In just her first year in office, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) has proven to be one of the most socially conservative members of Congress, and today she demonstrated just how intolerant she is of people who do not share her beliefs. In an interview, she and the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins were condemning the Air Force Academy for creating an outdoor worship space that accommodates “Earth-based” religions. Hartzler said she believes that her rabidly conservative brand of Christianity is “the main religion in our country” and condemned any attempt to accommodate “fringe religions”:

st ronnie ronald reagan saint elephant no gay marriage buttonOriginal painting (Virgin Mary at Prayer by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato)
(Painting within the painting)

PERKINS: Do you see this as a part of a growing trend that we see that there is really kind of a marginalization of Christianity and almost a promotion of other forms of, I would have to say, fringe religions?

HARTZLER: I agree, I think so. Christianity is the main religion in our country and as a policy for the Department of Defense we need to defend the practice of religion but we do not have to obligate taxpayer funds to facilitate or accommodate it or pay for it.


Hartzler seems to believe it’s OK if the government accommodates her fringe brand of Christianity, as she has pursued legislative options to discriminate against same-sex couples in the military and applauded Speaker John Boehner for defending the Defense of Marriage Act using taxpayer funds. Perhaps she should spend some time with the First Amendment so she better understands how it’s unconstitutional both to establish her religious belief as law and to prevent others from the free exercise of their own beliefs.


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  1. Ugh, this woman makes my hair hurt, and I don’t have any left.

  2. jay

    I wish Lincoln and Eisenhower had thought ahead when they promoted the “In God we trust”.

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    I have a sneaky suspicion that all religions are ‘Earth-based’ as I can’t imagine our ‘brand’ of religion on extraterrestrial planets. Disclaimer: I once wondered if there were any other Jews ‘out there.’ If so, I would enjoy a teleported authentic bagel.

  4. Pjevs

    To take patent on one religion is utterly stupid and disrespectful to other religions.As far as I know,followers of christianity,have caused a lot of sorrow over time,to put it mildly.

    • not only is it stupid and disrespectful, but it’s unbelievably arrogant. she knows nothing about religion. she’s just another hater disguising herself using religion.

  5. As if I need another reason to distrust the religious right.

  6. Oh, for crying out loud, this woman needs to grow up. Like it or not, we live in a religiously diverse society, and we must learn how to co-exist with people of other belief systems.

    • does she think she only represents fundamentalist christians? if so, she needs to resign, because her oath is supposed to be to the constitution, not her twisted view of the bible.

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Why are the religious right so paranoid? What DO they fear from other religions? Their faith must be awfully thin and fragile for the amount of condemnation and paranoia they exhibit.

      • they have to scream really loud to cover up the fact that they really know very little about what they profess to be their own beliefs. they only repeat what someone preaches to them, but they really have no idea what they’re saying. it’s like when a singer can’t reach a note, so she sings it louder.

  7. jeb

    We need to change the wording from freedom OF religion to freedom FROM religion to protect us from these fundies and the other nut-cases out there who have the one true answer.

  8. “not have to obligate taxpayer funds to facilitate or accommodate it or pay for (fringe) religions.”

    OK then, Christian based churches should start paying taxes then, Eh?

    • and no more xmas decorations on the taxpayers’ dime.

    • The Air Force Academy’s most-identifiable landmark is their beautiful and elaborate chapel building.

      Those “earth-based religions” have a lot to make up before they’re even with Christian standing there.

      • and with whose money was that elaborate chapel building built with? hmmmm, i wonder.

        • I’m sure it was all private donations raised by God-fearing folk, who also bought that piece of land from the Air Force and pay for the landscaping and building care. Obviously no government money is involved.

          • i tried to find out who financed the chapel, and though i couldn’t find anything specific, it appears that it was paid for by the government, as was the new outdoor worship area. i could be wrong (there’s a first time for everything!). even if it was paid for through donations, the donations would have been tax-deductible, and that’s money not going to the government, so we still pay indirectly.

            • It’s possible that my sarcastic voice didn’t come through. It’s built, paid for, and maintained by the Air Force. Just like any other military chapel.

              (Well, the Air Force probably only pays for the Air Force chapels … you know what I mean.)

  9. jeb

    Reading this got me to thinking about an SNL bit in the late 80s after Iran issued their fatwa on Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses. A. Whitney Brown does a wonderful send up and yes, that Bill-O’s toy boy, Dennis Miller, in his pre-a-hole incarnation.

    • that was great. i love the ending about blasphemy.

      p.s. dennis miller looks like a woman with his hair like that. a very petite woman.

      • jeb

        I’ve remembered that line and quoted it often over the years. I had forgotten his other great one though which applies especially to Vicky and Tony where he points out that he doesn’t know if the unborn have rights, but he’s pretty sure that being born again doesn’t mean you have twice as many rights.

        • that was great, too, as was his line about being a baptist, because when you think you’re going to be drowned, you’ll agree to anything (paraphrasing, because the video kept stopping when i tried to watch it again).

          • jeb

            Yes Nonnie. He notes that he was raised a Baptist and the Baptist believe that if you hold someone under water long enough, they’ll come around to your way of thinking. Call it bobbing for Baptist.

            Since I was also raised a Baptist, I can identify with that.

    • elizabeth3hersh

      Hilarious link jeb!!

  10. If I rolled my eyes any harder, they’d fall out of my head.

  11. Funny thing about extreme thumpers…they are quick to forget the admonishment to follow the rules of their secular leader, like a Caeser, and not cause a fuss, and manage to keep the faith in the meanwhile. Militant evangelism is blasphemy plain and simple!

  12. You know, somehow my faith isn’t threatened by the idea that some other people might not share it, or might even follow a different religion.

    And if the military is going to have religious chaplains, then there has to be provision made for followers of all kinds of religions. Showing some respect for non-Christians doesn’t mean dissing Christians. These are the same kinds of people who get upset when a cashier smiles at them and says, “Happy holidays!”

    Idiots, pure and simple. (Actually, Perkins isn’t an idiot. He’s way too evil for it to be mere stupidity.)

    • i was hoping you’d stop by, wken, because your comments on religious subjects are always spot on. this one is no exception. if people like ms huckster…i mean, hartzler ran everything, restaurants would only serve the dishes that she likes, and clothing would only come in her size and the colors she likes.

      • One thing I’ve tried to discuss with Rightie friends of mine is, what happens if we do establish Christianity?

        Who gets to define what’s Christian?

        I mean, I know people who think drinking alcohol is always a sin. And I know people who think that using unfermented grape juice instead of wine for Communion is sin. Put blue laws up against people who want to go out to dinner on Sunday.

        How far do we get from the British history of persecuting Catholics or Protestants depending on the faith of the monarch? And that’s WITHIN Christianity.

        George W. Bush (like Hillary Clinton) is a Methodist. They baptize infants (as do Catholics). But Baptists (like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and me) believe in “believer’s baptism” after the person makes a choice to be baptized. We each believe that the other is wrong. If we’re going to establish Christianity, though, which one of gets to dictate?

        Stupid, stupid, stupid … That alone should give anyone trying to establish Christianity pause. Whose Christianity? It’s not like we all agree, or even agree to disagree. There’s so much in-fighting about every little thing that we should never be allowed to run a country.

        • i guess, just like newtie is ready to set up a community board to decide which immigrant is allowed to stay in the country after living here for decades, ms heckler…i mean, hartzler will have boards to decide whether or not you are a real christian or not. first, they want to go back to the days of joe mccarthy, then newtie wants to go back to the days of the japanese internment camps, so why not bring back the spanish inquisition, too?

        • Thank you, wken. I’m a Christian and the LAST thing I want is established Christianity. Before you know it, it would be mandatory for me to attend only the established Church, with only the kind of services the govt approves of, etc etc. If only religious people would understand what kind of nightmare a theocracy would be for them…

  13. Sedate Me

    HARTZLER: I agree…Christianity is the main religion in our country

    Come on! Everybody knows Consumerism is the number one religion in America. Every Sunday, each big box cathedral has more worshippers’ cars parked in their lot than all the other churches in town combined.

  14. John Erickson

    So the whole “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” is NOT a Christian burial? And the whole tale of God creating Adam from the dust (dirt) is wrong?
    How wonderful that this lady has come along to correct over 2000 years of mistakes! “Get out your shovels, boys, we gotta go dig up your Granny! Can’t have no Christians in the same dirt as them Pagan mud-lovers!” 😀

    • maybe ms huckster…i mean, hartzler needs to take a trip to one of the veterans’ cemeteries. she’ll see that there are lots of graves that have symbols other than the cross on them, even some with no religious symbols at all. 😯

  15. didnt this kind of talk take place in Germany circa 1933….

  16. jeb

    Perkins is an especially nasty piece of scum. Now he has taken a parable and completely twisted it around to make sure that Jesus stands squarely in favor of free markets and against OWS. It would be laughable if it weren’t so manipulative and scummy.

    • Perkins has managed to surpass Pat Robertson as the most loathsome Christian spokesman I can think of (not counting Fred Phelps, the lifetime champion).

      • tony perkins is more dangerous than fred phelps. he has the veneer of respectability (thanks to the rethugs and places like cnn that give him credibility by giving him a forum) and lots of money behind him.

        • Oh, yes, I’d agree that he’s more dangerous, since more people follow him.

          I just meant that Phelps gives me a stronger urge to vomit knowing that he’s out there … Perkins does scare me more, with his greater influence.

          If anyone ever wants to know why Christians have a reputation for being hateful and intolerant, one need look no farther than Tony Perkins. You know the famous Gandhi quote about liking Jesus but not Christians. If he met Perkins, I’m sure he’d say, “Wow. I only thought they were bad before. I had no idea!”

          • i knew that’s what you meant. if i was walking down the street, and i passed by fred phelps and tony perkins, phelps is the one i would instinctively want to spit on. even though phelps is deranged and pure evil, he’s really just a distraction. tony perkins isn’t deranged, so he’s able to cloak the evil that practically bubbles inside him.

        • actually as disgusting as Perkins is, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is even worse

          • donohue is vile. i don’t know who wins this contest. i do know that i wouldn’t want to hang around with the winner or any of the runner-ups.

          • Ooooh … good point.

            I wonder if I’m biased because Perkins, being an Evangelical, is one of my camp and reflects more on me. As disgusting as Donohue is, I rarely think of him, possibly because he’s Catholic.

            I wonder …

            You know what might be a good idea? To see which one is more disgusting, we should lock them both up in one of those Mars-mission practice domes for a year with no contact with the outside world, and then have a poll and see which one people miss less.

    • did you read the comments? i didn’t read even one that was favorable to tony perkins. why the hell does cnn give a platform to such a worthless and vile piece of shit?

      • Sedate Me

        They’re so desperate for ratings now, they’ll try anything other than gathering news from around the world and broadcasting it to people hungry for important information.

        • Chicken, egg? Are they desperate for ratings, because they hire blatant racists (Erick Erickson), kiss rethuglican ass, and give platforms to pieces of shit like Tony Perkins and the Teabagger crowd, or vice versa? I think it’s the former. They might have taken a ratings hit when Faux News and MSNBC were being more provocative, but I think, if they had any long-term vision, CNN would be more viable today if they had stuck with the old model of being a real news channel instead of a center for sensationalism and bias. I think a lot of people are getting fed up with being told how and what to think by talking heads on both sides and would love to hear just the facts so they can make up their minds for themselves.

          • Sedate Me

            Absolutely! If CNN could become even just a mediocre network providing actual news (opinion free fact gathering) for 24 hours a day, they would come across as a “bastion of unsurpassed quality” in this market. Curious Americans might tune in just to see what the world actually looks like. Most haven’t the foggiest idea.

            I couldn’t stomach watching CNN since about the time they started with the “news” ticker. (aka “We know what we’re showing isn’t capable of holding your attention, so here’s something else to look at.” ) However, I flipped past CNN a few months ago and actually saw the anchors reading Tweets from Twits as if what SnuggleBunny1469 had to say in 140 characters was meaningful in any way, shape or form. It really was just a desperate attempt to appear relevant by associating themselves with the latest “hep” technological trends. I almost slashed my wrists on their behalf.

            • I agree 100%. CNN could have been the model for the 24/7 news channel, and they blew it. They decided to become a subsidiary of the Tea Party, and where did it get them? I laughed out loud at your comment about the tweets and twits. That’s when I stopped watching Rick Sanchez (who was more of a clown than a newsman, yet he’s better than anyone they have there now).