornet, eh? Sounds interesting, whatever it is. Good luck!

    • i’m intrigued, neon vincent! a debate? another radio show? inquiring raisinettes want to know!

      • I’m swatting a hornet by figuratively throwing the book at him and I’m doing it in a federal government building. Think about what kind of action best fits those hints.

        • i love it when you’re enigmatic, neon vincent. let me see. are you trying to get funding of some sort for your school? maybe fighting for text books to actually be factual?

          • Nope. It’s much more personal than that.

            • hmmm. i thought maybe it was the ex-wife, but you said ‘him’ so it can’t be here. besides, federal court wouldn’t make sense unless she kidnapped someone and transported him over state lines. throwing the book at him is a term usually connected with charging someone with a crime, so should i assume you are suing someone in federal court? color me intrigued.

                • yay!!! chocolate chip? with nuts?

                  • If that what you want. What I’m getting right now is banana nuts, with a hint of fruitcake.

                    • i like cookies with lots of crap in them–nuts, chocolate, raisins. i was originally going to ask for mallomars. i haven’t had mallomars in years and years. i used to love them, but i wonder, if i had one now, would my bubble burst, and they wouldn’t be as good as i remember? i think i was disappointed the last time i had them, because either the quality of the chocolate wasn’t as good, or my taste buds have matured. i just thought of something after all that. if you can find some girl scout thin mints, that would make me very happy. 😀

  7. i still think they should keep publishing the New York Post – it makes a great litter liner for Carlos the cat and it picks up dogshit like NO other newsprint