Why Hermie should be (Tali)banned from speaking


Herman Cain suggested Friday that the Taliban were playing a role in Libya’s new government. The comment initially was seen as another foreign policy misstep from the Republican presidential candidate, but aides later pointed to a one-time Libyan rebel leader who fought in Afghanistan to back up Cain’s claims.

Cain has spent the week trying to calm jitters about his foreign policy after he struggled to answer whether he supported President Barack Obama’s approach to Libya. He ended the week trying to blame reporters for the moment, which was captured on video and quickly spread around the Internet.

Cain’s critics seized on Monday’s incoherent answer as the latest evidence that the former pizza executive is unprepared to be the GOP’s nominee.

libbysfruitcocktailhermancainOriginal image

On Monday, Cain hesitated when asked whether he agreed with Obama’s decision to back Libyan rebels in overthrowing Qaddafi. The longtime Libyan dictator was killed last month.

“I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason,” Cain said in the videotaped interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Uh, nope that’s, that’s a different one,” said Cain, who fidgeted in his chair and crossed his legs.


The video ricocheted around the Internet. Two days later, he skipped a similar meeting with reporters at the New Hampshire Union Leader, the largest paper in the state that holds the first primary contest.

Cain’s campaign hoped to prevent a repeat to end the week after the candidate’s comments about the Taliban and pointed to Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, a rebel leader who fled to Afghanistan after a failed uprising against Qaddafi in the 1990s. At that point, he led the now-dissolved Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

One U.S. official familiar with the group said it was not a monolithic entity and some branches have had connections with al Qaeda in Sudan, Afghanistan or Pakistan. Others, however, dropped any relationship with al Qaeda entirely. Belhaj led a faction that disavowed al Qaeda and declared its commitment to establishing a democracy in Libya, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.


There is no evidence the Taliban are returning to power in Libya […]


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38 responses to “Why Hermie should be (Tali)banned from speaking

  1. i was going to do something else, but i didn’t want to disappoint elizabeth and eleanor, so i decided on a hermie poster at the last minute.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    Instead of providing my own commentary, I have opted to copy/paste a comment from ‘TheChosenOne99’ found in the (UK) Telegraph comment section:

    I don’t know what worries me more, Cain’s stupidity, or the people who are saying he is right. Maybe they both watch too much FOX News?

    As these people are too stupid, maybe I should help them. First of all, The Taliban is not an organisation where you have a membership. So the definition of The Taliban is someone who follows Mullah Omar, or, in the case of The Pakistani Taliban, Mehsud. And that is it. It does not matter if you fight alongside The Taliban, and share some of their goals – unless your allegiance is to Mullah Omar or Mehsud, and not someone else, you are not Taliban.

    Therefore, Arab fighters who fight alongside the Taliban against the Americans but whose allegiance is to Al Qaeda are NOT Taliban. Local Afghans who fight alongside Taliban but are allied to Haqqani are not Taliban. To say these people are is a bit like saying the French resistance during WW2 were Brits, because they were working alongside the Brits to defeat The Nazis! I know – see how ridiculous it gets.

    So it is clear that Libya will have former Al Qaeda/Mujahideen members as part of its new leadership. It is equally clear that no one who has ever been a member of The Taliban is involved in Libya. Therefore, Cain, as this article states, is clearly wrong. The only people who would think he is right are the simplistic, dumb ones who think that anyone who has ever fought against the ‘occupiers’ in Afghanistan is ‘Taliban.’

    Of course, I take issue with TheChosenOne’s insulting Fox News watchers (I watch Fox News!).

    • it’s so embarrassing to the entire country that a clown like hermie had a shot at the nomination. it won’t happen, because he’s been proven to be too intellectually lazy to even pick up a newspaper and read, but what is the rest of the world thinking when they see the parade of clowns week after week?

  3. Love that little Hermie cameo can shot; the lecherous smile!

  4. maggiejean

    Love it nonnie. Stupid is as stupid says. The whole republican field seems dumb, but I guess that’s what their base is looking for.

  5. You have to be on top of things. If a reporter ask about Mongolia you say inner or outer? If he asks about Labia you say major or minor? If he ask about Lydia you snap back forcefully “Bitch, where’s my money!”

  6. jeb

    The sad thing is that so many people who vote for Rethugs like ignorance about world affairs. They wear it on their sleeves and cheer wildly for those politicians who do too. So it’s great to lump all Muslims as Arabs or classify everyone as Al-Qaeda or the Taliban because it’s an easy narrative. And besides, who really needs to understand this stuff? What’s the worse that could happen? It’s not like the country is going to elect some dimwit who’s obvious intellectual laziness and lack of curiosity will whip the country into a war fever and lead us into a completely unnecessary and intractable war like Iraq.

    • there have been a lot of dumb politicians, but it seems like princess sarah was the one who sent out the message that being stupid is good. dan quayle was laughed out of public service. princess made a fortune, and teabaggers are sitting in congress.

      • jeb

        Bu$h sure did a good job. Remember how they had to give him a crash course in foreign policy? Remember how upset he got and proclaimed the unfairness of “gotcha” questions when an interviewer asked him if he knew who the President of Pakistan was (hint, they’d just had a coup and they were on the front pages everyday because of the nuclear program). He played it both ways trying to show he knew the world to the voting public at large and laughing about his ignorance with the good old boys. Look where that got us.

        • oh yeah, the gotcha questions. i guess chimpy did open the door, though quayle set the stage, and princess made stupidity a prerequisite.

          • jeb

            I never saw Quayle like that Nonnie. He was irretrievably stupid but he always seemed to try and pretend he wasn’t. I don’t recall him flaunting his ignorance like Bu$h. The Princess did indeed make stupidity a prerequisite and if there were an Ignorance Magazine in the Rethug party, she would have dominated the cover.

            • i agree with you. i didn’t mean to imply that quayle flaunted his stupidity (he just couldn’t hide it), and he liked to make believe he was smart. however, i think that’s when it sorta became okay to be stupid and be a politician. people figured that quayle was only veep, so it was okay, because he really was irrelevant. the veep position has been elevated since al gore, so i don’t think most people will be as cavalier about it now. in fact, if it was up to only rethuglicans, they wouldn’t mind gov little ricky goodhair as prez, as long as they had someone smart as veep to pull the strings behind the scenes.

              • jeb

                What an ignoramous Governor of Texas with a smart VEEP operating as the puppet master? That’s just crazy talk, it could never happen.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    Can we now all just please, please, please, excuse Cain from the list of candidates and tell him it’s time for him to go back to pizzaville? Please? At this point, it’s just getting painful to read his comments. Just painful, like watching an awkward teen trying to fit into the cool crowd.

  8. Cain has given given priceless moments recently … and bountiful material for you. And also validating my point that his rise was temporary as Cialis & Viagra because even the side effect of the four hour boner goes away.

    And I love shifting through the fine print on your images!

  9. Herman “Daddy” Cain also said if president (I have a better chance of being the next president), will block the viciously homophobic DOMA from being repealed.

    You see, Cain really hates “teh gays.” Folks like me freak him out.

    But that’s fine. People like Cain make me sick to my stomach. Married men who sexually assault women behind his wife’s back.

    • hermie has no sense of empathy. he can’t see the world through anyone else’s eyes. if he’s not gay, he can’t understand how anyone could be. he says that being gay is a choice, even though he never had to choose to be straight. on the other hand, he did choose to sexually harass women.

  10. Oy. That’s one fruit cocktail you won’t find in my cupboard. It’s really time for Cain to leave the presidential race.

  11. Wow! Graphic with a jingle to boot! Love it (and it triggered me to remember that stupid song!)
    I happened upon this quote today & had to share:

    “By any conventional measure, and entirely through their own fault, the Republicans have produced a field of candidates so utterly comical, so completely devoid of conventional political merit, that the field itself is strong evidence for the elimination of the Republican party.”

  12. “coctel de fruta (that’s cuban)” hehehe

  13. rastamick

    What a dipshit. If it weren’t for the fact that his competition acts like a brain trauma unit this asshole would be hanging out at Barnes n Noble with a $9.99 sale on that pile of shit he’s peddling. Being stupid isn’t enough though for a guy who goes from CEO to talk show jockey though, he has to be a serial groper to boot. I like what Krugman said, they’re fools and clowns, period. Great work Nonnie as always ! Got some great sign pics of Occupy Buffalo with Art Deco City Hall in the background will send them along. Solidarity and sanity. My new motto.

    • hey cap’n!! 😀 long time, no see! hermie is a dipshit, indeed, and he surrounds himself with dipshits (some smoking, but not in the good sense). i’d love to see the pics. and Solidarity and Sanity–i like it!!

      i know you’re busy, but try to stop by more often. ♥

  14. Joan

    God, I love that label, and cracked up over the “In Deep Doo Doo”! Still wondering if the GOPers made pizza a vegetable in honor of this GROPer idiot, but anything they do these days defies logic and invites a psychiatric diagnosis!