Let ‘Em Eat Crumbs!

”I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there.” —Mitt Romney, following his Florida primary victory

Original painting, Marie Antoinette and her Children by Vigée Le Brun
Here’s Mittsie hanging out with 3 of his sons, Matt, Craig, and Ben after wallowing around in their sense of entitlement.

Oh, did I forget to say, HI KIDS, I MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!?  So sorry to have disappeared.  There were a series of unfortunate incidents that I will tell you about little by little.  I’d tell you all at once, but I have a really bad case of tendonitis in my right hand, and I took the splint off in order to make the picture and then to type this.  I wasn’t able to install Photoshop until today (because of computer drama, not due to the hand problem), and I had to see if I remembered how to use it.  Not sure when the next poster will be (the doctor would smack me around right now for being splintless), but I wanted to greet you all with a new pic to tell you how much I love you and missed you all.  Talk to you in the comments.  Thanks so much for not deserting the Raisin.  I will leave you with this:

“Mitt says he’s: ‘not concerned about the very poor,’ they’re just fine on the roof of his car.” —Mark Fiore



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106 responses to “Let ‘Em Eat Crumbs!

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    Nonnie, you’re back!! We have missed you!! Good news: I canceled O’Reilly and have taken up watching MSNBC (thank you for the suggestion!!). So much good programming…I had no idea. A splint…well, that explains your long absence. I speak collectively when I say we all wish you a speedy recovery. Zay gezunt!

    P.S. Nice poster. I would KILL for Romney’s dress.

    • thanks, elizabeth! nice to see you! the splint is actually new. just got it yesterday. the long absence was due to a dead computer. the offspring built me a new one, but i couldn’t get on the internets until last weekend, and then there were other problems. i still don’t have any of my files from the old computer. i backed everything up, but that’s what broke it, and then it wouldn’t turn on. the hard drive needs to be taken out and copied, but it won’t fit in the new one. oh, and did i mention the dog? 😉

    • Sedate Me

      If only you could cancel O’Reilly. Unfortunately, he’s still there.

  2. Sara

    sounds like quite the story! welcome back, even if for a short moment….

    • hi sara!! 😀 so many times i wanted to sit at the keyboard (had to get a new one of those, too) and type up the chronicles of nonnie-a, but that would have been senseless since i had no computer, and i would have been pounding the keyboard for nothing. once i finally got a working computer, i had forgotten all the stuff i was going to tell you! 😉

      i’ll be sticking around, but i just can’t promise how much posting i’ll be doing. even once the hand is better, i have to cut down on the daily photoshopping. hopefully, once i get all my files again, i’ll be able to bang out at least a couple a week. of course, all the raisinettes are welcome here to chat about the events of the day. 🙂

  3. You never cease to amaze me. Great goin’, as always.

  4. I thought you’d given up the blog?

    Politics have become increasingly ugly with the GOP primary in full swing. 13.9% Willard, Serial Philanderer Newt, Frothy Santorum, and Dr. Paranoia Paul. What a damned freak show,

    Personally, I will never forgive 13.9% Willard for strapping his dog to the roof of his car and driving from Michigan to Florida. This was tantamount to animal cruelty and anyone who knows me knows I don’t tolerate cruelty to dogs.

    • give up the blog? they’ll have to pry it from my cold dead splinted hand! 😉

      i’ve been keeping up on the news, though i’ve been watching less of it. i finally realized that i was watching the same stories over and over again and not learning anything new. i stopped watching ed schultz, because he annoys me.

      what mittsie did to poor seamus shows the lack of regard that the romneys have for living creatures. seamus was probably just like the servants. he was there for the romneys’ convenience and entertainment, but didn’t deserve any of their respect.

      i hear the right-wingers with their arrogant declarations that we poor folks all envy them. well, i can tell you that i wouldn’t want to live among those soulless assholes. i’d rather hang out with the poor slobs i know and love than spend my life trying to amass more crap than the next guy.

      good to see you, christopher! 😀

  5. oh nonnie, i’m so glad to see you. peg leg and all. 🙂

  6. jeb

    Yay Nonnie!

    Take it easy on the hand. Let it heal. We don’t need posters now, just needed to hear you were still with us. I was so concerned because Floriduh had been overrun with a severe case of stuipidity and I thought maybe you had drowned in all of the crap the Rethugs were spewing down there. I mean Newtie wants to give trampolines to the poor (not thinking with his great intlellect that one goes up and down on a trampoline.)

    Anyway, we’re glad to hear your OK.

    • hi jeb!! 😀

      hopefully, the splint will take care of the hand. it’s been bothering me since i put my suitcase in my car when i went up to babysit the fishies. it’s gotten really painful, so i baby it (not out of common sense, but out of necessity, because it hurts to do anything with it). i avoided most of the crap that went on in floriduhhh. i’ve been hanging out with my sister, and we’ve been having a great time. i also have one of her 4 dogs (long story). honeybear (the dog) has been here since december 7th. i take her to the doggie park almost every day, and we go for about a thousand walks a day. she was way overweight when she got here (like her 3 step-doggie brothers), but she’s lost so much weight and looks great. i don’t know why i haven’t lost as much as she has. the condo is now known as the biggest loser doggie ranch.

      • Sedate Me

        A measly little splint is stopping you? Are we supposed to believe that you’re as big of a pussy as Obama is? “Wah! My arm is falling off. Wah! The Republicans said they didn’t like me.” Bullshit!

        You can’t fool me. I know you spent the last 6 weeks in rehab for the “fuel” that drives your obsessive posting and poster making. Your family holiday visit turned out to be an surprise intervention. Fess up.

        Now that you’re clean, you just don’t have the energy to keep your previous manic pace.

        • oh, dammit!! the sedated one figured out my ruse. 😡 the intervention was painful. the deprogramming wasn’t bad, but they left the cooking up to my mother, and though i love her dearly, she can turn sirloin into shoe leather.

          • Sedate Me

            I know it’s hard to believe it’s possible, but I’m even smarter than I appear, Nonnie. (Well on a good day.) 🙂

            And, now that you’re clean, I hope I can count upon the much appreciated use of proper punctuation/capitalization in your responses to my comments being more frequent. 😉 Because Donald Mills and his (sadly rare) high writing standards are taking a break and I might be around here more…Well, provided my job still exists, which is in doubt right now. (I don’t even have home Internet anymore, so work is all the Internet I got.)

            • Oh, sedated one, how embarrassed I am for forgetting my punctuation and capitalization when I responded to you. 😳 Chalk it up to exhaustion. This is the first chance I’ve had to sit in front of the computer for a few minutes in the last few days. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit next week.

              • Sedate Me

                Hey, I understand completely. I’m just one of those old fashioned sticklers who want the trains to run on time. That’s all.

  7. Jeff Weiner

    You, young lady, need to look into a second mouse and a Y-mouse adapter:


    • jeff!! 😀

      i have a trackball, a regular mouse and wacom pen. i can’t blame the computer for the hand woes. i haven’t been on the computer for any length of time for the last month and a half.

  8. Hey…..Soooo glad you’re back! Really, really, really missed you. Take care and it’s nice to know you’re doing OK. Hope everything’s back to normal for you soon. Great post as usual! Welcome home!!!

    • apples!!! 😀 i missed all of you, too, believe me. things are kinda crazy around here right now. my sister is having shoulder surgery on tuesday. her boyfriend will be staying home that day to take care of her. his 7-year-old daughter was supposed to stay here tomorrow night so they’ll be able to get to the hospital early without having to worry about her. however, she decided she wanted to stay here tonight, too, so she’s fast asleep behind me with the dog. she’ll be here until tuesday, and either my sister will stay here on wednesday or thursday, or i’ll be going up there to take care of her. so, if i’m awol this week, that’s the reason why.

  9. I have missed you terribly! And so have my friends on FB.
    I really hope that you heal up just fine. Better put that splint back on, don’t take too many chances!
    Take care of yourself first and foremost! We will all be patiently waiting for your return. But always remember, your health is the most important thing in the world.
    Good Luck for the healing!! I’ll be waiting to hear that you are ready to come back!!

    • i’m smiling from ear to ear right now, seeing everyone who showed up to welcome me back. i’m so glad the raisinettes didn’t desert me. i’m so sorry that i wasn’t able to let you know what was going on. my sister left a comment explaining about my computer, but i don’t know how many people saw it. it’s good to be back, even if in a limited capacity.

      p.s. i’ve only had the splint for 2 days. and it’s already annoying the hell out of me.

  10. You’re back!… and that was a good one 🙂

    • hello hansi! 😀 even when i can’t post of photoshop for one reason or another, my heart is still at the raisin, so i’ve been here the whole time. 🙂

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    Pundits and others are saying that we all took Romney’s comment out of context – perhaps the immediate context, yes – but Romney’s history and the totality of his comments would seem to say that, if he’s not callously unconcerned about the poor, he at least has an enormous problem with choosing his words wisely.

    I’ve thought of you so often, nonnie, in the past few months and have wondered how you were doing and where you went off to. I’m just relieved as heck to have you back, girl. I do hope all is well in your life. I’m looking forward to a glimpse into what the heck you’ve been up to.

    • sds! so lovely to see you. i have so much catching up to do at all my favorite blogs. i don’t have any of my bookmarks, so luckily i can click on the links here.

      i thought of you often, because honeybear snores. i had forgotten the joys of having a dog, and whenever she does something funny, i wanted to share it with you.

      things are actually quite well here, despite the computer and hand woes. being computerless made me realize that there’s an actual world out there. i reconnected with my sister. we were always close, but i rarely saw her. now, she comes over for dinner on fridays, we talk every day, and we go shopping together now and then (and when i say shopping, i mean we go to stores, make total fools of ourselves, and laugh our asses off). i take the dog to her house on the weekend so she can visit her 3 doggie brothers and her 7-year-old human sister (who is curled up fast asleep in my bed right behind me as i type this). i take honeybear to the doggie park at least 3 times a week and all the walking has made me healthier. i even go to sleep before it gets light out!

      i guess you can’t have everything, and i had forgotten about how important balance is. i was spending all day in front of the tv and the computer. i realized that i was watching the same news over and over again, so i culled that down to a few shows. i’d love to continue a poster per day, but i know that i wasn’t doing myself any favors.

      as for mittsie, he wasn’t taken out of context. his remark fits in perfectly with things he’s said previously. if you consider corporations people, then you consider people who don’t add to profits as a drain on society, and you don’t worry about them. someone on tv said that the poor have a safety net, but a safety net is not a hammock. there are poor people who are suffering, even with the “safety net.” mittise will never understand what the middle class or the poor feel. there are rich people who are quite compassionate, but he sure as hell is not one of them.

      • Sedate Me

        An actual REAL world with REAL people? And it was semi-enjoyable even? Imagine that!

        Don’t say that too loudly, or the technology thought police will break down your door and haul you away. It’s a crime to be social in any way without it being mediated by electronic/”social” media.

        • i know, sedated one, i was shocked, shocked i tells ya!! 😯 did you know that the sky is blue, and if you get out of the house early enough, you can see this big round thing in the sky called a sun? i didn’t even have to adjust the color or contrast! 😉

          • Sedate Me

            Yeah. And there’s these robots made of meat that walk around. I think they’re called “people”. They’re kind of like Internet “friends”, except they actually exist and aren’t figments of the imagination.

            Who knew?

  12. jay

    Hey she’s BACK 😀

  13. Okay, I have a confession: your blog is the only blog I read religiously. Consequently, I have had to enter a “clinic” dedicated to Raisinette withdrawal symptoms. I was having heart palpitations because I thought you might have committed hari-kari during the Florida Repub debacle. Glad to see that you have returned, relatively unscathed (I think), and that we’ll all be graced with your outrageous sense of satire and humor. Seriously, hope all is well!

    If you need a chuckle this week while you’re recouping, I positioned Romney, Newt, and Bishop Eddie Long* (if you haven’t heard of him, get your barf bag(s) ready) as solicitors of an advice columnist (moi)–“Big Mama Speaks.” I’m thinking of taking that show on the road 🙂 MUAH RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

    P.S. If you could “Nonniefy” Bishop Eddie Long and the Rabbi who crowned him “King,” that might be one of your prize winning blogs!

    • you read the raisin religiously, eleanor? there’s no reason to pray while you’re reading. 😉 oh, how i have missed you and the gang. like i told sds above, i have so many blogs to catch up with, including your wonderful and witty observations. when big mama speaks, i listen! i’ll be round to visit as soon as i can. as i said above, i have a couple of houseguests, one little and one rather furry, and then i’ll have my nursing duties with my sister. hopefully, things will calm down soon.

  14. maggiejean

    Welcome back nonnie. You have been missed. 😉

  15. Fran

    The Raisinettes missed you something fierce, so much fodder and no Nonnie snark. It was just not right.

    Glad the tech gods have smiled upon you, and sorry about the wrists.
    I had both wrist carpal tunnel surgeries one in Dec, one a few weeks later in Jan. So take that wrist business seriously!


    I have dubbed Mittens Mitt “Let them foreclose” Romney, which is the same as let them eat crumbs…. “they” have a safety net. Yea right– I’m sure people headed into homelessness think this alleged “safety net” is the way to go. Nets have many holes!
    No wonder Mitt thinks the Occupy movement is dangerous– the 99%ers are thinking, talking and angry! If they are allowed to continue, he might have to move to the Cayman Islands with his offshore $ accounts.

    Well kiddo- so glad to have you back on the internets.

    • hey fran! 😀 hope you are feeling all better. i was thinking about you. how are your knees? i have no choice but to take the wrist seriously, because it really hurts like hell and it’s become increasingly difficult to do the simplest of tasks. squeezing a tube of toothpaste is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

      thanks for the link. you’re my source for must-see videos.

  16. Well Shit&Whiskers!!!!!!! Here I up and thought they’d snatched you on up and hauled your ass to Guitarmor Cuba or what ever dat place is what they is keeping all them terrorist bloggerites what get all snarky wit dat photo-shit or whatever and damn, see, if was thinking of rounding up a posse and some dogs and stuff and go looking for you. Whew! Good Thing youse back….couldn’t really afford the posse and the dogs won’t work for just bisquits no more. Whew!

    • they tried to send me to gitmo, jimm, but when they limited me to one suitcase, i refused to go. so happy to see you! i’ll visit as soon as i can. 😀

  17. John Erickson

    So great to see you’re back! (I’d say “and your front”, but I don’t want to get in TOO much trouble. 😉 ) I like the last quote in the story, though I’d change the car location to “on his front bumper”. Or maybe “UNDER his car”.
    Either way, glad to have you with us again. Take care of that wrist, I don’t want to go through withdrawals all over again! 😀

    • my front is nothing to look at, john. 😉 i was going to say that i hope you’ve been behaving yourself, but then i realized you wouldn’t be you if you were behaving. now we have to round up frank, jerry, brian, m’liss, and a few other missing raisinettes, and it will be like i was never gone.

      • Hey Nonnie … I’m here … .but it seems Akismet thinks I’m spam … so check your folder for my comment. Great to have you back.

        • hello frank! i’m so happy to see you, and i’m so sorry it took me so long to get you out of the spam filter. my sister had surgery this morning, and her boyfriend’s 7-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to stay with her nonnie for 2 days instead of just 1. i entertained her and my 7-year-old neighbor yesterday, and today i had both of them here when my former neighbors, twin 5-year-old boys, showed up. i was camp counselor/short order cook/housekeeper. it took 45 minutes to talk me off the roof. (don’t tell anyone i wouldn’t have traded it for the world.)

          my sister’s surgery went very well, but after she got home, there was a problem. i brought my little charge back there, and then i stayed when my sister had to go to the e.r.. she’s much better now, but i’ll be going up there all this week to take care of her while her boyfriend is at work.

          • No need to explain – but glad you are easing your way back into the saddle. Meanwhile, glad your sister’s surgery went well … is this the one who makes you seem tame? 🙂 all the best to her recovery.

            • when i get together with this sister, we both turn into 4-year-olds, and we laugh until we’re doubled over and have tears running down our faces. thank you for the well wishes. i will relay them to her. she was doing a lot better today. tomorrow, i take her for her first physical therapy session.

      • John Erickson

        Like I said elsewhere here, Frank is suffering from “missing post syndrome”. (Yes, I know, dangerously close to PMS. 😀 ) I’ll give the divine Miss M a yell and let her know you’re back .. um … that you’ve returned. (Don’t want to get into all that again!)

  18. I’m so glad to see you back. Here’s to your hand and wrist getting better!

  19. elizabeth3hersh

    After Christopher Hitchens passed, I was determined to obtain a copy of his last interview in the New Statesman (even more so since he was interviewed by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and if that wasn’t reason enough, two of the other ‘Four Horsemen,’ Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett, also contributed to this especially coveted edition). Alas, there was no New Statesmen to be found anywhere in Las Vegas so I ponied up $20 and had it shipped directly from the UK. In it, Richard Dawkins wrote an article titled “The tyranny of the discontinuous mind” where he goes on to reflect that “our strange need for diving lines, black-and-white answers and absolute definitions leads to unhelpful distortions of reality. If we could accept life’s natural gray areas we would be far better able to calculate risk and comprehend the world we inhabit.” He goes on to rant a bit about the so-called poverty line which he calls a “gratuitously distributed discontinuity in a continuous reality.” Back to Romney. I sort of know what he is talking about. During the years I owned a psychiatric home health agency in Miami Beach, I serviced several large ALFs. All the patients were impoverished. Most of the patients qualified for Medicaid which made the issue of prescribing/procuring/dispensing medications a piece of cake. However, there were many few patients who were a dollar or two over income guidelines and therefore did not qualify for Medicaid! Essentially, it meant they were priced out of medication. Since the statute of limitations has long run out, I feel free to admit that my solution to this conundrum was to rob Paul to pay Peter (apologies to taxpayers, but my conscience is clean). I simply ordered the meds under the Medicaid patients names and slapped new label with the new patients name when they were delivered from the pharmacy. In that sense, I wasn’t worried about the lowest tier of poor as they did in fact have a ‘safety net’,’ but rather the second tier (I am applying the so-called Dawkins line to Romney’s observation of ‘tiers’ of poverty).

    • it would take way too much typing and would surely mean the permanent ruin of my hand if i were to respond with all the detail i would like, elizabeth. instead, i’ll just ask if you’ve ever watched downton abbey (if you haven’t, you must. it’s wonderful.). it’s set in edwardian england, and it’s the story of a nobleman, his family, and their servants. it’s as though the rich and the servants live in 2 separate universes, even though they exist in the same residence. the rich have no idea what the servants are thinking or feeling. once in a while, they have a touch of noblesse oblige and allow themselves to give a slight shit about those who serve them. the youngest family member is the exception to the rule, as is the new heir who was not raised as a spoiled aristocrat. the servants are just objects that make life easier. they aren’t actually seen as real human beings with real lives. mittsie reminds me of the lord of the manor. he doesn’t mean the servants any harm, but he’ll never recognize or understand their plight. they’re merely a necessary distraction that has to be dealt with, and the less time spent on them, the better. mittsie is like barbara bush who doesn’t want to waste her beautiful mind by being bothered to think of soldiers who come home in body bags. after all, it’s not like those soldiers are of the same caste as she is. if you aren’t a multi-millionaire, you’re expendable.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        Downton Abbey is on TV as I write!! I’ll watch, and perhaps get series one. Thanks for the recommendation nonnie!

      • Sedate Me

        You stole my comment. I was going to mention the same thing about Downton Abbey and how we’re headed back in time toward a Downton Abbey society.

        However, I would say that while today’s aristocrats are just as out of touch, most are a lot more deliberate and conscious of their actions. The Downton Abbey crowd were just doing things the way they’d been done for centuries and cared about things like “honour” and the good of the nation. The modern American aristocrats have been actively warping society to fit their agenda and their care only about themselves.

        In those days, class involved a measure of class. Not today.

        • very good points, sedated one. mittsie is a lot like the downton abbey crowd in that he is totally oblivious of how out of touch he is. i think he was raised in a bubble with a sense of entitlement. it’s like he spent his entire life in a country club. a hundred years ago, that might have understandable and forgivable, but in this day and age with so much information at our fingertips, it’s astonishing. to be that ignorant has to be deliberate. mittsie doesn’t see the plight of others, because he doesn’t want to.

          • Sedate Me

            Future movie poster idea?

            Back To The Future 4 (?) Mittens gets elected, thus changing the future to match the Downton Abbey past.

    • Sedate Me

      During the years I owned a psychiatric home health agency in Miami Beach, I serviced several large ALFs.

      Wow! Forget about the professional misconduct angle…you had sex with a bunch of furry guys like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B1QxOmbMZ0 Disgusting!

      Come to think of it, maybe you just liked the way they loved eating pussies. 😉

  20. You’re baaaaack! I know how hard it can be to keep yourself from doing something you love, like this blog, but do heed everyone’s advice and make your health the first priority. We can entertain ourselves in the meanwhile!

  21. distributorcap

    you have no idea how much i missed you!

  22. Glad to see you back!! I missed you, your comments, and your funny pictures. Mittens as Marie Antoinette. I LOVE it.

    • hey little spinny! 😀 so glad to be back,especially with my favorite people showing up to say hi. maire antoinette had the excuse of being ignorant and young and probably not too bright. mittsie doesn’t have those excuses. it just doesn’t occur to him to have any sympathy for poor people. he forgets that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. he lives with the delusion that he’s a self-made man. even if he made all the money he now has, he did so, because every door was open to him because of his daddy.

  23. Balloons, bands, and fireworks … Nonnie is back in the saddle. Well, at least temporarily. Miss you a bunch, but more importantly, do what you have to do to heal! Meanwhile, thanks for checking in with us!

  24. Debbi L-B

    Happy “Belated” New Year from snowy NS!! 🙂
    Glad you are better!

    • debbi!!! what a nice surprise!! D i guess all the snow went to NS this year, because there didn’t seem to be too much anywhere else. hope all is well. mmmwwaahhhh!!!!!

  25. Yay! You’re back! I missed your posts.

  26. the loon

    hey splintah sistah,

    we’ve been involved in splinter groups before, but never with the hand. i’m assuming that both your left and right tools of brilliant creations are insured for at least a cool mil each? take care of yourself since some of us take life way too seriously without you.

    xox the loon

    • Debbi L-B

      Hi Loon!!

      XO Debbi in NS

      • the loon

        hey debbi, how are you? good to hear from you. i assume you’ve had snow this year because the daffodils are bloomin in our neck of the woods (?!)

        xox the loon

    • loonietic! the surprises are never-ending!! 😀 i’ll have to be a good girl (as far as the hand, i mean), because we can’t have anyone taking the world too seriously!

  27. John Erickson

    Hey Nonnie! Frank (from AFrankAngle) is having problems getting his posts… well, posted. Could you check your Spam filter for his posts, and if there’s any Spam left over, send it to me for lunch tomorrow?
    (Yes, I’m still as bizarre as ever. Some things NEVER change! 😀 )

  28. Yaayyyy! High-falutin’ art with Fancypants Rmoney! 😆

    I missed you Princess of Floridian Venice of Awesome! 😀

    • m’liss!!!! i used by sister’s laptop to check over at wcp after the latest alabama tornadoes. i was so worried about you. i couldn’t find your phone number. then i remembered to check over at j-p’s blog, and i saw that you had commented, so i knew you were okay.

      i love photoshopping fine art. the painters may be spinning in their graves, but it’s so much fun, and i know that you like then.

  29. SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you, Nonnie! My night is made now.

  30. Great news. Welcome back. Check into Dragon Naturally Speaking–it’s pretty darn accurate.

  31. Yippee … Nonnie is back … and I’m trying this comment to get post the filter.

  32. Alrighty then! Nice to see you back abusing your tendons, girlfriend.
    Ice packs and ibuprofen is all that ever helped my tendonitis, Nonnie. The good news is it eventually just goes away. We missed you! Be well!

    • hi terry! 😀 i’ve missed you guys terribly! i haven’t yet tried ice, but i will. so far, the splint isn’t really doing much (maybe because i keep taking it off, because it annoys the hell out of me). it hurts the most when i squeeze things like the toothpaste tube or ketchup or mustard bottles, and the splint doesn’t restrict my thumb when it moves that way.

  33. She’s aliiiiiive! To add my voice to the chorus… sorry to hear of your tzuris, but so glad your back …. Recupérate pronto! (a little Yiddish, a little Spanish, seems appropriate for the NYC/FLA axis)

  34. Excuses won’t fill empty monitor screens (said the kettle). 😀
    Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Nonnie.


  35. Good to see you Nonnie! The world was less funny with your absence.

    • hello cynical one! 😀 you wouldn’t think it was good to see me if you could actually see me! i’m exhausted from all the running around and resetting my internal clock, and i’m sure i look like it. 😉

  36. fran

    Hey there Nonnie~ Wishing you a happy V day schweetheart.

    Here’s a little must see/hear vid to enjoy mocking Newt~

    Adele~ the big new Grammy winner

    ; )

  37. Get to work, slacker!

    Glad to see you back, and I hope whatever it was was not too painful (unless it was in a good way, if you know what I mean).

    Missed you terribly,

    Your pal,


    • 10G!! nice to see you, my friend and collaborator (hint, hint! 😉 ) i really have become such a slacker. i barely get a moment to see what’s going on in the news lately. i will be back, though. i promise. ♥

  38. Nonnie! I’m sorry, I missed your comeback! Not sure how that happened.

    Welcome back, and I’m sorry about the crises and tendonitis. Be well.

    As for Romney … the simple fact is that he views the poor as less worthy of respect. Newt Gingrich has the perfect Dickensian name, but Mitt Romney is a perfect Dickensian villain. I guess you could say that they’re a couple of Dick- … ensian villains.

    Of course, I wouldn’t say that, but someone else could.

    Welcome back!