‘Tis the Season for Such Folly

(CNN) – The avalanche of negative campaign ads from Mitt Romney is wearing on rival Newt Gingrich, but he said Thursday he won’t break his pledge to stay positive.

Speaking to Iowa Public Television, the former House speaker said the onslaught of vitriol coming from Romney headquarters jarred with the spirit of the holidays.

“I think it’s counterintuitive,” Gingrich said. “We have an ad that will come up next week where Callista and I are wishing people a Merry Christmas, and we’re talking in a totally positive way. I think if these guys keep up this kind of negative junk, it’s so discordant with the spirit of Christmas.”

Yeah, let’s keep with the spirit of Christmas by saying that poor kids should have to clean toilets for their richer classmates.

baddersantaOriginal DVD cover

Political professionals are advising him to go negative, Gingrich said, but support from Iowa voters has convinced him to avoid attacks on his opponents.

“I’m getting two kinds of advice,” Gingrich said. “The traditional consultants are all saying ‘you have to hit back.’ Citizens are walking up to me saying stay positive, have faith the people of Iowa will see through this.”

Gingrich’s comments to Iowa Public Television came the same day he released a television ad in Iowa touting his positive campaign.

“These are challenging and important times for America,” Gingrich said in the spot. “We want and deserve solutions. Others seem to be more focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. That’s up to them.”


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43 responses to “‘Tis the Season for Such Folly

  1. Others seem to be more focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. That’s up to them

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but isn’t that a criticism? Maybe kind of a passive-aggressive one, but still a criticism of those “others”?

    Gingrich does believe in traditional Christmas characters. He just thinks that Ebeneezer Scrooge was better before the ghosts helped him.

    Actually, doesn’t Newt Gingrich sound like the name of a Dickens antagonist? Or maybe one he would have rejected as just a little too far out there?

    • when newtie says there should not be any negativity, he only means towards him. he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else (he isn’t) and that he can sneak his digs in without anyone noticing. guess what! everyone’s noticing!

      his name does sound dickensian. with emphasis on dick.

  2. jay

    Newt could finally look presidential enough with Santa’s beard. Who knows, he could be a chick magnet, too.

    • he wouldn’t be a chick magnet if they soaked him overnight in avian pheromones. maybe he can be a tiger magnet if they soak him overnight in catnip. i say we give it a shot.

  3. John Erickson

    What would be too far out there, wken, the name, or the person himself? 😉
    Maybe I*’m watching the wrong channels, but I’m not hearing much of ANYTHING out of Newt. Well, anything that isn’t fodder for Jon Stewart, anyway. 😀
    Hope you had a Happy Bir … er … Gift Day, Nonnie! (I envy you so. Having so few candles to blow out. Me, I need an airplane propeller to help me!)

    • my bday’s not over yet. the offspring is on his way down to take me out to dinner. trying to decide where i want to go. korean bbq? sushi? the new cuban place (i wonder if they speak cuban there)? i have no idea what he’s getting me for a present, but he never fails to surprise me (in a good way).

      no worries about the candles, john. firefighters are standing by, and people from miles around brought marshmallows after seeing the flames.

      • John Erickson

        Go Korean BBQ. Just be on the lookout for dogtags. 😉

        • i’m leaning that way. they have this really thin omelet-type thing that you can get with veggies or seafood. it’s soooo delicious. then, you dip it in the sauce that comes with it, and it tastes completely different, and even more delicious. i don’t know how they do that. it’s like magic. omg, now i’m starving!

    • I was thinking of the name. I mean, you always know when you read anything by Dickens the virtue of the characters by their names. But Newt Gingrich is pretty villainous-sounding.

      As for the actual person … well, … he lived down to his name.

      And if you’re not hearing anything from Gingrich, then that mean that you’re watching the right channels. Believe me, it’s no picnic getting him in the local news. That one of the state’s major papers (I live in NH) endorsed the amphibian is not helping.

  4. jeb

    When I think positive, spirit of giving, Christmas cheer, I can’t conjure up The Newt no matter how hard I try. Now if I think bad thoughts, scary costumes for Halloween or go to the toilet, he pops easily to mind.

  5. just got back about a half hour ago from my bday dinner. if anyone was on the edge of their seat wondering, i decided on korean bbq. they make these veggie pancakes that are soooo frickin’ good! everything was so delicious, but for the life of me, i cannot get the hang of chopsticks. i should get some to use at home. i’ll be back to my fighting weight in no time, because it will take me hours to finish a meal, and then i’ll be too tired to eat again.

    on the gift side, the offspring does not disappoint again! 😀 my computer has been having a few problems. the on switch only works when it wants to, and i’ve been bugging the offspring to look at it. he kept saying he would, but he had to order some parts for it. this conversation went on every weekend. there’s also a fan that gets really noisy when it gets a little off balance. well, offspring shows up tonight with a new computer he built for me (he built this one, too, and it has served me well for several years). the new one is gorgeous! it’s red brushed stainless steel, and it has big blue lights on top and in front. it doesn’t look like a computer. the old one is 18 inches deep; the new one is only 13. the old one is 16.5 inches high, and the new only 11. the old is 6.5 inches wide, and the new one 9 inches. offspring said the new one is really powerful and that it will be really fast. it’s also really quiet. he plugged it in to show me, and if not for the lights, you wouldn’t even know it’s on. i can’t use it yet, because he wants to take the hard drive out of this computer and put it in the new one. it’s just as well since i won’t be here to play with it after monday, and i’ll be really busy up until then.

    all in all, it was a very good bday, and what made it better was sharing it with my dear raisinettes. ♥

    • Sounds like fun.

      And, yes, having a pair of chop sticks at home will help. I have friends who are amazed at how I can wield chop sticks. What they don’t know is that for about a year, I used them almost every night at home, just so that I could get the hang of it.

  6. maggiejean

    What a trio. Calista looks so plastic to me. I have no idea what she’s done to her face and hair.

  7. A national poll taday revealed that 24% were ready for the campaigns to start and 70% wishing they would all end tomorrow. I vote with the majority on this one. Heard yesterday that the most requested speaker at Bircher events is (drum roll……) Ron Paul!

    • i’m with the majority, too, as far as what’s best for the country. however, as a source of comedy, i hope it goes on forever.

      i’m not surprised that the birchers love ron paul. what does surprise me is that we don’t hear about him hanging around the koch brothers.

      • Sedate Me

        Folks like The Cock Brothers don’t go anywhere near anyone who tells the truth (as he sees it) or operates on principle (even crazy ones). They are only interested in lying sacks of shit willing to offer themselves up as hand puppets.

        Crazy bastard or not, Ron Paul just has too much credibility for those kind of folks.

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    Just one big LOL…the facial expressions!!! Lol..lol…lol!!

    • i have a lot of faces saved, and it’s gotten to the point where i often see a pic i want to redo, and i know exactly which face i have that will fit perfectly.

      • Sedate Me

        If I ever get off my ass and get a website, I may “hire” you like the Job Creator that I am. No benefits and $.05 a day. Mind you, by the time I get around to it, that will probably be the average American’s wage.

  9. Ah come on .. be nice to Newt … after all, he’s sorry for his past transgressions … and the fact that his eyes aren’t starring at cleavage is proof!

    • he’s not really sorry, frank, he’s just too old to get it up. according to newtie’s logic, we should forgive thieves who have gotten too old to crawl into windows or murderers who are no longer capable of slicing and dicing people.

  10. He’s not staring at cleavage (thanks, N) only because there is nothing actually real in that female character. But I’m sure, according to stories I’ve read, that by now his little beady orbs are looking hard for the next Mrs. Newt.

    Hope you had a blast, Nonnie, and that the coming year will be a richly rewarding one for you and yours!

    And I’m envious of that glory offspring.

    • i had a wonderful time, suzan, and it was perfectly timed, because i’m sick as a dog today. sneezing and chills, the whole 9 yards. ick! oh well, i have lots of time to just relax and recuperate, because i’ll be staying at the offspring’s apartment on the beach while he’s up in washington state. i have to babysit his fish. he really is a good kid. i don’t know who raised him.

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    What an amazing birthday present from such a talented and thoughtful son! You are very fortunate. Happy birthday again, dear Nonnie!

    • i certainly am lucky, sds, because it sure wasn’t skill. i had no idea what the hell i was doing when i was raising him, but somehow, he came out just fine in spite of my parenting.

  12. I’m starting to like Newt more and more. he’s a classic hypocritical asshole, and nobody does hypocrite better than him.

    • hansi, do you get the same feeling that i do about newtie? i think he looks like he’s laughing at anyone who supports him. it’s like it’s his own private joke.

  13. Pjevs

    Happy birthday Nonnie.I wish you all well.

  14. Late to comment here, but happy b day Nonnie!
    Older/wiser, right???

    As for chopsicks… I noticed the local Mongolian grill has disposable “Cheater” chopsticks– they have a rubber band holding them together in the middle so people learn to handle them without having them go all wanky.

    Good thing you threw in the Tffany’s credit card, because that’s the kind of spirit of giving Callista can relate to!

    If Newt is Santa, the kiddies will be getting toilet scrubbers & mops for Christmas! Just the poor kids*!
    The janitors get pink slips.
    He’s in the spirit– of Ebenezer Scrooge!

    * Rich kids exempt.

    • older, yes. wiser? well, one outta two ain’t bad, right?

      one place that we go to has plastic things they put on one end of the chopsticks that makes them very easy to use. they’re really for children, but they give one to me (and probably laugh at me in the kitchen). another place and this place do the little piece of paper/rubberband trick, but i wanted to wing it this time. i really have to figure out why my hand gets so spastic when i try to use them. maybe i’ll take wken’s advice and buy a practice pair. i know my son has a couple of pair. maybe i’ll use them while i’m staying up there.

      newtie would never give the kids toilet scrubbers and mops. he’d make them pay for it. if they can’t pay up front, he’ll take it out of their minimum wage paychecks.

  15. distributorcap

    i can only wonder how awful christmas is at the gingriches. and those daughters – which mother do they have to spend time with?

    • i feel sorry for the daughters. apparently, they’ll allowed themselves to believe that daddy actually loved them. here’s a clue, girls: a father who loves you pays for you to have food. then again, maybe they’re fully aware that daddy was a deadbeat who doesn’t give a shit about them, but he’s got lots of money now, and he shops at tiffany’s, so it might be better to stay on his good side.

  16. Sedate Me

    What does it say about the political process when some advisers are telling Newt Gingrinch to be “more negative”? Holy fucking shit!!!

    Newt decided to “go negative” the day he fell out of his mamma’s coochie.