Lipstick & a Pig


Michele Bachmann appeared on Meet the Press earlier today, and in the middle of talking about her chances in Iowa next month, David Gregory brought up the uncomfortable exchange she had with Newt Gingrich during last week’s Republican debate. Gingrich accused Bachmann of “not getting her facts correct,” and Bachmann responded by calling his comments “outrageous,” insisting she is a serious candidate for the presidency.


Bachmann did not answer the question of whether Gingrich was being sexist towards her, but she did acknowledge it felt “condescending” to have him talk down to her as if she was one of his students.


Original advertisement

(Video at MEDIAITE link)

Funny that Botox Batshit Bachmann is just fine when her fellow Rethugs do everything they can to screw life up for women, but she can’t stand when Newtie is a male chauvinist pig towards her. It’s ironic, too, because we all know that BBB loves pork!

If Newtie gets the nomination, perhaps the Rethugs will consider updating their logo:



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44 responses to “Lipstick & a Pig

  1. jay

    What a crazy French ad… 😯

    To Newt’s defense, it’s about time her party calls her a moron…

    • gawd, how i *loved* that sweet moment when Batshit Bachmann invoked Politifact as a credible and unbiased source for fact checking. When I called her out during her HealthCare Town Hall not two years back, and invoked the very same organization’s “pants on fire” ratings so numerous that they claimed at the time she was their “worst ranked” liar, I got nothing but “…but Obama lies too” from her and general hissing from her entourage. The general hissing from the entourage consisted of cries of supremacy of Faux News to be sure, but also of the complete and utter irrelevance of independent fact checkers.

      So Michele’s appeal to Politifact during the Thursday’s debate pleased me no end 🙂
      ~ LL

      • is your encounter with her on youtube? it would be fun to see her trashing politifact and juxtaposing that next to her invoking it now as though it was gospel.

        • i am trying to find it, nonnie; it used to be on youtube. meanwhile, here’s a reference from MN Post, 5th paragraph from the bottom:

          My post may not represent this very well, but pro-Obama questioners and commenters did get several turns at the microphones. There was some interesting back and forth across questions. One man, who said he was a Stillwater doctor, accused Bachmann of constantly distorting the Democratic bills and noted that many of her statements have been given a rating of “pants on fire” by the fact-checking website Politifact. (Unfortunately, when he mentioned that he had learned this from CNN, he was hooted at by the conservatives in the crowd. He began his remarks with, “Thank you, Representative Bachmann, for turning a Reagan voter into a DFL activist.”

          that was re: yours truly 😀
          btw, you know my name & you can google/youtube the event, but please, let’s keep the personal particulars between us.
          ~ LL

    • how did i do with the french, j-p? i had to depend on babel fish and my high school french (99.9% of which i forgot). it’s find to all her a moron (or, in teabag-speak, a moran), but in the same way he calls a man a moron. he does talk down to her. yes, she’s an idiot and deserves to be talked down to, but gov little ricky goodhair is even more of an imbecile, and newtie never talks to him like that.

  2. LOVE that GOPig, nonnie. It reminds me of a certain GOPig Inforgraphic I’ve concocted a couple of weeks back. Strictly for educational purposes, mind you.

    But your French Newt, our French Newt looks like he got a hold of one of ’em seppuku knives, and we all know that “our” Newt doesn’t have the honor to do the honorable thing.

    Btw, yes, this is Latte. I have no idea why WordPress won’t take my old login but since I have the twitter account…

    ~ LL
    PS: do you offer photoshop lessons for the hoi polloi? now that i’ve started dabbling and see your graphics, i am in awe.

    • the pig was a last minute addition that i thought would be fun. if i knew you had one ready-made, i wouldn’t have bothered! i would have asked to borrow it instead.

      are you commenting under your wordpress account? i accidentally logged out and logged into twitter, and i couldn’t figure out what was going on for a minute. i finally figured it out and logged back in. i had lousy aim with my mouse.

      instead of offering photoshop lessons, i should be taking some. there’s so much of ps that i don’t use, because i don’t know some stuff is there or because i don’t know what some functions do and how to use them. i accidentally find stuff. i’ll click on something and clap my hands in joy over a new discovery. i think that’s the fun of ps. my son bought me adobe ps elements, but i never open it, because it scares me. i’m such a luddite. one of these days, i’ll get brave enough to play around in it.

      • Sedate Me

        Why bother? The work you already do is already impressive in both quality & quantity. (As I said before, if I ever get my website off the ground, I may hire you.) I doubt the effort to make it “better” will result in any noticeable difference. More snarky opinion, however, is always appreciated and requires little in the way of learning.

        (As a Luddite myself, I encourage the Luddite in everyone at every opportunity.)

      • Speaking of ready-made art … in case you ever need the “turkey” version of the GOP logo, here’s one I created a while back for my own nefarious purposes, nonnie — yours to pilfer:

  3. The French ad is just gross enough to personify the GOP. Yuck! The only d’Agoult I remember is Franz Liszt’s lover and ghost writer, but it’s not spelled the same. So what is degout?

  4. On a completely unrelated and apolitical note, the pig is down to the third place in Iowa as of this afternoon. PPP uses the verb “implodes” inre Newt:

    Click to access PPP_Release_IA_1218925.pdf

  5. maggiejean

    Great job nonnie. The French ad is really weird. Don’t know that an ad like that would encourage me to enjoy pork. It seems like Ron Paul is currently in the lead in Iowa. Popcorn time.

  6. That first poster is just so European. A fellow inventor said to his friend Maxim at a late 1800s trade show: “Invent a machine that will cut these people to ribbons and you”ll make a fortune”…And he did. And they did! That second emblem piece is snouts and trotters better than the old one.

  7. The problem with Bachmann isn’t her gender or her intelligence.

    Her problem is, she makes shit up. I don’t know why she does this because she’s obviously smart enough to know people are laying in wait to fact check everything she says.

    As for Gingrich, I believe he has contempt for women. This is the guy who asked his wife for a divorce while she was in hospital battling cancer.

    • botox batshit bachmann is also smart enough to realize that the people who follow her don’t give a shit about facts.

      newtie has contempt for everyone, because he thinks he’s better and smarter than everyone else. however, i think that, like most bullies, he’ll pick on those he perceives to be weaker. hence, his blatant disrespect for women and for the poor. he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being.

      • About Gingrich, the good news is, in Iowa, he’s sinking faster than a huge turd in a commode and no amount of GOP debates or book signings will rescue his moribund campaign.

        Like the song says, ‘The Party’s over, it’s time to call it a day……..”

  8. That HAS to be the most disturbing image you’ve ever posted. A self-mutilating pig with Newt’s face? In a creepy sort of way, I love it.

  9. Jeb

    I showed this poster and the last one of Mittsie to my wife (she’s French). She got a big kick out of both of them.

  10. She better watch herself lest people associate her with “angry man hating feminists” or accuse her of pulling the gender card.

    That ad is the grossest. Ewwww. Haha

  11. I have to join with everyone else in saying that the original ad is highly creepy…so, very fitting of Newt, then.

    We have now reached the stage in the election where Newtsie and Mittsie are arguing over which one is more like Reagan. Time for even MORE popcorn.

  12. Newt the pig wants his snout in the ultimate (white house) trough. Snort!

  13. Newt will not get the nomination … and the Bachmann never had a chance (and still doesn’t) … but here’s the important question – How long have you been waiting to use this poster?

  14. gregg

    This pig slicing itself up image is quite surreal. I guess today we could also put Boner’s head on the beast just as easily.

  15. Sedate Me

    Don’t worry. Dropping or not, Newt ain’t anywhere near dead. Remember, this thing hasn’t even started yet.

    Other than Romney and Paul, unless they win delegates, the others won’t last long. They will slowly drop out and a decent chunk of their support will migrate towards Le Couchon. His route to victory was always using his profile & FOX Noise street cred, the fact that he isn’t Mitt Romney and by merely outlasting the non-Romney opposition to become the Non-Romney candidate.

    The guy is despicable, but he ain’t completely stupid. He knows that the only thing between him and being the non-Romney choice is one of the Gluebiscuits in this horse race getting a big surprise victory and some momentum.

  16. Okay, just what is that thing hanging between the GOPig’s legs? And does Newter really have blue chunks??

  17. Happy Hanukkah my friend … and I mentioned you on a post!

  18. (I’m going to guess the new ‘puter set-up is wonky) (or run off with the Fuller brushman) Return soon!

  19. Bachmann is sooooooo yesterday. She almost out-Palins Palin. Can she see Canada from her house?