Don’t (Bumber)shoot!

From THE Reliable Source at The Washington Post:

Celebrities: Don’t get into a fight with anyone carrying a video camera. It’s the newest weapon in the ideological arsenal, and never ends well.

On Wednesday night, Bill O’Reilly shoved a camera-wielding man with his umbrella while on his way to a White House holiday party. The Fox News star upped the stakes by telling a nearby policeman he wanted to press charges against the protester. Within hours, it was all on YouTube, fodder for his critics across the Web.

Which is pretty much the point of videorazzi: Show the target in an embarrassing light.


O’Reilly’s case was a little different because Brendan Lane didn’t plan to ambush him. Lane, a paid organizer for Wisconsin Jobs Now, was filming outside the Willard Hotel Wednesday because Newt Gingrich was holding a fundraiser inside. Someone spotted O’Reilly on the sidewalk, and Lane jogged through the pouring rain to catch up.

“Leave me alone right now,” warned O’Reilly. Lane asked, “Mr. O’Reilly, were you at Gingrich’s fundraiser?” He wasn’t, it turns out — but that’s when O’Reilly knocked Lane into the street with his umbrella and taunted, “Hey, sorry about that.”

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“I was so upset because I had just put on dry socks, and he knocked me into a puddle,” Lane told us Thursday. He continued to film as O’Reilly approached a cop at the White House gate and accused Lane of attacking him. Reason prevailed: After doing a background check on Lane, the cops sent him on his way; he said he has no plans to press charges against O’Reilly: “There’s no need. This isn’t about him.”

O’Reilly didn’t return our calls. But on Thursday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” he said that he felt threatened by Lane and wanted to call the police because “I thought the guy was out of control.” O’Reilly said he “felt like the Penguin in the ‘Batman’ show . . . shielding myself with an umbrella. And I’m lucky I had it — otherwise I would have punched the guy, and I would have been arrested.” O’Reilly went on to condemn D.C. laws and the “anarchists”: “I told you bad things were going to happen, because these Occupy protesters are becoming increasingly aggressive. But I never thought it was going to happen to me.”


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29 responses to “Don’t (Bumber)shoot!

  1. Hope he didn’t drop his falaffel…

    • he feared for his life and thought he was going to be the next john lennon. 🙄 because john lennon was killed by a camera phone. i love how bill0 tried to come off as mister macho. of course, he didn’t show the video which plainly shows him just being an asshole who couldn’t wait to run to the nearest cop to whine.

  2. John Erickson

    Am I the only one missing the connection between Lane and the OWS folks? (I saw that he’s a paid organizer for the Wisconsin jobs folk, but what connection OWS? If I’m being dense, sorry!)
    Can we file a slander charge against O’Reilly for slandering Burgess Meredith? 😀

    • he’s a community organizer in wisconsin, and i believe he was there to support. by the way, lane was on keith olbermann’s show last night with his side of the story, and he’s absolutely adorable. he reminds me of george clooney. the video is here.

      i love the idea of a slander suit. 😆

      • Good thing Inspired and I DVR Countdown every night.

        • i watch every night, because i can only record the local stations on my dvd-recorder ever since comcast went digital. i’d have to rent one of their dvr’s in order to record any other channel, and i refuse to give them more of my money. luckily, countdown is on ‘on demand’ so i can watch if i happen to miss it.

  3. jay

    Conveniently, it was caught on video:

  4. elizabeth3hersh

    Saw the vid…O’Reilly purposefully shoved him. Yup, he didn’t give fair coverage on his show either.

    • does he count on his viewers never questioning anything he says? does he think none of them will find the video online and watch it? i don’t care how biased anyone is, it’s quite apparent that bill0 acted like an asshole and a bully. then he runs to the nearest cop and lies. he’s succeeded in making an even bigger ass of himself. i didn’t think it was possible.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        I laughed at “I didn’t think it was possible.” That is like saying Trump could not make a bigger ass of himself. I guess that is why I find both so entertaining (referring of course to when they ‘out-ass’ themselves). Honestly, had you not posted this I would assumed the story was exactly the way O’Reilly described it (yet the real version didn’t surprise me!).

        • they usually just cement their reputations as asses, but they rarely outdo themselves. in fact, they become very repetitious and boring. that constant need for attention must be exhausting. i’d almost feel sorry for them, if i didn’t despise them so much.

  5. maggiejean

    What an asshole O’Reilly is. Much better at dishing out than receiving. I did LOL at his combover being blown askew showing off his bald spot.

  6. Ohhhh he’s a victim AND a macho man.

  7. Now we must understand the paranoia of those encased at the FN compound. Ailes had the place locked down when he saw that swarthy janitor on the monitor in his bomb proof office. In the real world, danger can be sudden and terrifying: the Simon & Garfunkle free concert in Central Park 20 years ago. Paul was singing a ballad about a lost rocker Jimmy Jett and was starting the second verse with the words..”I remember the night John Lennon died”..and instantly some large wierdo jumps on the stage right in front of him saying “I’ve got to tell you somethin’…when 3 really big guys take him down like linebackers. That look on Pauls face was indescribable, dazed, life flashing before eyes, etc….and that makes BillO seem quite silly, even pussyfied.

    • i would say that the paranoia runs so rampant over at faux news that it’s bound to rub off on the employees. however, since bill0 is one of the purveyors of paranoia, i’m not buying that argument. i’m also not buying the argument, because, not for even a nanosecond did bill0 look surprised or frightened at all. he made up the story afterwards, because he knew that he did something really stupid. he should have checked out the video first, because he looks like a total wuss who went running to a cop for absolutely nothing.

      • Sedate Me

        Is O’Reilly even capable of “surprise” or “fear” and would anybody recognize it on his face is he was either?

        I think more people waving around cameras in people’s faces should be beaten up. But in this case, it’s clear the guy had a legitimate, but incorrect, excuse. Although, O’Reilly had no idea that he did.

        No harm. No foul. Just a few yucks and some potential Penguin jokes.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    Lane is admirable for not wanting to press charges. He could have made it quite a big deal, but as he said, “This isn’t about him.” Sigh. I wish we had better role models on TV.

  9. What does one really expect from Bill O. He’s an asshole!
    Sorry for using profanity on your blog, but Bill O is really an asshole and no other word describes him better. 🙂

  10. dont you wish oreilly would just open the umbrella and fly away like Mary Poophead. why is it every one on fix is such a dick – hannity keeps saying bush got binladen, then there is ann coulter……

  11. jeb

    What strikes me is that Bill-O, who is obviously a very wealthy man, is walking around with one of those flimsy $5 Totes umbrellas that you buy on the street corner. Billy, buy a sturdy good quality umbrella and you can (a) stay dry, (b) it won’t blow out and show your bad comb over (c) you can fend off commies, liberals, protesters and even zombies.

    • i was surprised he was out in public carrying his own umbrella. i thought he would have hired someone (perhaps an inner city elementary school kid who is done with his job cleaning toilets) to hold the umbrella over him as he walked.