Fighting over who’s wealthy? Oh, that’s rich!


In these hard economic times, Mitt Romney’s millions are not something the candidate wants to wear on his sleeve. But ever since he offered Rick Perry a $10,000 bet during Saturday’s debate, Mitt’s wealth is the story that won’t go away. Which is presumably why, in a conversation with CBS, Romney tried to shift some of the attention to his “very wealthy” rival, Newt Gingrich.

“Newt Gingrich has wealth from having worked in government,” Romney told CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford in an interview in New York. “He’s a wealthy man, a very wealthy man. If you have a half a million dollar purchase from Tiffany’s, you’re not a middle class American.”

campaign button christine o'donnell cash moneyOriginal image (Scroll through.  It’s really cool to see how people colorized the pic and how each one is just a little bit different)

Newt does have quite a bit of money — his campaign estimates his net worth is $6.7 million — and it comes with its fair share of embarrassments for the former speaker. So Romney knew how to hit him where it hurt. But Romney’s comments didn’t come out of the blue. Talking to reporters, Newt has highlighted not only Romney’s fortune, but also his $10k gaffe:

“If Governor Romney would like to give back all the money he made from bankrupting companies and laying off workers, then I’d be glad to listen to him. And I’d bet you ten dollars, not ten thousand, that he won’t take the offer.”

[T]he risk here is that a fight over which of them is more “middle class” will only highlight just how removed both of the GOP frontrunners are from the people they so desperately need to win over. Romney and Gingrich are hurling stones at each other while each inside their very own glass house.


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33 responses to “Fighting over who’s wealthy? Oh, that’s rich!

  1. Love this poster, well done!
    (btw which politician isn’t an out of touch millionaire these days??)

  2. John Erickson

    I know this is off-topic, but did you catch Jon Stewart from last night? Barbara Walters’ jaw hitting the floor and exclaiming “What?!?” when Cain stated he’d like to be secretary of defense? Loved it! 😀
    Thanks for the link to the various colourisation attempts. You can tell which ones were done by folk like us, who saw the transition from B&W to colour. Great stuff!

    • wasn’t that hilarious? i would never, ever watch one of her ‘most-fascinating’ shows, because she picks the most banal and the most untalented. baba wawa might have been a journalist once, but she’s just a peddler of bullshit these days.

      i’m so glad you enjoyed the colorization series. there are lots of them over there. they’re fun to look at. one of these days, i want to try doing one of them.

    • elizabeth3hersh


  3. jay

    It must itch the Donald to join this debate…

    • trump isn’t half as rich as he says he is. he’s a bullshit artist. if he was really as rich as he says, he wouldn’t need to be paid for a shitty tv show, and he would really run for president. he never will, because he doesn’t want to open up the books on his finances, because then everyone would know what a fraud he is. whatever money he has, he has it because his daddy gave it to him.

  4. jeb

    How long before one of these wads actually claims to have been born in a log cabin?

  5. Newt and Willard as Laurel and Hardy shows who’s the dominant one in this pair, and it’s not Mittens!

    In other news, I’m listening to the debate. What a trainwreck!

    • i didn’t watch it, because my fingers just won’t push the buttons that would bring me to faux news. i’ll see the good parts on the daily show and the colbert report next week.

  6. I love that Mitt somehow thinks that being a greedy CEO is automatically better than being a greedy politician. To those of us down here, it doesn’t make a lick of difference.

    I do think this argument shows that the Occupy protests did have some effect. If the protests had not happened, I doubt Mittsie and Newtsie would be trying so hard to get away from their wealth.

    • i think it’s hilarious that these two are stupid enough to have this fight publicly! with all the occupy action going on, do they really want to draw attention to the fact that silver-spoon mittsie and pay-me-and-i’ll-say-anything newtie are stinking rich while the rest of us worry from day to day if we can afford to live?

  7. maggiejean

    OMG nonnie. What a great cover. LOL.

    • thanks maggiejean! capt underpants, joe mcliebercain, and lindseypoo were the 3 stooges (with some substitutions at times) and the lollipop guild, but it didn’t occur to me until now that newtie is perfect for oliver hardy, and betsy…i mean, mittsie is a perfect stan laurel.

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    Christopher Hitchens died today. I thought I would use a paragraph from his obituary in the New York Times, as the last sentence seems to gel with your poster nonnie:

    He became a staff writer and editor for The New Statesman in the late 1970s and fell in with a literary clique that included Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, James Fenton, Clive James and Ian McEwan. The group liked to play a game in which members came up with the sentence least likely to be uttered by one of their number. Mr. Hitchens’s was “I don’t care how rich you are, I’m not coming to your party.”

    • i wasn’t a big fan of christopher hitchens, but i think he was an important voice. condolences to his family.

    • I love Christopher Hitchens, although I disagreed with him on some issues. He was one of the few real grumpy cynics still left, and I raise my glass to him.

      • Sedate Me

        No grumpy cynics? You obviously haven’t read any of my work. Then again, half of my readers wind up committing suicide.

        But Hitch will be sorrily missed. The brains, the balls and the literary skills are hard to replace. Thank a lot, Big Tobacco.

  9. That’s one of your best matches yet on a poster. Wow, the antiGrinch forces are going full tilt just now…but those things can wait: it’s your Birthday! (normally one would sing Happy Birthday song but, alas, it is the sole copyrighted property of Time Warner Inc. and, if sung, would bring on dozens of high priced lawyers to arrest me and send me to music prison)…so we will have to wing it. First up, we have Alfalfa singing “It’s somebodys birthday today…folowed by a group of waiters from a trendy resturant singing “Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy (this will go on for a while)…and we shall conclude with the Fabs kicking it…”You say it’s your’s my birthday too yea…….” Have a good one, go easy on that cake.

  10. Nonnie. This is one of your best ones yet! I agree with you about not watching Barbara Walters’ show about who she thinks is fascinating. Good grief. Although the replays of her astonishment at just how clueless and delusional Hermie is was priceless. Keep on entertaining the Raisnettes. We’re lovin’ it!

    • thanks eleanor! 😀 most of the shows like that are a waste of time. if anything good happens, you’ll see it on at least a dozen of the talking-head shows. why waste and entire hour when the only thing worth seeing is only a few minutes long?

  11. A pic with Newt, Mitt, and Donald would be a good one … but whew … this one seems real! Love Mitt’s button.

    • i despise donald trump so much, frank, that i honestly can’t stand making posters with him in it. it’s not like i like the others, but trump gets under my skin. i loathe him and can’t even stand looking at his ugly face.

      newtie and mittsie really do look natural as laurel and hardy, don’t they? i might have to do a repeat in the neat future, because it was so much fun making this one.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        As entertaining as I have found Trump over the years, even I am tiring of him. He is on TV ALL THE TIME (every chance he can get lately to promote his new book). Last week O’Reilly had him on and their egos clashed terribly. They really brought out the worst in each other.

  12. SaberRulzz

    EPIC poster nonnie9999….Leroy&Willard as the new Laurel&Hardy show!