Super Tuesday

Super?  Really?  Super Tuesday says…

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From YAHOO! News:

After winning Georgia’s primary, his sole victory out of Super Tuesday’s 10-state primary and caucus contests, Newt Gingrich reassured a crowd of supporters he was in the race for the long haul, telling them he was the fabled “tortoise” in the Republican nomination race.

“There are lots of bunny rabbits who run through. I am the tortoise,” he told the crowd, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Here’s the deal, kids. I think Frothy Santorum would have kicked Mittsie’s ass if Newtie’s arrogance hadn’t gotten in the way. If Newtie had dropped out, Frothy would have won Georgia, and Mittsie would have been history, especially with the Southern primaries coming up. It makes me wonder if Newtie really hates Mittsie that much or if Mittsie is paying him to stay in the race. That Tiffany credit card needs to be paid off, you know.


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35 responses to “Super Tuesday

  1. 🙂 Love Callista the tortoise’s “3” necklace. Sad when you’re not even sloppy seconds.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    I’ve got one thing to say: meh.

  3. Всегда радует читать вот такое что-то полезное.

  4. nonnie,
    Happy International Women’s Day, first of all. Secondly, I’ve missed your posts, so this is a very much needed politigraphic infusion of sanity.

    loved your newtotroise, but always envisioned Calisssssta as a snake with a beak. that “extra” splash of santorum (thank god for Dan Savage!) on the sign hits the spot perfectly. that SuperTuesday gal is hot, but her disappointed expression makes me feel inadequate as a male.

    oh, and quick update from Lake Wobegon: after the MN Supreme Court ruled redistricting, we are STILL in Batshit Bachmann’s CD-6, having lost key blue parts of the county. we’ve actually gotten redder, if you can believe that. Batshit and Marcus physically live outside of their district now, but MN laws do not preclude her from running for ANY MN district in US Congress. most of our friends will now represented by Betty McCallum (D), who quipped: “I’ll be happy to represent Michele Bachmann in Congress”.

    more later.
    hugs from MN
    ~ LL

    • the super tuesday gal is tuesday weld. i reused an old poster i did ages ago (actually, it must have been 4 years ago, since it was super tuesday then, too).

      callista looks like a giant chicken to me. i think making her into a tortoise was actually complimentary. 😉

      i really thought we had seen the last of batshit bachmann. my condolences, latte. 😥

  5. Splendid! Should be a poster.

  6. Our system of determining our presidential candidates and then electing them president, is quite bizarre and antiquated.

    I certainly understand how the Electoral College served a purpose in the 18th century when Americans lived hundreds of miles apart, but in the age of technology, the U.S. needs to be nudged (or kicked) into the modern world.

    • i completely agree, christopher. there’s no need for the electoral college. unfortunately, it would take a constitutional amendment to send it to the dustbin, and the low-population states will never go for it, so we’re stuck with it.

  7. for some reason, my gravitar isn’t showing up. grrr.

    sorry to spam; testing.

  8. Nonnie,
    I admit that Newt’s tortoise analogy made me laugh as I thought it was cleaver .. although I have no use for the man. To bring a warped thought, is it possible that Newt is staying in the race to keep votes from Santorum – thus Here Ya Go Mitt! Oh that can’t be because he’s too selfish.

    Good news from Ohio —- The number of times the phone rings has decreased!

    • congrats on being rid of the robocalls, frank. i wondered the same thing. did newtie get any promises from mittsie? you’ll notice that newtie isn’t slapping mittsie around. if he really wanted to win, wouldn’t he constantly beat up on the front-runner? there’s already a question of what deal mittsie might have with ron paul. is he paying everyone off except for frothy? frothy is the only one who’s slapping mittsie around every chance he gets.

      • Good points Nonnie. April will bring more primaries in Romney-friendly states —- and that’s where Newt could call it a day … but time will tell.

  9. rick is more of a dumb bunny than a hare. 😉

  10. I think Mitt and Newt have something going on and I think the guy from Las Vegas has to be in the midst of it all. Remember how he (can’t remember his name at this late hour) is throwing millions at Newt put has reserved the option of throwing millions more at the front runner? And didn’t I read Mitt is low on campaign cash? Think maybe Mitt has promised Newt VP or Sec. of State? Anyway, Nonnie, fun post as always. Hope life is treating you well.

    • elizabeth3hersh

      That would be Sheldon Adelson. Adelson owns the Venetian and Palazzo resorts/casinos on the Strip and built an AMAZING private Jewish high school on an equally gand scale here in Las Vegas. I’ve never seen anything like it…(palatial) and hardly any students!! I begged my daughters to enroll (they refused). Interestingly, Adelson is known as a cheapskate around Vegas. Trust me, he would not be bankrolling Newt if Newt wasn’t so pro-Israel.

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    Newt is so taken with himself he can’t imagine the world going on without him as President of the U.S. He has so much knowledge to share! I think he’s really done, soon. Let’s stick a pitchfork in him and find out.

  12. All your pictures are funny, but this one is absolutely hilarious. Almost choked on my coffee.

  13. fran

    All bullshit aside, it comes down to # of delegates….

    Mittsie 396
    Sanctimonious Santorum 146
    Gingrich 97
    Paul 38

    Newt’s got 4% of the delegates

    That being said, I think he’s just on a book selling tour.
    But not to worry, he’s getting in nap time….

  14. An inspired picture, especially with such a singularly inert-looking beast. That Newtortoise won’t be winning any races even with rocks.

    Is that another splat of santorum on the tortoise shell? Rick of the saints just messes everyone up, doesn’t he.

    Continuing the reptile theme, maybe Santorum himself should be a dinosaur (a small annoying one) since he represents attitudes so ancient they should be extinct. Romney would be that Geico lizard or whatever it is — plastic-looking, unreal, and commercialized.

  15. eddie61

    The stupidity and the race to the bottom continues with Frothy telling Puerto Rico that they can’t have statehood until they learn English. Tepid Mittsie countered that Spanish is there first language and he’s cool with that as long as they recognize that English is “the language of opportunity.”

    It must be difficult to go through life with a large stick up your ass when you don’t even know what causes that annoying sensation in your rectum.

  16. fran

    Nonnie….. miss ya.
    Hope all is well???

  17. Me too. A cheerful hello from the great white north.

  18. nonnie9999, nonnie9999, nonnie9999.

  19. Dude…everything ok?

  20. fran

    Nonnie! Wherefore art thou??
    Miss ya….