He even flip-flops on his name!


Early stumbles at Tuesday’s GOP foreign policy debate had little to do with policy — instead, the Republicans vying for their party’s presidential nomination struggled with names.

First, Mitt Romney tried to play off of a joke by debate moderator Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer asked candidates to give short introductions, joking, “Here’s an example of what I’m looking for:  I’m Wolf Blitzer and yes, that’s my real name. I’ll be your moderator this evening and I’m happy to welcome each one of you to our debate.”

When the introductions turned to Romney, he opened with, “I’m Mitt Romney and yes, Wolf, that’s also my first name.”

But as political watchers were quick to note, Romney’s first name is not Mitt — it’s Willard. Mitt is Romney’s middle name.

mynameisearlOriginal DVD cover

Later, Herman Cain was asked if it was okay for “Muslim Americans to get more intensive pat-downs when they go through airports?”

“Now Blitz, that’s over-simplifiying it … I’m sorry — Blitz — I mean Wolf,” Cain said.


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31 responses to “He even flip-flops on his name!

  1. jay

    Very interesting to see the mascots of the top 1% in trailer park apparel. But a lot easier on the eyes than yesterday’s manboobs.

  2. Romney’s 1st ad quotes Obama out of context (quoting what McCain said about the economy). Think Progress made up this counter ad using Mitt’s out of context misquote method.

  3. John Erickson

    I’ll be the idiot here. Why 5 prongs on the pitchfork? Other than that lack of memory on my part, great stuff! I caught the Herman Cain part. Way to insult the moderator! (Though I think Wolf is savvy enough to laugh it off.)
    Forgive any lack of presence on my behalf, I’m in a real-estate war with the renting neighbors over our shared driveway. Real pain in the butt.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Nonnie and everybody else! 😀

    • there’s no secret meaning to the number of prongs. that’s the way it was on the original. i added the marshmallows, because i figured mittsie would have no clue what to do with a pitchfork. i bet he has one of the butlers cut his meat. mittsie wasn’t raised to do manual labor (that will be done by manuel, as long as it’s not when mittsie’s running for office).

      you have a safe and happy thanksgiving, too, john! ♥

  4. I love Newt carrying the Tiffany’s bag.

    As for Mittens, Nate Silver and his commenters at FiveThirtyEight are now calling the current GOP field “Chameleon and the Seven Salamanders” with Newt as the current king of the Salamanders. Of course, Mittens is the Chameleon.

  5. It’s the dog traveling on top of the car! Just think for a minute how considerate and dedicated these goperites are to spend an entire evening getting the details right on starting the next war! And start it they will!!…….and let me take a moment for a personal obsevation of a topic that keeps popping up thanks to the Lad of Lard…booing at the Cup race at Homestead last Sunday. I saw in the pre-race show Mrs. O and they talked about the charity and stuff and any crowd reaction was subdued at best. Being a fan of #18, I know about upset fans. When that M&Ms Toyota pulls up to the start/finish line and Kyle climbs out and bows to the crowd after winning, THAT’S BOOING! After watching the entire season of 36 races this year, I don’t need a fat bastard to tell me what I think.

    • ding! ding! ding! we have a winnah! the dog on the car was an afterthought, but once i thought of it, i couldn’t not do it. it took me over an hour to get an irish setter inside a dog crate. you have no idea what a pain in the ass that was! you know me too well, jerry! 🙂 first you win the internets, and now the drumstick. you’re on a roll. maybe you should buy a lottery ticket.

      i’ve never been to a nascar race, but i’ve been to homestead. people who booed michele and dr. biden deserve to live there.

      • Yea!, I won something! Could I trade that drumstick for a couple of Fender medium picks, white ones, so I can find them when they hit the floor. I still insist the boo story is bogus. When I become a zillionaire, I will invite you to Daytona for Speed Week. It’s quite a spectacle when they take the checkered flag and 43 cars run down the backstretch sounding like a squadron of B-17s trying to take off. My impression of Homestead after living in Key West is…LAND!…Real Land!

        • i think the only time i went to homestead is when my sister was in the air force reserve. i went with her to the commissary once. i had almost completely forgotten that until now. i was impressed by the base, not so much by homestead itself.

      • The one woman I know who lived in Homestead moved to Canada, she hated Homestead so much.

        As for me, I lived so close to a racetrack, I could not only hear the cars, I could tell by the sound which kind were racing. I’m glad I don’t live there any more.

  6. “Now serving 03”? At first I thought that meant Gingrich is the third alternative candidate the anyone-but-Romney faction has test-driven, but surely it’s been more than that.

  7. I was gonna guess the Gingrich multiple attempts @ the presidency t shirt too, but Neon Vincent beat me to it.

    Although I notice the footwear of the other 2 candidates– Cain & Bachmann wearing flip flops.

    Drinking KOCH Cola!

    • jerry got the correct answer first. it’s the doggie on the roof of the car in the lower left corner. thanks for noticing the koch caca though, fran. good observation about the flip-flops. i wish i could say i was clever enough to add those (or even notice them), but i’d be lying. they’re part of the original.

  8. I don’t know what I like better in that image: Romney’s disheveled and burnt-out appearance, or Cain’s trashy, loutish appearance in the background.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • hope you had a happy thanksgiving, ahab. please forgive me for not getting back to wish you one when it was still thanksgiving day.

      even when mittsie is disheveled, he still looks like he has his anus sewn up so he doesn’t have to poop like those below him do. i was having a little bit too much fun with hermie. you might say i was harassing him, with all that accessorizing. 😉

  9. Make no mistake, I’m all for people using their middle names. The “W” in WKen is for my unused first name (which is not Willard). But I’ve never forgotten my first name, or at least not that it exists.

    Kind of funny, that.

    He really should have hired a better writer for his opening joke. I’m reminded of the rather-awful Marilyn Monroe movie “Let’s Make Love,” in which the rich guy winds up paying … uhhh … Milton Berle, maybe? … to write a joke for him so that he can impress Monroe’s character.

    I don’t recommend the movie, since ultimately the point is that all he has to do to woo her is show that he’s a multi-gazillionaire and then she falls for him even though she didn’t like him a few minutes earlier and was angry that he’d lied to her.

    Speaking of movie recommendations, wasn’t I supposed to remind you to see “Muppet Christmas Carol” as we got some time closer to Christmas? I hope it was you, because otherwise I’ve completely forgotten who it was and I’ll have to blitz it onto every blog I follow. Beaker’s reaction to Scrooge in both of his scenes is brilliant. Although a bit part, he’s great. It’s actually one of my favorite Muppets movies, and one of my favorite movie versions of “A Christmas Carol.” The ghosts aren’t as open in their disdain for Scrooge as in the book, but it’s great nonetheless.

    • hope you and you family had a wonderful t-day, wken.

      i doubt that mittsie knew what blitz was going to say, so that little ‘joke’ of his was probably off-the-cuff. it fell flatter than a pancake. mixing mittsie and humor is like mixing princess sarah and good grammar or botox batshit bachmann and humility or oil and water. he could have said, ‘i’m mitt, and that’s not my real first name, but that’s what people all me.’ not hilarious, but at least it makes sense. his best bet, of course, would have been to avoid trying to be funny. he’s incapable of it, and he had better recognize his limitations. he’s not warm, he’s not funny, and he’s not authentic. trying to make believe that he’s any of those things only serves to point out how cold, humorless, and phony he is.

      yes! it was me!! i had totally forgotten about the ‘muppet xmas carol’ so thank you for reminding me!

      • He’s not exactly a quick wit, no …

        But in his defense, you know, even the lame attempt at humor is pretty good for a plastic automaton like himself.