Hey kids!  I’m poking my head out of the computer/carpal tunnel doldrums rabbit hole.  How could I not post something now that Mitt Romney has selected his running mate?  I’m still having massive computer problems (it turns off constantly with no warning whatsoever), so I figured I’d dust off some old posters that are once again relevant.  Let’s begin with the new team, Mittsie and Eddie Munster Paul Ryan…


Original image

Well, at least Grandpa Dick Cheney will be happy…


Original image

You remember Eddie Munster Paul Ryan, dont’cha, kids?  We know whose corner he’s in, and it certainly isn’t that of poor people…



Original image

Eddie Munster Paul Ryan is so radical that even Newt Gingrich thinks his plan to kill Medicare is “rightwing social engineering“…



Original DVD cover


Original DVD cover

Newtie isn’t the only Rethug who had a problem with Eddie Munster Paul Ryan.  Remember when the Rethug ladies of the Senate wouldn’t vote for his budget?


Original DVD cover

Even they recognize bullshit when they smell it…


Original image

Let’s hope that seniors will realize that Eddie Munster Paul Ryan will bring back the dreaded Medicare donut hole…


Original image


…and recognize classic teabagger crap when they see and hear it…



So what do you all think about Mittsie’s pick, kids?  Your comments are welcome, because, as you know, here at the Raisin, everyone has a seat at the table…

P.S.  Even though I still have computer/wrist problems, faithful Raisinettes might have a surprise if they check in tomorrow night!


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38 responses to “Bloodsuckers

  1. Sara

    i will be back in Florida on the 22nd of august….. i might be able to help with replacing your computer….carpal tunnel syndrome, you are on your own! great to see you back!

    • hi sara!!

      this is the replacement computer. it’s the one my son built, and it cost him a fortune. i’m sure he can fix it, but he’s only here on weekends, and he never even looks at the damned thing.

      nice to see you. ♥

  2. Old news, new news, even news about insane idiots, who cares what the topic is……..
    NONNIE’S BACK!!!!! 😀
    And who cares if your computer cuts out in the middle of what you’re typ……. 😉 😀

  3. Great to see ya back. The battle must wage on forward.

  4. oh nonnie, sooooo good to see you. people at DK have been calling for you ever since the mitt picked paulie. is that your pup in the last pic?

    • so good to see you, too, my faithful friend fotc! ♥ i’ve been reading over at the big orange, just not commenting.

      that’s honeybear! last night, i was at my sister’s house for dinner. my sister finished eating, got up, and went into another room. out of the corner of my eye, i saw some movement in the chair next to me, and i knew it was honeybear! she loves to sit in chairs! she never sat at the dining room table before, but she hopped up and sat down like she was supposed to be there. everyone was laughing, so all the camera phones came out, and we added the sippy cup and napkin (the ketchup was already there). i laugh every time i look at that pic (there are a few more on my facebook page). 😆

  5. Nonnie, I’m so glad to see you back in action! I hope that things are getting better for you.

    As for the R-money/Ryan ticket … you know, I think that what they really want to say is “Look, peasants! Stop all of these questions and bothering us about whether we pay taxes and admit that we deserve to rule you!”

    Were Gov. Romney suddenly afflicted with a fit of honesty, I’m sure that that’s what he’d yell at the next reporter. But we know that he’s more or less immune to any inclination toward honesty.

    • hi wken!! so happy to see you, too!

      i don’t think that either rmoney or ryan (can’t spell R-AYN without it!) want to speak to the press at all. it’s beneath mittsie, and eddie munst….i mean, paulie is too busy in the gym. i really hope that someone interviews widdle ewic cantor, because i’ll bet it’s eating his guts out that he’ll never get the veep nod. he has to remain the token rethuglican jew in congress instead.

  6. Sherry Shirk

    Glad you’re doing better. You are the most missed owl ever. Sending healing wishes for you and your machine. Sherry (Lying eyes)

    • hello sherry,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      what a nice surprise to see that you commented here, and how nice to finally know your name! i’ll eventually get back into the groove of posting back at the big orange. i feel a bit guilty that i disappeared right after some kind soul bought me a subscription, but i do read over there every day even if i haven’t been commenting.

      thanks for visiting, sherry, and for the kind words. ♥

  7. Nice to see you up and at ’em again, nonnie!

    Love seeing “”not-at-all-moderate” Snowe and Collins profiled on your artwork, too!

  8. Good to see ya. Missed you so much! Good luck with your puter and please take it easy on your typing so you can stay around! {{{hugs}}}

    • hugs right back atcha, apples! i’ve missed all the raisinettes, and i am humbled and thrilled that some of you stuck around. ♥ i will be taking it easy. i can’t do a poster a day like before, so we’ll just see when the spirit moves me. 🙂

  9. Damn! Why couldn’t I have been in FL when your computer started cutting out? I’d have driven over immediately!!!!

    Yay! You’re b-a-c-k !!!!!!!!!

  10. Pjevs

    Good to see you back Nonnie.I’ve been missing your lovely posters. Ryan for vice president is a very bad choice for republicans and a good one for democrats.

    • good to see you, too, pjevs! i’ve really missed making the posters, so it’s nice to hear that you missed seeing them. i’m a bit embarrassed 😳 to say that i almost forgot how to photoshop and how to post here. it took me forever to make tonight’s poster and then post it here.

  11. maggiejean

    Hey nonnie. Good to see you and so sorry about your carpal tunnel. That sucks. I welcome your creativity once more.

  12. distributorcap

    so glad to see you again! i hope you are feeling better i have my eddie munster pic over at mockpaperscissors. I also did Ryan’s Song (Ryan’s Daughter wasnt working) Now that WWE Linda McMahon is running again we need some wrestling posters

    so glad to see you — i have missed you

    • so happy to see you, too, dcAp! 😀 i’ve been checking over at mps from time to time, and i always love your posts (though i don’t know if i’ll ever get used to the new name).

      p.s. i’m still waiting for you to be my friend over at facebook! 😉

  13. Howdy nonnie, what a pleasant surprise to see you again. Hope you’re doing well! As regards Mr. Ryan, god help us all…

    • hello cynical (and peerless) one! how nice to see you! 😀 i’m doing okay. trying to concentrate on more positive things and not driving myself crazy with politics. of course, i’ll never go cold turkey, but maybe i’ll save myself from ulcers.

  14. fran

    Sheeeee’s Back! Yay! Of course you had to break the long silence w a huge splash. Missed ya ‘darlin & you bringing that snark in a way only you can do.
    Love the snake oil elixir spoof. They all seem to be kicking into high gear with that fake huckster schtick.

    • ♥ missed you, too, fran (though i see you on facebook when the computer is cooperating). i had forgotten how many eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan posters i had. funny how they’re all still pretty relevant.

  15. Nonnie, your pictures are great. I hope that the pick helps people realize that if we as a country choose these guys then we are all screwed. Permanently.

    • thank you, elyse. g-d forbid these guys ever get into office. can you imagine the supreme court we’d be stuck with for decades? 😮 as if it’s not bad enough already.

      by the way, if they do get in, and we all get screwed, will we be considered legitimately or illegitimately raped?

  16. I was looking for all these images a few weeks ago and now you’ve put them all in one place. Thank you!

    • you’re welcome, neon vincent! i was looking for the elephant banner for tonight’s movie, and i didn’t realize how many mittsie movies i had. maybe i’ll collect all of them one of these days and post them together.

      • Collecting all the Mittsie movies would be a good idea. It will make things very convenient, just like this.

        Speaking of convenient, here’s another connection between Ryan and Mitt-bot embodied in two of your posters. The Ryan donut hole posters are parodies of Dunkin Donut ads. Guess who owns Dunkin Donuts? Bain Capital. Small world, isn’t it?

        • oh no!! i love dunkin donuts’s iced tea (and their donuts, too, but i’ve sworn off them as i once again go low-carb).

          i’ll have to look and see what mittsie posters i have that are still relevant. i know i have a bunch from when he ran the last time against capt. underpants.

  17. jeb

    You mean Ryan is his running mate? Damn, I thought Mitts had just hired a stunt double.