He didn’t lobby, it was just a hobby!

From Joan Walsh at Salon:

Another day, another story about Newt Gingrich profiteering. Well, three stories, actually.

The Washington Post reported this morning that a Gingrich “think tank,” the Center for Health Transformation, collected at least $37 million from health care industry groups, who were promised “access to Newt Gingrich” and “direct Newt interaction” in exchange for their cash. Also in exchange for their cash, perhaps, Gingrich took some interesting positions on health care reform: He supported the “individual mandate” that Americans buy insurance (or post a bond to cover unanticipated illness) as well as measures to encourage “end of life” planning. He ditched both positions, of course, once he realized they were unpopular with the Republican base.

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The New York Times had a related story about Gingrich preaching the virtues of a Wisconsin health care consortium that took the lead in “end of life planning” in a July, 2009 Washington Post op-ed. Once Sarah Palin started insisting that encouraging such planning amounted to “death panels,” Gingrich backed away and equated it to “euthanasia.” It turns out the firm he praised in the Post was one of his clients at the Center for Health Transformation, which he failed to disclose.

Then there’s the Wall Street Journal story about Gingrich taking money from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. But heck, it was only $840,000, chump change next to the $1.8 million or so he got from Freddie Mac (for his historian’s perspective), and that $37 million from the health care industry. The Journal also noted that in a recent poll, Gingrich had the most support from Tea Partiers, with 29 percent. But Tea Partiers aren’t big fans of the Chamber of Commerce, it turns out, because the Chamber supported the Obama stimulus bill (to some extent.)


Gingrich continues to insist he wasn’t paid those many millions to “lobby,” so he didn’t have to register as a lobbyist. He may be correct, according to the letter of the law, but not its spirit.

One more thing about this fat-faced shithead.  Newtie had this to say about the Occupy movement:

That is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country, and why you need to reassert something by saying to them, ‘Go get a job right after you take a bath.’

You want to talk about a moral system, Newtie?  You’re the expert on morality?  Lemme tell you something.  Just because Callista, the woman you dated for 6 years while you were still married, wiped her chin after blowing you in you car, that doesn’t make either one of you classy.  Maybe you’re the one who needs to take a bath (though I doubt anything will get rid of your stench) and get a real job for a change.


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23 responses to “He didn’t lobby, it was just a hobby!

  1. jay

    I’m looking forward for the new line of Newt’s bath products.

  2. At first I didn’t catch the three … so it is brilliantly subtle. Newt is another one I don’t worry about because I think he has a high negative rating from the start. Not sure if he can get nomination, but he is currently on the upswing … which I think is a good sign for President Obama.

  3. Krugman on Gingrich: He’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.

    • gregg

      Fran, this is great stuff. Am i scared? Holy shit yes! But the only one of the eight that doesn’t scare me is Huntsman and I am sure he would personally slip into my house in the middle of the night, slit my throat and steal my stash of laundromat quarters. Your video is great and makes me harken back to the old Zackerley show of my Long Island yute. Thinking this thru I can see Newt as the ghoul Zack and his wife as Zack’s whom he referred to as “My Dear” and I believe kept in a potato sack. I guess the role of his loyal assistant “Gasport” would have to be taken by Grovel Buttquist or some other such demonic meat head.

      • i spent my yute in new yawk (though not lon-gisland), and i don’t remember that show. of course, we lived out in the boondocks, so we only got a couple of channels (when the wind was blowing just right).

  4. Ugh! I got a phone call tonight & the caller ID readout said “Gingrich 2012”
    I picked it up, hoping to chat with a real human. Put it on speaker so the husband & could have a good laugh, but it was nothing but a pre-recorded
    message from the blowhard himself. His platform is *Obama bad* & blah blah blah… we could not stand it & hung up, no telling how much longer his message yammered on. His latest bs is having poor kids be school janitors & get rid of union janitorial staff, but for 1 master janitor.
    I dubbed it the “let them clean toilets” initiative.

    • thanks for that video, fran. like i don’t have enough sleep problems already. 😛

      i keep getting phone calls from hermie. i think there have been 4 of them so far. it goes something like: hello, this is herman cain. (i don’t remember if he says he’s running for prez at this point or not). it ends with him saying: are you registered. it’s just a robocall, but i say ‘fuck you’ into the phone every time.

      • As soon as we saw the Gingrich 2012 caller ID, we wanted to barf!
        Calista G really looks possessed in a too real Stepford wife kind of way.
        Newt is the only robo call we’ve gotten so far but I’m sure there will be lots of waves of mud slinging via phone. Nobody listens to that crap even if you support the candidate! But NO we don’t support the rank oarty of NO & their going backwards proposals. These people are getting Mic Checked when they come to the podium– swing by for a sampling!
        They deserve the one finger salute you give them.

  5. Holy 1962 Batman. He really wants to go all the way back to all that crap spewed out when the Freedom Rides started?? Get a job? Take a bath??? Next thing he’s going to call me a niggerlover.

  6. jeb

    Is he available for parties?

    “Honey, I’ve rented a Newt.”

    How about if you need to break bad news to someone who’s ill in the hospital?

    Is there no end to this man’s talent and versatility?