Campaigning for Fun and Profit


Newt Gingrich loves selling himself – both as a presidential hopeful and as a for-profit author.

As he seeks the GOP nomination, the former House speaker frequently combines traditional political campaigning with the sales job for his books and films that has earned him millions. As his rivals on Friday scheduled busy days with voters in early nominating states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Gingrich planned a single public event: a book signing in the nation’s capital.

(Update: Gingrich’s book signing has been reportedly cancelled due to “public safety concerns.”)

Bill O’Reilly was there with an umbrella?

Gingrich, enjoying a surge in the polls just a month before the first contests are held, prides himself on his non-traditional campaign style. It isn’t clear whether it will pay off politically. But it certainly has not hurt his own income.

profitOriginal DVD cover

Gingrich’s personal financial disclosure form shows that he and wife, Callista, reported between $500,000 and $1 million in assets from Gingrich Productions, the couple’s media company that produces books and films. The filings also list a promissory note worth between $5 million and $25 million owed to the production company, records show, although details of that asset are unclear.


Gingrich has turned over the production company to his wife as he works to build support for his White House bid. Yet he still promotes their films, often hosting screenings on the sidelines during conservative conferences.

Afterward, aides sell DVDs of the programs and their companion books.


It is all legal, said former Federal Elections Commission chairman Dave Mason.

“The basic rule is that he can do both things, as long as he doesn’t use any revenues from the book tour to subsidize the campaign, and as long as he doesn’t use campaign funds in a way that benefits him personally,” said Mason.


Even when asked about real estate mogul Donald Trump’s upcoming debate for GOP hopefuls, Gingrich can’t help but plug the connection: Trump appeared in a Gingrich film.

At times, there seems little distinction between his campaigning and bookselling.

For instance, before a one-on-one debate with then-contender Herman Cain outside of Houston, Texas, the Gingriches signed copies of their books for fans who lined up to buy an autographed copy just outside the venue’s doors. Nearby, a volunteer donned an elephant costume and stood in for the star of Callista’s children’s book, “Ellis the Elephant.”

For Gingrich, the campaign sometimes takes on the feeling of an extended book tour.

“At 8:30 tomorrow morning, we’re going to be at the Westin at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and we’re going to be talking about jobs and the economy,” Gingrich told a radio interviewer last month. “And then after the town hall meeting, Callista is going to be signing her new book, the New York Times bestseller, `Sweet Land Of Liberty.’ … And I’ll be signing my new novel, `The Crater,’ about the Civil War, and a book on American exceptionalism called `A Nation Like No Other.'”

Gingrich, meanwhile, continues to run a campaign perhaps like no other.


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56 responses to “Campaigning for Fun and Profit

  1. sorry so late, kids. i was sidelined with some family drama all day, and i didn’t have anything done. be back soon. gotta eat dinner. 😀

    • I don’t think that you need to apologize.

      For my own part, I think that you’re entitled to have a life. I hope that the drama was nothing too bad.

      • thanks wken. it’s actually an old drama that’s gone on for years and that got all stirred up again. it’s at the point where my sister, mom, and i laugh about it, even though it’s really not a laughing matter.

  2. John Erickson

    Could the “public safety concerns” be the possibility Newt might actually interface with people, having nothing to do since nobody showed up to get their book signed?
    Or maybe PETA was going to protest their cruelty to elephants – or at least, elephants’ reputations! 😀

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    It’s just all too surreal nonnie. Can the race get any more bizarre? I read today that Rick Perry stated there were eight supreme court justices (assuming of course 1/2 of one justice serves as a “swing vote”).

  4. jay

    Now serving 03 😆

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  6. I love the creepy eyes.

    They look appropriately reptilian. Actually, in that shot, Gingrich looks a lot like John, the Supreme Commander from the 1980’s miniseries “V,” about reptilian aliens who come to Earth posing as friends but really want to steal our water and enslave or eat the people … ummm …

    Come to think of it, Gingrich might be a character from “V.”

  7. Don’t look now, Nonnie, but Gingrich’s campaign is watching you.

  8. I prefer to think of GrinchCo as multi-level marketing. Is it my imagination or does #3 always have that same facial expression, sort of like one of those inflatable things sold at sex shops? She must give one hell of a bj.

  9. jeb

    People actually come out and buy their shit? PT Barnum has been validated once again.

  10. jeb

    After viewing your wonderful poster Nonnie, I’ve finally figured out what Newtie’s grand strategery is. He is happy to be the frontrunner because it’s increasing his bottom line. He will try to be the nominee knowing that he’ll tank it and that will give him another shot to run the whole scam again in a couple of years running up to 2016.

    This is going to be a perpetual scam.

    • i have a similar theory. newtie got into the race to make money, not to be president. he never expected to be leading in the polls. he’ll make the most of it, though, in order to make more money. now, there are 2 possibilities:

      1. he’ll sabotage himself at every turn. he’s already doing that, but even that’s backfiring, because the more batshitty the things he says, the more the imbeciles support him. if he’s forced into being the nominee, then he’ll make sure that he has no appeal outside of the teabagging base.

      2. he’ll mess up so badly that the wingnuts will have no choice but to go with mittsie. so, he has to make sure to sabotage mittsie’s campaign. he’s already doing that. he was pretty nasty to mittsie tonight. why does he have to sabotage mittsie, too, you might ask. that leads to my theory.

      the only way newtie makes money is by throwing grenades at obama and the democrats from the sidelines. he needs obama to win, or he can’t make more money. so, he either screws up his own campaign if he’s the nominee by going so far right that independents will be afraid of him (john bolton, anyone? he floated that name for a reason.), or he makes sure that mittsie is so damaged he can never recover. if mittsie wins the presidency (g-d forbid), then who is going to listen to newtie? the rethugs will call him a traitor for dissing his own party. he has to make sure obama wins, or he’s irrelevant.

  11. if i were a betting man (and I have $10K sitting in my pocket just like the poor little rich boy Mittens) – i would bet $10K that Newt is going to get the nomination – and while he truly is unelectable – like Palin, this will only help pay his bills at tiffany’s

    • unfortunately, i seem to have left my 10 thou in someone else’s bank account. even if that wasn’t the case, i wouldn’t take that bet. i think it’s going to be newtie. i think it’s at the point where, no matter how big a gaffe he might make, the rethugs will start making excuses for him.

      • they already are making excuses for him
        hey just hate mittens – and while i love how romney is just falling apart (now he is going for the human side of mitt) – newt is so scary….

        • the establishment rethugs are pooping their pants. they have to know that there’s no winner here. everyone hates mittsie and fears newtie. they’ll damage each other so much by the time someone gets nominated, the dems will have tons of ammo against them. the ads will just write themselves.

  12. Pjevs

    Are there really no end to the stupidity and lies that comes from these presidential candidates.I believe America should be embarrassed letting this circus go on and on.One good thing,it seems that Trump will not host a presidential debate. Lovely poster Nonnie.

    • thanks pj. to answer your question, no, there is no end to the stupidity. the rethugs proved with princess sarah’s nomination and the defense of her afterward that they are not capable of embarrassment.

  13. elizabeth3hersh

    David Brooks (New York Times) summarizing his column ‘The Gingrich Tragedy’ several days ago:

    “But how you believe something is as important as what you believe. It doesn’t matter if a person shares your overall philosophy. If that person doesn’t have the right temperament and character, stay away.”

  14. When it comes to Newt,it’s all about Newt. My worry is he doesn’t sell America down the river.

  15. “Gingrich’s personal financial disclosure form shows that he and wife, Callista, reported between $500,000 and $1 million in assets from Gingrich Productions, the couple’s media company that produces books and films. The filings also list a promissory note worth between $5 million and $25 million owed to the production company, records show, although details of that asset are unclear.”

    It seems like only yesterday like I explained Gingrich’s assets and liabilities here

    Can’t decide if i like the dollar $ign$ in pupils better than Calista’s crazed expression. I mean, her expression rivals the batshit girl with kaleidoscope eyes herself. It’s the simple things that “do it for me” in your posters, nonnie :D. Great work. Like it’s been said, you got nada to apologize for. Great work.


    • eggzellent graphic, latte. i think callista is probably even more vile than newtie. who would think it’s possible to be more vile than him?

      the fun in making the posters are the little touches. i’m so happy when someone mentions them, because i never know if someone will notice them or not. 😀

  16. Sedate Me

    Media production? I had no idea the Calista-bot had so many talents. She is unquestionably the best sex-robot on the market.

    I’m also willing to be he charged the Calista-bot as a previous campaign expense, so as not to hit his own pocket.