Mittsie: The Bête Noire of Governor Little Ricky Goodhair

From The New York Times:

AMES, Iowa — Mitt Romney became the target of mocking criticism on Sunday from several of his Republican presidential rivals — except Newt Gingrich, whose silence underscored his growing confidence as the party’s nominating contest enters a critical week featuring the final televised debate of the year.

A day after Mr. Romney unwittingly created a fresh punch line when he extended his hand during a debate and tried to make a $10,000 bet with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas to settle a disagreement over health care, Mr. Perry said that the exchange was the latest sign that his opponent was out of step with most voters.

corndog cashOriginal DVD cover

“Having an extra $10,000 that you would throw down on a bet just seems very out of the ordinary,” Mr. Perry said in a brief interview as he passed through a coffee shop here. He smiled, adding, “I would suggest to you that $10,000 is pocket change for Mitt.”

Former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah, who did not meet requirements to participate in the debate because of his low poll numbers, sought to keep the exchange alive by suggesting that he would accept Mr. Romney’s bet.  The Democrats joined in the criticism, too, piecing together a Web video of the unflattering commentary about Mr. Romney at the debate on Saturday.

The remark from Mr. Romney not only drew attention to his wealth, but also highlighted how he had grown defensive three weeks before the Republican voting begins at the Iowa caucuses. He sought to brush aside questions about the $10,000 wager, but noted that his wife, Ann, told him after the debate, “A lot of things you do well; betting isn’t one of them.”


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59 responses to “Mittsie: The Bête Noire of Governor Little Ricky Goodhair

  1. Great poster. I have nothing to add about the issue, but this is a great one.

    Very well done.

    • thanks wken! this was a fun one to work on. i was going to change gunslinger to bullslinger, but i figured either one is correct, so i was lazy and left it the way it was.

  2. Damn, it took me five looks to notice Perry holding the corndog! i was about to suggest that Perry holding a book would be way funnier an image, esp. if still smoking, but that damn corndog just gets you right where it counts (which, for a middle aged man like me is my stomach)!

    On a completely unrelated note, while I appreciate the visual necessity of 10 fanned thousand dollar bills, I doubt Mitt carries small change like that 🙂

    And like wken, i got nada. Thanks for the daily smile
    ~ LL

  3. John Erickson

    I gotta agree with wken. When you’ve been that big an idiot, well, your stupidity speaks for itself! 🙂

    • i love how mittsie is trying to defend saying something so tone deaf. he really is at a loss when the unwashed masses get offended by something his friends at the country club wouldn’t bat an eye at.

  4. did you see that Madame Perry had another oopsie today (And i dont mean a diaper mishap)

    “While criticizing President Barack Obama for picking winners and losers in the energy industry, he bungled the name of the most famous energy company to go under despite government assistance.

    “No greater example of it than this administration sending millions of dollars into the solar industry, and we lost that money,” Perry began. “I want to say it was over $500 million that went to the country Solynda.”

    Perry not only confused Solyndra with a country, he got the name of the company wrong, calling it “Solynda.”

    so if corporations can be people, in rick perry’s mind they can also be countries. I hear Solynda is a nice place to vacation – they only have 8 supreme court justices and you need to be 21 to vote

    hard to believe- but Rick Perry makes Sarah Palin look like she runs Mensa

    • solynda looks lovely. i just got a brochure in the mail for a timeshare there. i heard that princess sarah can see it from her house.

    • Sedate Me

      No. Rick Perry is the new George The 2nd. Same state. Same previous job. Similar appearance, speaking voice and lack of intelligence. The biggest difference is that Perry didn’t give up drinking in 1987.

      Sarah Palin is in a special-ed class all of her own.

  5. jay

    Une expression française, merveilleux! This bet reminds me of another several thousand dollars moment…

  6. Pjevs

    We know that Romney is rich but betting at a presidential campaign is asking for stultification. Are they leaving their brains outside when they debate,or is it a permanent condition.Another great poster Nonnie.

    • they’ve all lived too long in the bubble, and they’re completely out of touch with the average guy on the street. they have no idea what they sound like to us. add that to the pandering to the wingnuts in their target audience, and they’ve completely lost those in the public who can still think.

  7. jeb

    Hmmm, I wonder what kind of odds I can get on Mittens having kittens and spontaneously combusting before the primaries?

  8. Mitt is a dick. But he’s not the biggest, meanest dick. It’s so funny how he gets so pissy in conflict situations. You can tell he’s use to people kissing his arse.

  9. “Former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah, who did not meet requirements to participate in the debate because of his low poll numbers, sought to keep the exchange alive by suggesting that he would accept Mr. Romney’s bet.”

    Ha, ha! Huntsman is telling Willard that he isn’t the only rich man’s son in the race.

    • i’d love to know why huntsman hates mittsie so much. you can cut the animosity with a knife when huntsman makes a snide remark about mittsie. is it a mormon thing?

      • “is it a mormon thing?”

        No. LDS people tend to be overly nice to each other in public. I’d chalk it up to personal rivalry. Who knows, maybe their dads didn’t like each other, either.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        I would love to know too nonnie!! If you find out sleuthing around let me know. I expect a straight answer from Huntsman. I hope he does not disappoint in his endorsement (I can’t imagine anyone he would endorse!).

        • aha!! i believe i’ve finally found the answer. from the salt lake tribune:

          Both hail from influential, tight-knit Mormon families. Both served as governors. But despite similar backgrounds, Huntsman and Romney have never been close, moving in largely different spheres — one in business, the other in government. A 13-year age gap and very different personal styles deepened the distance, leading to a cool and occasionally contentious relationship, according to people who know both men.


          “You’ve got two powerful Mormon families, both of whom have had their eye on the presidency,” said Utah political consultant Doug Foxley, who served as a senior adviser to Huntsman when he was governor. “I think it’s just the inevitable clash of two families and of the rising stars of both families who want the same thing at the same time.”


          The Olympic collision came in 1999, when Utah leaders were frantically looking for someone to right the Salt Lake City Olympics in the wake of an international bribery scandal. Robert Garff, who chaired the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and conducted the search with then-Gov. Michael Leavitt, said he immediately pursued Romney.


          But the Huntsman family believed Jon Huntsman Jr. — at the time vice chairman of Huntsman Corp. — was a natural choice.


          “Mitt Romney was the man to pick,” said Garff, who stressed that he admires and respects both men. “It would be unfair to say Mitt Romney was picked over Jon Huntsman. He was still a young man and just beginning to build his vitae. That wouldn’t have been a horse race at the time.”

          But the Huntsman family bridled at the decision. After the vote, Huntsman Jr. turned down a spot on a newly formed Olympic management committee, because, he said, he didn’t support the process in which Romney was hired. “A search was never fully carried out,” he told the Deseret News.

          His father lambasted the Olympic leadership, calling Romney “very, very slick and fast-talking.” He criticized Romney’s efforts to raise $100 million from prominent Utahans, saying that would rob financial support from local charities.

          there’s more at the link.

      • jeb

        Twin sons of different mothers?

  10. maggiejean

    Great poster nonnie. What a side show the Republican candidates are offering this cycle. We must be the laughing stock of the world.

    • thanks maggiejean! 😀 for some reason, dvds of westerns are fun to work on.

    • Sedate Me

      Yeah, a good chunk of the world is risking their asses to get rid of their worthless leaders and Americans are just mindlessly accepting the “legitimacy” of the complete lunacy offered up by the Republican party.

      I’d hazard a guess that much of the western world would consider Blue Dog Democrats on the edge of their respective (right wing) fringe.

  11. And it turns out that Mitt would have won the bet.

    If he hadn’t already lost it when he opened his mouth.

    I say we let them keep talking.

    Please don’t let them pull the clown show!

    I’d like this to continue all the way to election day, but I fear that Jebbie will be riding in to the rescue (of the horrified rich backers) any day now and will run as our new “Education President.”

    Details at my blog if you haven’t seen it already,

    Love ya,


    • that was an interesting read, suzan. i was going to comment over there, but for some reason, my computer hates blogspot, and vice versa. jebbie is raking in money. he knows that he can’t run for president yet. it’s too soon after his moronic brother made a mess of things, and he knows it will take a long time before things get back to some semblance of order. jebbie will pad his pockets and wait for 2016 or even 2020.

  12. Can’t decide which is more annoying: too much too soon Xmas music playing everywhere or whiney goper politics. I can combat the first,as always, by playing my archive rock-n-roll really loud. Only turning off devices can cure the other. Think I’ll go sit in the trees for a while and ponder where the nuggets are hiding (they say 90% of the gold is still in these hills).

  13. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m betting 10,000 dollars that I don’t have that Huntsman doesn’t want Romney to win because he’d mess it up for any future Mormon candidacy. Huntsman wants 2016. He’s a patient man.

    • elizabeth3hersh

      That makes perfect sense!

    • Sedate Me

      The way Mormons breed (spreading well beyond the Utah borders) and the way they seem so cultishly uniform in their opinions like a “politically cohesive” unit, I only see their influence growing in the Republican party. In some regions, I think they’ll soon rival the evangelicals.

      Their biggest flaw is that they seem incapable of capturing the “angry voter”. Teabaggers just don’t swoon for the permanently positive.

      • They’re only permanently positive on the outside. They’re schemers on the inside. They’ll stab you in the back with big smiles on their faces. Of course, I don’t mean all Mormons. Just politicians and those fucking Osmonds.

        • Sedate Me

          Pardon the Yoda-speak, but I can think of one “fucking Osmond” I’d like to, if only for the nostalgic thrill (Hint: Marie)

          • i can’t stand that woman! i saw her on one of the talk shows after he son committed suicide. i felt sorry for her until she used the occasion to push her show. i didn’t like her before that, and i really can’t stand her now.

            • Sedate Me

              I didn’t know that. But, to be fair, you can’t get on a talk show anymore unless you’re pimping something. Somehow that quietly became the Law of TV land. I’m also sure her “people” were barking at her and would have insisted on recording the plug and inserting it in later. That’s how these Hollywood douches roll.

              And those Mormon girls, they just smile and do whatever they’re told, no matter how crass or callous.

              • sorry, but your kid is your kid and is never to be used for commercial purposes. there are no excuses.

                • Someone should have told Bachmann and Palin that a long time ago …

                • Sedate Me

                  Hey, that was no excuse. It was just a statement of fact. In Hollywood, even the religious soon become completely soulless bastards.

                  How many parents have completely destroyed their kids trying to “make it” in Hollywood? (Lohan?) What we think of as Hollywood is really just the icing spread on a cake of broken lives and corpses that is the real Hollywood.

    • I agree. He doesn’t want Mittsie or any other Rethuglican to win, because that would mean he’d have to step aside for that Rethuglican to seek a second term. He’s trying to get his name out there, because he’ll have to run against Jebbie in 2016, and he needs name recognition.