Don’t Meet the Press

From SF Gate at the San Francisco Chronicle:

Last week after his “disastrous” interview with Fox News (and that’s according to Foxie Juan Williams), and his wah-wahhing to Fox’s Bret Baier that it was “overly aggressive,” GOP prez candidate Mitt Romney was pressed on why he doesn’t do more interviews.

Oh, pshaw, Mitt told the traveling press as he avoided their questions. We do avails “almost every day.”


“Almost” in the Mittionary doesn’t include California, where Mitt will be the recipient Wednesday of some hard-earned Golden State campaign gold. On that day, he’ll be in lovely Burlingame for a $2,500 to $25,000-a-person fundraiser. But, says Team Mitt spokesman Ryan Williams tells us, he won’t be talking to those who don’t have a ticket:

“We do not have a media avail scheduled around this trip,” Williams said.

flip flops flipflopsOriginal movie poster

So, you know, people without $2,500 for a lunch won’t be to hear someone who wants to be president answer a semi-challenging question. Or at least “almost” try.

Mitt’s media-ducking has already become part of what the political consultancy likes to call his “narrative.” Dude hasn’t been on a Sunday show since he jumped into the 2012 pool.


Hmmm….this sounds familiar…..trying to remember another wealthy Republican candidate whose media advisers insisted that she blow off the mainstream media. But the strategy backfired and she got blown out of the water on Election Day by a under-organized candidate….oh, yes, it was Romney fundraiser and top adviser pal Meg Whitman. She was the only major office candidate to blow off an editorial board interview with The Chronicle in nearly twenty years….and lost to Jerry Brown by 13 points.

Meg! You know better. Maybe you can talk some sense into Mitt at the fundraiser you’re co-hosting for him in Burlingame.


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22 responses to “Don’t Meet the Press

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    Romney was back on Fox today (Cavuto business hour). I wasn’t paying close attention, but the interview seemed to go well. I did notice that Romney seemed more self assured and more like his old self (when he was governing the commonwealth of Massachusetts). He, too, RSVP’d his regrets to Trump.

    P.S. I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed Monday’s post…I was howling!

    • when mittsie shows up on msnbc with lawrence o’donnell or rachel maddow, maybe then i’ll be impressed by his bravery.

      glad you enjoyed yesterday’s post (i think you mean yesterday’s).

  2. jay

    Has this movie about a big crook ending up working for the government been chosen purposely to describe Willard?

    • nah, it’s just a coincidence that it’s a movie about a guy who said whatever he needed to say and pretended to be someone he isn’t to feed his own ego. 😉

    • at the last minute, i realized i didn’t have anything on the poster that really said mittsie, and i figured that nothing says mittsie like flip-flops. 😀

  3. You know your candidacy is in trouble when freaking * Newt Gingrich*
    has better numbers in the polls!
    Mitt has shied away from the press ever since he inserted his foot in his mouth with that mega flop staged meeting with unemployed people in a coffeehouse in FL., where Romney said he too was unemployed. Then that disturbing photo op incident where he pretended a waitress pinched his ass.
    His handlers must have advised him he needs to STFU & stay away from the cameras.
    The whole GOP lineup of characters are falling like dominoes.
    They remind me of the island of misfits toys!

    • mittsie’s been avoiding the press even longer than that. i heard today that he hasn’t appeared on a sunday talk show since march of last year (i think it was march). mittsie would rather hang around at fundraisers at his rich buddies’ mansions where the media are not allowed. he doesn’t like having to go out in public to hang around with the unwashed masses.

  4. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. No one like the annoited candidate. The upstart is a sack of shit with even more enemies. Now talk of nomination by proclaimation is going around. Maybe it will be the janitor at the convention hall, if he’s non-union.

    • if it is the janitor, will his cabinet be made up of poor kids? or will they be too busy cleaning toilets?

      • newt is already measuring the curtains – and probably calling tiffany’s for some new china

        he asked that beacon of normalcy – John Bolton – to be secy of state. want to watch even more countries hate us.

        • i don’t think bolton’s wingnuttiness had anything to do with it. callista doesn’t want anyone clashing with the rug she picked out, so newtie will only hire people with white hair.

  5. jeb

    It’s just so unfair. It was his turn and he’s wealthy and has presidential looks. What’s with all this annoying crap about having to do interviews and answer questions? He just wants to be president and since he deserves that, why are people so up in arms with such trivial things as explaining shifting positions? That isn’t how democracy works in Mittworld.

    • people who live in mittsie’s world never have to go to job interviews. their daddies give them jobs or set them up in business or have one of their friends hire them.

  6. gregg

    This is funny up to the point that Mittens, in airline pilot costume, decides he really wants to fly a passenger jet and the jet turns out to be the USS America……
    KKKarl Rove; Mittens, listen, and you listen close: flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.
    Bachmann; Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

    with apologies to “Airplane”

  7. Nonnie, what does the banner across your “GOP” shield in the lower right-hand corner say — can’t read it, but I imagine it’s something clever. BTW, my current favorite translation for GOP is “Guardians of Plutocracy.” I don’t know who came up with that one — I heard Krystal Ball use it on a recent MSNBC or CNN nonews show and assumed she copped it from someone else, because she’s not that clever.

  8. Sedate Me

    This stupid strategy is probably the best Mitt has to work with. He can’t just walk around saying “I had to promote liberal policies back then because I was in a liberal state. But, trust me, I’m just as conservative as any of the others.” every 5 minutes. That just won’t wash with ordinary Republicans, let alone the Teabaggers. They want to see the collection of progressive heads mounted on the walls of your study.

    So Mitt has to keep out of the spotlight and just win the Republican nomination because he speaks well, has the best hair, and is the “heir apparent”.

    Look for him to do far more interviews after he wins the nomination and needs to look “moderate” again by talking about his past.

    • I think he’s depending on the fact that the party establishment wants him as the nominee. Not so sure that’ll fly, though, this year. The electorate is very anti-establishment, and the old guard is very, very nervous. The more George Will, Karl Rove, and Charles Krauthammer diss Newtie, the more popular he might get. The fundies have already suspended belief by convincing themselves that Newtie is no longer the sinner he used to be. If they’re willing to bend themselves into pretzels, they might go all the way with Newtie.

  9. John Erickson

    Kinda late to the party, sorry.
    The GOP needs somebody with a sense of fight, willing to get in front of the cameras, and feisty to boot. Think they can wait another 12 years until Blago gets out (if not sooner)?

    • i think it’s 14 years, john, and blago is a democrat. i don’t even want to imagine him being in this race. his hair vs gov little ricky goodhair’s coif? oy vey!