Ratched-ing Up the Crazy

From The Washington Examiner:

Rick Santorum just might get his wish to debate Newt Gingrich head-to-head again before the Iowa caucuses next month.

Santorum and Gingrich are currently the only confirmed participants in the Donald Trump-moderated debate on ION Television December 27.


Santorum said he was excited about the possibility of the debate turning into a two-man show.

“I think it’s great,” Santorum said. “I’d love a head-to-head with Newt Gingrich. I’d like to head-to-head with anybody in the field. I think those are the best debates.”

Republican stategist Mark McKinnon:

And this Trump debate is proof the inmates have taken over the asylum.

oneflewoverthecuckoosnestchiefmcmurphyOriginal image

From The New York Times:

Republican strategists on Monday bemoaned the prospect of a presidential debate hosted by Donald J. Trump even as Newt Gingrich, surging in recent polls, made a pilgrimage to see Mr. Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star.


Veteran Republican operatives are increasingly agonizing over the image of a party whose contenders have been beset by scandals, factual gaffes and a fickle electorate that seems unimpressed by the choices they have been given.

Now, Mr. Trump promises once again to inject his personality in the Republican race as he hosts a debate   days before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. But leading Republican strategists and campaign officials on Monday condemned a Trump-moderated debate as a spectacle that would do more harm to the party than good.

nurse20ratched20donald20trumpOriginal image

The billionaire grabbed headlines this year by seizing on the “birther issue,” questioning whether President Obama was an American citizen, and Mr. Trump continues to dangle the idea of an independent bid for the White House next year.

Karl Rove, the former political adviser to President George W. Bush, railed against the idea of a debate hosted by Mr. Trump. In an appearance on Fox News on Monday, Mr. Rove called on Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, to put a stop to the debate.

“What the heck are the Republican candidates doing showing up at a debate with a guy who says, ‘I may run for president next year as an independent,’ ” Mr. Rove said. “I think the Republican national chairman ought to step in and say we strongly discourage every candidate from appearing.”


In an interview, Ari Fleischer, a former press secretary for Mr. Bush, called Mr. Trump’s debate “an invitation to a circus” and urged the candidates to refuse to attend.

“Donald Trump risks making a carnival out of a serious presidential campaign,” Mr. Fleischer said. “I think this is an opportunity for a candidate to stand up. I don’t understand the fear of Donald Trump, politically. He doesn’t have a constituency or a following.”

Mark McKinnon, a strategist who worked for Mr. Bush, said in an e-mail that the proposed debate is “not good for the candidates. It’s not good for the party. It’s only good for Donald Trump.”


He said that news organizations have “wrested complete control over how and when the primary debates are conducted. And this Trump debate is proof the inmates have taken over the asylum.”


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51 responses to “Ratched-ing Up the Crazy

  1. man, i have just the thing for this! here

    Also, somewhat relevant: Newtonian Calculus Deconvoluted
    ~ LL

  2. This morning on CNN I saw a discussion with Ari and another GOP person discussing the merits of the Trump debate (Ari against it, the buffoon for it). Meanwhile, that first pic is scary … then the second one surprised me. Fortunately I wasn’t eating or drinking anything at the time. Well done Queen Raisin.

    • thanks frank. i never want to be donald trump’s hairdresser again. that stuff is like razor wire. my fingers are all cut up and bleeding. oh wait, that was from washing my hands 1,578 times afterwards. 😉

  3. “Donald Trump risks making a carnival out of a serious presidential campaign” — Who the fark does Fleischer think he’s kidding?? There isn’t a single one of the republican candidates who should be taken seriously for ANY elected office— let alone president of the United States.

    P.S.: Sweet Jeebus, Nonnie! That is some of your scariest work ever— I’m not looking forward to the Newtmares that’s probably gonna cause… And now I really wanna punch Nurse “Racket.”

    • they didn’t notice the circus until a new ringmaster got on board? 😯 i wonder if there’s a rethug out there with even a trace of credibility left.

      p.s. some over at the big orange complained about the nightmare-inducing qualities of the pix. i sowwy. 😥

  4. PS: On my post about the knobs, I hope you saw the video because I know you enjoy handbell music (and that one was well done).

  5. If the Republicans were really responsible with their money, they’d sit out the 2012 election altogether. That they’re not doing so really just proves that they’re crazy spenders … as well as just plain crazy.

  6. Donald Trump is like the kid in grade school who makes fun of everyone constantly, yet can’t understand why the only classmates who show up to his birthday party are the two geeks Rick and Newt.

    • hello james kaliway,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      perfect description of trump! 😆 if his daddy wasn’t rich, little donald would have gotten the crap beaten out of him every day in school.

      hope you’ll stop by again soon.

  7. jay

    Trump’s tan makes me think of this…

    • i didn’t alter his complexion at all! i changed the neck to match his face instead. you’d think he could afford a better self-tanner. his towels must be stained bright orange. he makes bronzo the clown look almost normal.

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    Nonnie, I’m enjoying your posters more and more. This may be my absolute FAVORITE…especially the pic of Trump as Nurse Ratched and the one of ‘Chief’ Gingrich!! I howled at this one too (my daughter howled too!). I’m watching Trump on Piers Morgan now. Just the usual: pompous grandiosity and incessant boasting about his ratings and how he will veer away from the ‘usual’ questions while moderating the debate (damn it, I still like the guy!).

    • thanks elizabeth! 🙂 glad you and the offspring enjoyed the pix.

      i honestly don’t know how you can watch that vile excuse for a human being (take your choice, either piers morgan or trump). i despise him with the intensity of a thousand suns.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        More than once I have caught myself muttering “nonnie doesn’t know what she is missing” (referencing amusement, fascination, and sustained interest in the likes of megalomaniacs like Trump or other HUGE narcissistic personalities). It all came to a head today and I think I know why. While in nursing school, I mentally divided students into two camps: the psych camp and the orthopedic camp. Psych students in general did not thrive in orthopedics and psych was a field that you either passionately loved or passionately hated. I was totally out of my element in orthopedics because there was no drama, histrionics, anxiety, hallucinations or delusions of grandeur to tend to (I need a lot of stimulation). Orthopedics was straightforward, no nonsense and very practical. Most folks were, well, normal. I think you are in the orthopedic camp nonnie. And if I break a hip, I damn well want an orthopedic nurse. 🙂

        • i think i might be somewhere in the middle. i love to watch true crime shows and i’ve read hundreds and hundreds of true crime books, because i find the psychology behind the crimes utterly fascinating. on the other hand, i love seeing how things work. i annoy repairmen with a thousand questions (but i usually give them something to eat and/or flatter them, too, so they don’t get angry), because i want to know all the steps. i love fixing stuff. i’ve fixed lots of stuff with nothing more than a butter knife a pair of tweezers (my middle name is macgyver). i guess you can say that i like the orthopedics of psychology. i can live very well without the drama. i like the facts. i love puzzles and word games, and figuring out people is like putting together a puzzle. in the case of people like donald trump, the picture is very uninteresting. we all know the story. he grew up spoiled with a sense of entitlement. he probably never thought he deserved what he had gotten (i would agree with that), and constantly feels like he has to prove himself to daddy or mommy or whatever ghosts he has in his closet. he covers his insecurity up with bravado and really, really tacky ungepatchket residences. he probably has a really tiny peepee, too. that’s the whole picture. nothing to entice anyone to take apart the puzzle and put it back together again.

          • elizabeth3hersh

            “Tiny peepee”…lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG nonnie, I read/watch true crime too (love Ann Rule)!! And I loved your “orthopedics of psychology” comment. Wish I still lived in South Florida…I would take you to lunch!

  9. maggiejean

    This republican primary season has been one bag of popcorn after another.

  10. That Grinch picture captures the way he will look 5 or 10 years from now when it all unravels. Has anyone else noticed when the pundits run down his littany of sins and transgressions that no one ever mentions the 3 million payoff he got, while being speaker, from Evil Rupert? At the time he was quite coy about it being looked at as a cash bribe. Boy, did he hate to give it back. His half sister says the family pronounces the name gin-RICK and always has.

    • maybe the dems are saving it for when he gets the nomination. there’s so much to choose from. the menu of crooked things newtie has done is a very long one.

      i saw his sister on trms yesterday. much classier than her half-brother.

  11. jeb

    While others may be disturbed by your artistic renderings, I am nauseated anytime that I read a quote by KKKarl and find myself nodding in agreement. I would like to believe that there is still a veneer of respectability for our political process at the top level (it’s an illusion, indulge me, OK?) even though I know that went out the window a long time ago and we now have reached the logical outcome.

    On the other hand, watching these greedy, self-indulgent and narcissistic parasites basking in the glow of the master does have a twisted entertainment quality that cannot be denied.

  12. gregg

    One flew in from the east, one from the west but they all found a home in the cuckoos nest.

    Where is Nurse Ratched when you need her to pass the meds?

  13. Is that what I think it is on Ricky’s shirt?

    • Santorum? As in the euphemism? I’m sure it is.

    • hello kevin,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀 what a nice surprise to see you over here.

      is there something on frothy santorum’s shirt? lemme see. oh my! how did that schmutz get there?

      p.s. hey kids, click on kevin’s name. he’s a wonderful artist, and you’ll enjoy looking at his paintings.

  14. LOVE the expression on Newt’s face.

  15. Love what ya did with The Donald’s hair.

    • thank you, hansi. i’m so glad you said that, because i was going to scrap the entire pic, because i couldn’t figure out how to blend his hair with the original pic.

  16. Sedate Me

    But leading Republican strategists and campaign officials on Monday condemned a Trump-moderated debate as a spectacle that would do more harm to the party than good. -article

    Really? As opposed to all the good caused to the party by the other 273 debates?

    All this over-hype has made all the candidates, and the party itself, look worse than when they started.

    • When I listen to the talking bobbleheads (from both sides), I mutter under my breath Where the hell have you been? They really do live in a bubble. The rest of us would do a much better job of commenting on what’s going on in the world of politics.

  17. Nonnie: This is fabulous. Nurse Ratched is the best one yet. I genuinely love your blog–I’ve learned so much. Although, I’m still flipping out over the rise of Newt as I try to figure out where I went wrong as a “poor black child” when I worked two to three jobs on my own initiative to make my way through school without becoming a janitor (all the adults around me were poor and were working 2 – 3 jobs as well.) Did I go wrong by not asking for Newt’s counsel about what to do? By the way, I think I have an addendum to Newt’s Dickensian solution for the poor: every one of his grandchildren and the children of the people who support this “Final Solution” to the poor must volunteer to work at the after-school janitorial program, because the only kids I know that aren’t getting off their asses to work live in the rich area of Virginia where Newt lives (McLean)–the ones that get BMW’s as B-day presents before they even get their liscenses. Walk to the highschool parking lot in that area on any given day and the sea of BMW’s and Mercedes will make you swoon. Shall we give it a try?

    • eleanor, my most favorite thing of all is when someone tells me that they’ve learned something from this collection of nonsense. it makes all the work worth it.

      i think newtie is pissed off that he wasn’t born into wealth. i think he thinks he’s the most brilliant person who ever lived, and he can’t figure out why people aren’t throwing money at his as he passes by. i think his resentment is what leads him to say that nobody should have it easy. he (and hermie cain) don’t understand that luck has a lot to do with whether or not they get rich or not. they are among that group of rich people who have forgotten where they came from and have lost any sense of empathy. mittsie is the other side of the coin. he was born to wealth and has never had to lose a moment’s sleep wondering if he can feed his kids or buy them food or house them. he’s never known a day of want, so he can’t relate to anyone who lives in want every minute of the day. he prattles on and on about how the poor want all these entitlements. he doesn’t get the irony that he grew up with every entitlement anyone could ever want.

  18. oh the nurse ratched! this is the best

    you know a Donald debate would do gangbuster ratings due to all the liberals and democrats turning in for the latest episode of American Schmucks

    • thanks dcAp,

      i think the only people watching will be those who want to make fun of the debate later on. does trump think that the people who actually care whether gary busey or meatloaf should have been fired are going to tune in for a political debate? 🙄

  19. SaberRulzz

    LOL @ these two looney-tunes… Looks like this will be the long awaited ‘Birther Debate’ the Donald wanted. Just what the GOP circus clown show needed, T-rump as the ringmaster. T-rump is such a horrible, old shtick. Time for someone to tell him to leave the stage, permanently.

    BTW Has Newt checked with Callista’s schedule on the 27th of Dec.? She just might have booked a Caribbean cruise for them?

    • i don’t think the birther thing will come up. trump knows that’s a loser issue. instead, it will be just another trump informercial in which all the participants (and 3 of ’em!! 😆 ) will mention their books and everything else they have for sale as many times as they can get away with it. people will wonder if they actually found the ION channel or if they accidentally turned on the home shopping network.

  20. The latest count- 2 in – 5 out! The Donald seems to have become toxic (or maybe septic). You really got a lot of good dialogue going on this post. I’m sure that this coming year will be your best yet. And I’m not going to forget your birthday this time…12/17?…I forget….

    • i have a feeling trump is going to back out. he’ll make some lame excuse. he’ll say that the network or newsmax didn’t live up to one of his demands in his contract or something like that. he knows that a debate with only newtie and frothy is going to be a laughingstock. he’s already turned down the volume on the bragging, saying that it’s really newsmax’s debate, not his.

      p.s. close, jerry. 12/16. i can understand how you can make that mistake, since the raisin is usually dated a day ahead.

  21. Just trying to keep you young one day at a time. For myself, I rely on a comment of a prominent music critic in the 60s that refered to rock and roll as “perpetual adolescense”…so what’s the downside?