I hope your Thanksgiving was peppered with happiness!

And I hope you didn’t have to eat at Megyn Kelly’s house.
Original painting (Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell, to whom I offer my profound apology)

Clockwise, from bottom left: Steve Doocy, Greta Van Susteren, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, Rupert Murdoch (hanging on the wall), Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes, Gretchen Carlson, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee.


It may be Thanksgiving, but Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly isn’t having the best week.

Kelly came on “The O’Reilly Factor” late Monday to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protest that broke out this weekend at UC Davis. Police Lt. John Pike sprayed pepper spray on non-violent protestors sitting on the ground in an act that has been called into question as “excessive force.” Kelly has a slightly different opinion.

“First of all, pepper spray,” O’Reilly said to Kelly. “That just burns your eyes, right?”

“Right,” Kelly replied. “I mean it’s like a derivative of actual pepper. It’s a food product, essentially.”

Kelly’s comment that pepper spray is little more than “a food product” has sparked outrage from protestors and commentators online.


A petition has also been posted on the Web site Change.org asking Kelly to back up her claim by eating as much pepper spray as was used on each protester’s face. According to the petition, Kelly’s claim that pepper spray is “a food product, essentially” is “of course, ridiculous.”


[…T]he memes and petition started earlier this week, mock Kelly’s nonchalant attitude towards pepper spray despite evidence that it can cause serious health damages, including temporary blindness, gagging, uncontrollable coughing, throat, ear, eye and nose irritation as well as potential long term side effects, even death.

(Funny Or Die Megyn Kelly video at INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES link)


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51 responses to “I hope your Thanksgiving was peppered with happiness!

  1. happy thanksgiving, my dear raisinettes! so sorry to be soooo late. i stayed late at my sisters, then stopped to do a little bit of shopping, and then i had to finish the poster.

    hope you all had a wonderful day with friends and family. i love you all! ♥

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, nonnie! Your fans love you right back.

    • On the subject of the poster, here’s what Next Media Animation has to say about it.

      • hope you and inspired and the offspring had a wonderful t-day, neon vincent! i had a very good time at my sister’s. i hope megyn kelly’s idiocy is the subject of stories for days to come. it’s just too much fun to let go of. by the way, i learned how to add a hashtag in twitter thanks to you! 🙂 before i tweeted tonight’s poster, i googled to see if there was a hashtag, and there was one. it was #fakemegynkelly, and some of the tweets were hilarious! i use p2 and humor as well, just as you instructed. i’d be lost without you.

        p.s. you guys aren’t my fans, you’re my friends, and i adore you. ♥

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    There are three things I fast-forward through on TV: Cialis commercials (that awful song!), any commercial with cracking whip sounds (like a belt hitting flesh), and Megyn Kelly (can’t stand her rapid speech). My oldest daughter signed the petition. At the risk of being the odd-man out on this forum, I’ll share what I told my daughters: “If one of you was pepper-sprayed, I would be all over that campus and particularly up the ass of that officer. Secondly, if the police tell you to move, you MOVE!!” Needless to say, my sage advice was not well received.

    • i think cops ought to have good reason to tell you to move other than he just wants you to move. the kids on campus who got pepper-sprayed were absolutely no danger to anyone. they weren’t blocking anything. they were simply sitting. the reaction of the police have to be proportional to the situation. what those cops did was so over the line. i’m not a lawyer, and i always give the police the benefit of the doubt, but what they did sure looked criminal to me.

      if those kids were doing anything that was detrimental to anyone around them, then why aren’t there cops posted outside every store where people have been standing around for hours waiting for black friday to begin? why aren’t they pepper-spraying people waiting to buy the latest doohickeys at the apple stores when new versions of whatever they make come out? why aren’t they using their billy clubs on people standing in line for days waiting to buy tickets to the next justin bieber concert? all those people are being pains in the asses to the people who live in or near the neighborhoods they’re hanging around in, but it seems to be okay if you are going to spend money. we have the right to assemble peaceably. that’s what those kids were doing. if not on campus, then where? what good is having the freedom of speech if nobody ever hears you? some hotshot with money snaps his fingers, and he gets on tv to say whatever he wants to say. the average person doesn’t have that luxury, so he’s never heard. the argument that he has his vote to speak for him is nonsense. he should be heard before anyone is on the ballot so that candidates he really supports can get the nomination, not some poli-bot (i think i just made up a word) who has powerful friends and doesn’t stand for anything the average person does. the only time joe schmo has a shot at being heard is when he joins up with a lot of other joe schmoes. where are they supposed to go, if not the public square? when did we become a police state?

      sorry for such a long response. too much pie, i suspect.

      • jeb

        Your reply is right on! The hypocrisy in this country is startling. The people who claim to be about freedom the most, seem to only believe in freedom for those who share their beliefs. I’ve heard the most outlandish accusations leveled at OWS movements around the country including some neo-con dickhead the other day who claimed that OWS people were committing rapes. Said it on the radio. He doesn’t have to back it up and no one gets to challenge him on it. He can just throw it out there to shock and scare the people who want to believe OWS people are bad.

        If they commit crimes deal with that but peaceful assembly is not and should not be a crime. Experienced police will tell you that the best way to deal with peaceful protests is to let them play themselves out and not to be confrontational.

        My son was listening to someone on the internet the other day where they were playing the O’Reilly segment. I had no idea who the idiot woman was (nothing Bill-O says shocks me) but was pretty astounded by the whole pepper spray is a vegetable meme. Maybe they can share that on a school lunch pizza on TV to prove their point. Idiots.

        • don’t give them any ideas. they’ll cut programs for poor children and pepper spray them instead. then they’ll say that they were just giving them nourishment. 😯

      • elizabeth3hersh

        I enjoyed reading your comment nonnie…well stated indeed. I’ve been thinking more about this and it occurred to me that something good may come out of this episode of civil disobedience. An officer who would pepper-spray a group of peaceably demonstrating students would have no hesitation in misusing a stun gun or using excessive force in restraining a suspect. Not everyone is suited for law enforcement. That this officer is not ‘cut from the cloth’ is abundantly clear (pardon my garbled syntax…it’s late). I still don’t want my daughters to disobey law enforcement. But I am glad other’s are strong/passionate enough for the cause.

        • my original reply to you was done while i was in a tryptophan stupor (after sleeping only a few hours the night before). if i had been more awake, i would have added that i completely understand the maternal instinct kicking in and not wanting your kids putting themselves in a position where they might get hurt. i know that i would feel the same if my son was going to be in that position. with that in mind, i think there are times when authority has to be disobeyed and even thwarted. if authority is not kept in check, we have totalitarianism. is it really fair for us to say that our kids should not be taking risks, but other people’s kids should?

          • elizabeth3hersh

            Maybe. I’ll explain why. Had my oldest daughter been one of the protestors, she would not have sat passively defying orders. I can envision her taking the lead and getting all up in that officers face reciting her constitutional right to peaceably assemble and protest. Not only would she have taken the full brunt of the pepper spray, she may have also got a baton upside her head and most certainly been arrested (I keep telling her someday she is going to get the crap beat out of her for espousing militant liberalism…”somebody has got to do it” she exclaims!). Had my youngest daughter been sitting there, she would have done what I would have done: obeyed orders and taken meticulous notes and surreptitious video so she (I) could write/post an exposé of the incident (or submit it to the university/local newspaper or ACLU). Had we been pepper sprayed we might end up with PTSD and prolonged hyper-vigilance secondary to assault, and require psychological counseling. We don’t have the nervous system to get pummeled.

            Some people are best suited to be soldiers and others officers or journalists. My oldest has an officer’s intellect and a soldiers desire to fight in the trenches (and so I worry). My daily mantra to her: educate, inform and persuade. But, yes, some things do have to be fought in the trenches.

            • valid point. the only fly in the ointment is that sometimes, the people who are the least likely to be the soldiers are the ones who are put in a situation that calls for bravery and sacrifice. i don’t fault anyone for being afraid or fighting in a different way, such as the ones you mentioned. i honestly don’t know what i’d do. i tend to think that i might get in some cop’s face if he was trampling on my rights when i knew i was doing nothing wrong. maybe that’s because it takes me a half-hour to remember how to take a picture with my cellphone, so my options are limited.

              • elizabeth3hersh

                Lol nonnie! The truth is, I used to be a firecracker like my daughter. Even though I have a fragile nervous system I used to get up in a lot of faces (and get knocked down…ahem, three divorces). Over the decades, I have ‘calmed the fuck down.’ Now it is coming full circle!

    • gregg

      I skip all the diabetes stuff, the depression stuff, and the ads for all shows that have folks like Tom Delay and Bristol Palin doing ballroom or Flamenco dancing…doesn’t leave much to watch except either the belongings of now homeless people being auctioned off so someone can sell them to hoarders out on Long Island who haven’t been able to find the body of their uncle who got lost in the mess in the family room years ago…..I mean are we an advanced culture or what??

      • elizabeth3hersh

        I would say so, especially after a woman at a L.A. Wal-Mart this morning pepper-sprayed her fellow shoppers, and the vicious cat-fight that broke out at another Wal-Mart in Georgia over ‘prices.’ I’m waiting for machine intelligence to take over gregg.

        • gregg

          Elizabeth, you are waiting for the futurist Raymond Kurzwell’s “Technological singularity” to commence;

          “… the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means. Since the capabilities of such an intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the occurrence of a technological singularity is seen as an intellectual event horizon, beyond which the future becomes difficult to understand…”

          I on the other hand am already finding the future difficult to understand and have therefore begun consulting my electric toothbrush and hot water heater before making any purchasing or otherwise critical life choices.

          • John Erickson

            For more info, check out http://www.orionsarm.com and look up “toposophic levels” and “ascension”. (We geeks are EVERYWHERE! 😀 )

          • elizabeth3hersh

            Einstein once said “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” Not even ♥Kurzweil♥ can truly imagine the incomprehensible future (at least not without augmented machine intelligence!). In the meantime, I gauge my purchases based on my credit limit. 🙂

      • sometimes i get really sad that some tv channels have really gone to hell in a handbasket. i remember when a&e had really intelligent and interesting programming. i never watch it now. bravo started off pretty high-brow, and now it’s a bunch of stupid housewives fighting with each other and looking like barbie dolls that have melted. other than the top chef shows (which are becoming a bit too focused on phony cooked-up (pun intended) confrontations and drama lately), i don’t watch bravo anymore.

  4. elizabeth3hersh


  5. gregg

    This work of yours brought back one of my very favorite Seinfeld episodes. I guess to fit into the picture Kramer’s head would have to be replaced with that of Alan Colmes or maybe that of Newt after his minimalist position on kindness to undocumented folks which obviously puts him in league with the Laurence Harvey character in “The Manchurian Candidate”.

    Can we start the war on Christmas now?

    • i’m glad it brought back an episode you liked rather than one you didn’t, gregg. 🙂

      i was thinking about newtie’s sudden and uncharacteristic attack of niceness, and i thought that this is his solution for assuring that there will always be cheap labor. he doesn’t want them to be able to achieve citizenship, though, because they most likely wouldn’t vote rethuglican.

  6. Happy Belated T-Day greetings back at you Nonnie.

    Of course, that Megyn person would spew misinformation because that’s right in sync with their brand (check out this quote from Political Animal):

    “Researchers found that Americans who paid more attention to the news were more likely to know about current events. But Americans who relied on Fox News were “significantly more likely than those who never watched it to believe”:
    * most economists estimate the stimulus caused job losses (12 points more likely)
    * most economists have estimated the health care law will worsen the deficit (31 points)
    * the economy is getting worse (26 points)
    * most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring (30 points)
    * the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts (14 points)
    * their own income taxes have gone up (14 points)
    * the auto bailout only occurred under Obama (13 points)
    * when TARP came up for a vote most Republicans opposed it (12 points)
    * and that it is not clear that Obama was born in the United States (31 points)
    This point, in particular, seems especially noteworthy: in some cases, regular Fox News viewers would have done better, statistically speaking, if they had received no news at all and simply guessed whether the claims about current events were accurate.’ (“The Most Misinformed Media Viewers” by Steven Benen, Political Animal)

    As the “mother ship” goes, so goes its viewers. We shouldn’t be surprised if Fox misinforms, we should be stunned when they get anything correct.

    • i was just visiting over at your place, eleanor. i heard about the study about faux news viewers, and it didn’t surprise me at all. i think there have been studies in the past that came up with the same results. what i wonder is whether the viewers are misinformed because they watch faux, or do they watch faux, because they know they’ll hear what they want to hear, and they don’t give a damn whether it’s true.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        If they watch Hannity it’s because they’ll hear what they want to hear. If they watch O’Reilly, they’ll get both sides AND be reinforced on what they BELIEVE to be true (whether it is true or not). In neither case will they give a damn. But, Fox News is MORE than Hannity and O’Reilly and not everyone who watches is a dunderhead (although, granted, some are)! #teamfox

        • i don’t consider you a dunderhead, elizabeth, but i think the bulk of faux news viewers are. i would bet that their highest ratings are for the opinion shows. even if that’s true, even their supposedly straight-news shows are biased, too. whenever a rethugs does something wrong, they’ll have a D by their name under their picture. that’s happened way too many times for it to be accidental. i don’t watch faux, but i have seen clips. shep smith isn’t bad, but bret baier’s an asswipe.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m hoping they’ll make Ms. Kelly an Internet meme like they did the ass who did the pepper spraying. Fox News hires idiots. That’s all you can say.
    Check out the slide show of pepper spray man as seen through history. It’s hilarious! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/21/pepper-spray-cop-meme_n_1106128.html

    • if anyone ever forgets this remark by ms kelly, they’ll be reminded the next time she says something stupid (and she will). the whole hit parade of idiocy will be replayed over and over.

  8. John Erickson

    Facts, shmacts, this is Fox. The Reality Free Zone! 😀
    Hope one and all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sorry I haven’t been around much, at war with a new set of neighbors over our shared drive. It HAS been a good Friday, though. The husband, too stubborn to ask ME for automotive help, has failed to keep his old Camry, his older Ford F-150 pickup, and his new work minivan running. And in a perfect example of schadenfreude, I got a great chuckle when he dropped the open van hood on his own head! 😀 😀 😀
    (Yeah, I’m a real little ….. poop!)

    • hope you had a great thanksgiving, john. ♥

      did you get a video of the idiot getting bonked by the hood? that would be sweet. you could put it on a loop and watch it over and over again.

      • John Erickson

        Sadly, no. Though I did get to watch as, overcome by paranoia, he was so busy trying to see if I was watching him from the front door that he fell up his stairs! (I was in our little-used 2nd floor, where he’s too dumb to look.)
        As the old saying goes, “Take pleasure in the little things”. 😀

  9. Food product!? By that definition, mace is a food product too, but I definitely wouldn’t include it in any cookie recipe.

  10. I hope Megyn has a full serving of that food product, which when sprayed @ point blank from an industrial propellant canister can cause people to stop breathing.
    I’m w you on not just following random police orders.
    Otherwise they hold power beyond reason.
    If I don;t want to get arrested & they say get on the curb, I might ask is this curbed enough (not worth getting arrested for).
    But if I am sitting & not blocking anything & police call out orders just to flex power muscles (no good reason), than no.
    Really, Gandhi respectfully declined police orders in his non violent campaigns. S police officers just need to tone down & deescalate.
    Oakland will have some hefty lawsuits from 2 vets w serious injuries.
    they will learn the hard way head bashing is not good.

  11. Oh yea! Happy T day Nonnie. You make newzzz fun!

    • hope you had a good t-day, fran, and that you’re feeling better.

      i hope that i’d have the courage to tell a cop to get out of my face. i have the utmost respect for police officers, but just like in any other group, there are some asswipes. of course, those particular asswipes have guns. hopefully, they won’t wait for the lawsuits to come through for them to reassess what they’ve been doing. if beatings and pepper spray are methods used on peaceful protesters, what are we to expect when the scene is not as peaceful? they’re supposed to be public servants and peace officers, not thugs for mayors or college chancellors to use when they’re feeling a bit pissy.

  12. You out did yourself with that one! Outstanding. Regarding Megyn, well what else to ya expect from Fox News. As a Probation Officer who worked in a juvenile detention facility (jail for kids), I used pepper spray to break-up fights; and had to have it used on me in order to be certified for it’s use. Let me wholeheartedly assure one and all, that if sprayed in the face with it, you will stop dead in your tracks and do anything for relief. Megyn is a true dumb shit.

    • thank you, hansi! 😀 glad you like the poster.

      when i heard her stupid remark, i thought of rick sanchez getting tasered in order to find out what it was really like. i think megyn should get a dose of pepper spray before she opens her yap about it again.

  13. Those pepper pictures came from the station I watch the 10 O’clock news on (CBS13-Sacramento). Ever notice that all the provacatuers of violence in demonstrations are the brass aka “white shirts”? All this stuff reminds me of living in the eastbay back in 1964 when Mario got everybody to get together on the shut-down of free speech on the UC-B campus. The only coverage on TV was Oakland’s independent station (Channel 2). After a while, a bunch of Hell’s Angels confronted a march, beatings were to be had….and NOW it becomes a story worthy of the press coverage!

    • i saw ray lewis, the ex-philly police chief who was arrested at an ows protest in nyc. he said that the violence was the fault of the white shirts, not the blue shirts. he called the nypd’s actions “disgusting.”

  14. Great … your Thanksgiving treat is Bill O’Reilly copping a feel without Megyn noticing. Hope you had a good holiday Nonnie!