It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to meet the Commies on the Muppet Show tonight!


After multiple viewings of the now-infamous Fox Business Network’s take on the new “Muppets” movie, I can come to only one conclusion.

Bonkers. They’re bonkers.

In a segment on “Follow the Money,” FBN’s Eric Bolling paired up with Dan Gainor of the right-wing Media Research Center to deliver a report that seemed straight out of “Saturday Night Live.”

“Liberal Hollywood depicting a businessman as evil, that’s not new,” said Bolling. “Dan, let’s point this out, this oil muppet, evil man that he is, is called Tex Richman.”

Gainor: “Yeah, it’s amazing how far the left will go just to stoop, to manipulate your kids, to convince them, to give [them] an anti-corporate message, I mean . . .”

Bolling: “I’ll put it out there. Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to kind of brainwash our kids?”

Bolling asked that with a straight face. And he wasn’t even wearing a tinfoil hat.

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Are the Muppets communists?

Gainor’s response to the absurd “brainwash” question: “Yeah, absolutely. And they’ve been doing it for decades. I mean, Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry and they hate corporate America and so do all those movies attacking it.”

Gainor then reminded us we need oil for many things, including to fuel an ambulance to “get you to the hospital if you need that, but they don’t want to tell you that story.” Then he tied Hollywood to the Occupy Movement and brought it all back to “The Matrix.” Uh-huh.

Andrea Tantaros of Fox’s “The Five” chimed in: “It is brainwashing in its most obvious form. I just wish liberals would leave little kids alone.”

“The Muppets” is brainwashing in its most obvious form? Wow. Wow to the wow.

For those of you haven’t seen “The Muppets,” the cartoonish villain is indeed an oil man named Tex Richman — but he’s the villain not because he’s an oil man but because he wants to destroy the Muppets’ theater to drill for oil underneath. It’s not as if there’s an Ed Begley Muppet driving a Prius and saying, “If only Tex Richman understood there are alternatives . . . ”


The idea of a liberal Hollywood agenda to brainwash children is funnier than any comedy I’ve seen this year. You know what matters to Hollywood? Making money. “The Muppets” movie is produced by a little company called Disney, one of the most profitable and admired corporate names in the history of civilization.


As usual, the only color that matters to “liberal Hollywood” is green, as in profit.


We’ve gotta get Bolling and Gainor to re-screen “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Talk about an anti-American movie. (In 1947, an FBI memo to J. Edgar Hoover noted the Mr. Potter banker character was “the most hated man in the picture . . . a common trick used by communists.”) Here you have wonderful old Mr. Potter, the wealthiest and most powerful man in all of Bedford Falls, and he’s depicted as this hateful villain merely because he wants George Bailey and the rest of those 99 percenters to be held accountable.

Liberal brainwashing!


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62 responses to “It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to meet the Commies on the Muppet Show tonight!

  1. I always thought Pottersville looked like a pretty swingin’ joint, myself. But maybe that’s because I’m all about going after kids with sex and anti-fracking residue propaganda.

  2. John Erickson

    I assume you’ve heard of the Fox News attack on the “poor starving” Muppet addition they made a few months ago, with one of the blond ditzes (yeah, on Fox, blond and braindead are synonyms) asking how the Muppet could be hungry with “all the welfare programs, WIC, food stamps, and all those other programs”.
    I look upon Fox News as great theoretical physics. With just a tad bit more work, they WILL show us how to warp the entire universe so we can go anywhere instantaneously. That, or how we can all disappear up our own hind ends! 😀

  3. Faux Noise deserves some Statler and Waldorf.

  4. I grew up in Communism and I’m sad to report that it was nothing like the Muppet Show. If it had been, maybe it wouldn’t have collapsed!

  5. Oh holy Lord. Really? I swear the right wing needs to find another hobby besides looking out for commies around the corner.

    • they have to look for terrorists, too, little spinny. bill0 almost got attacked by one today. good thing he had his umbrella with him so he could attack the terrorist who asked him if he had been at the newtie fundraiser.

  6. Wouldn’t the ultra right save all of a lot of time if they just told us what it is they LIKE….sounds of crickets….because they give a strong impression that they hate everything, they hate everybody, they hate me saying this. The vibe that comes through is unabashed materialism, unquenchable desire for mammon, and total control of all of us in the serf realm. And since the constant accumulation of filthy lucre is the centerpiece of their spiritual life, how about some serious discussions on how much they will take with them when they snuff it.

    • they love money. that’s about it. oh, and bronzo the clown loves booze and golf in addition to money. oh, and bashing poor people. they really love that.

  7. jeb

    I was going to say they come by their stupidity honestly, remember their hero St Ronnie actually believed that “Born in the USA” was a patriotic song. But as Tex points out, they’re really just a bunch of vermin whipping the masses into a snit over the latest perceived slight against greed. The astounding part of it is, no leap is too illogical or fantastic in bizzaro world.

    • the ones in charge aren’t stupid. that’s what’s really shameful. the people who believe the shit they spew are the stupid ones.

    • Jeb, did you see the Hannity replay today of the goofballs discussing how George Dunderhead Bush caught Bin Ladin? They carried on about how Obama couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do the job! The level of mental illness in this crowd is off the chart.

      • jeb

        No, I don’t really watch TV anymore (except for football). I come across Sean “The Tool” Asswipe occasionally on the radio when I’m commuting. His biggest theme seems to be that Obama and the Dems are responsible for everything that’s wrong and they’re always whining and blaming Bu$h. That’s usually when I yell at the radio, “Yeah dipshit, because it shouldn’t take three years to clean up eight years of screwing the country!”

      • he also said that obama didn’t want to catch bin laden, and the other imbeciles agreed with him. i wonder how they explain the fact that obama gave the order to get bin laden.

        • Denial.

          I’ve heard a number of people state simply that Pres. Obama had nothing to do with killing bin Laden, that it was only the Navy Seals, and that suggesting anything else denegrates our troops.

          I really need new friends.

          • i’d slap them. i really would. suggesting that it was only the seals actually denigrates them. that would mean they were working as a rogue unit, because a huge undertaking like that should take place only under orders from the very top.

            • Yeah, that’s where the conversation goes. No slapping, but I should probably start.

              If the Navy did something like that without talking to the C-in-C, then heads should roll. That would be beyond criminal and possibly even treason, considering the potential ramifications.

              Of course, since people think that James Bond and Jack Bauer represent responsible foreign policy, some folks don’t quite get that.

  8. May I speak to the Fox crowd?

    If you watch a Muppets movie (or a cartoon about dancing penguins) and see nothing but political indoctrination, then it’s probably best if you never watch the news again. You’re taking life too seriously. Stop.

    You, and everyone around you, will be happier if you never, ever follow or think about the news or politics again.

    You have a problem and need to get help. I say this in love.

    Really …

    • you missed your calling, wken. you should be a professional interventionist.

    • jeb

      There’s actually a tradition here. Remember, Jerry Falwell became very distressed that one of the Teletubbies carried a purse. He was certain that it was just another example of the Gay agenda to indoctrinate children into the homosexual lifestyle. Not to speak ill of the dead, but I really don’t miss him.

      • Well, in his defense, you know, that Teletubby was purple and had a triangle on his head. I mean, you know, with all of that, how could it NOT mean he’s gay? ; – )

        You’re right, that’s a good addition. If you have ever spent so much as a moment of your life considering the sex life of Teletubbies, then you need serious clinical help.

  9. This clip has many applicable lines.

  10. What’s next? They’ll accuse Sesame Street of questioning American exceptionalism and killing jobs? They’ll lambaste Fraggle Rock as a radical Islamo-fascist recruiting tool? Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

  11. Sedate Me

    Luis (who actually grew up in Mexico) is a “filthy Mexican” who snuck across the border, not to steal American jobs, but an American business. Mr Hooper (who was actually blacklisted in the 50’s) refused to sell out to China-Mart and was a “life-long, childless, bachelor”. Susan is one of those public school teachers who oppose “school choice”. Maria was one of those “dirty hippies” in Godspell.

    Oscar the Grouch is a vocal and ultra-committed defender of the homeless. The Count has been keeping a running total of civilians killed in America’s imperialist wars for the last 10 years. Ernie and Bert, well, that’s pretty obvious. And Aloysius Snuffleupagus is a cousin of George Soros.

  12. Speaking of SNL… the lost ending of it’s a wonderful life.

  13. oh oh oh….. and Captain Kangaroo was a Nazi….

    it’s as plain as day… the military uniform, the Hitler mustache the bugged-out eyes……

  14. they already have maligned the Teletubbies, Sesame Street must be some sort of immigrant’s slum, Fred Flintstone – tax him.

    as insane as Fox News is – and there is NOTHING more insane, there are the people that watch and actually believe what Hannity and O’reilly spit out is the gospel.

    I guess GI Joe’s funeral would be protested by Fred Phelps also. Gays in the action figure military you know

    • it sickens me that people listen to these asswipes and are either so congitively impaired that they believe them or so filled with hate that they convince themselves that what they’re hearing is true. either way, i want to puke.

  15. Friend of the court

    Wow, that was a blast from the past. Thank you nonie9999